9 Tips & Tricks For Boosting Your EyeEm Profile

By EyeEm Team - 4 min read

Our photo editors and visual experts wanted to give you a few practical tricks for boosting your EyeEm profile. Just like any other portfolio, it's the ideal platform to showcase your photography, style, and story. Keep reading to learn the their top tips!

Looking to get new followers on EyeEm? How to start your own projects and connect with like-minded photographers? Here are 10 tips & tricks that can help you boost your EyeEm account and make your mark in the photography industry.

We spoke to our photo editors and visual leads to find out what makes a great EyeEm Profile and the unique elements that will catch their eye for features and our projects brand partners. Here are their insights alongside our ten-point guide to building the ultimate EyeEm profile.

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How to Create The Perfect EyeEm Profile


1. Upload Frequently

This one is easy! First impressions are important and so it would be a shame if other photographers, our editors, or potential clients weren’t seeing your best or most recent work.

Keeping your profile up to date is one of the best ways to make your EyeEm profile stand out – it shows you are actively involved in the industry and will increase your chances of havingg your photos selected for brand partners and image buyers or being highlighted in on the app’s Discover Feed.

Full length of woman standing on bridge against sky

2. Update Your Profile Bio

Relevant and inspiring information in your profile bio can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with like-minded collectives and encouraging our photo editors to select your photos for features and commercial opportunities.

Although it doesn’t need to be a long or detailed story, there are a few pieces of information that are worth highlighting.

Introduce yourself and tell the community more about you. What do you do, where are you based, your portfolio style, and links to your website or commercial projects. Putting a face to the name normally helps too, so add a profile picture and nickname to connect with the community a little more.

“From my perspective, a useful profile bio includes a location & website or social media handles. Updating the background & user image to give the profile a personal, individual touch also helps creators stand out to me when I am looking through hundreds of profiles on search for a particular image. I will tend to decide whether to follow a photographer from their first page only - so that initial grid has to be strong, which is fairly obvious I guess!” - Loren, Photo Editor

Silhouette woman standing at sea against sky during sunset
Midsection of woman standing on floor

3. Treat your Profile Like a Professional Portfolio

Our photo editors and visual leads will use your EyeEm Profile as a way of understanding your visual style and photography techniques. To ensure that your profile acts as a positive indicator, take time to focus on the arrangement, color ways and consistency of content.

If you are looking to increase your chances of getting commercial work from our brand partners, then it’s essential to showcase your professional skills on your EyeEm Profile just as you would on a website or online portfolio.

Be sure to shoot content that is relevant to seasonal or topical trends. From summer and fall campaigns to the Black Lives Matter Movement, our image buyers are always looking for images that will make their next campaign stand out. They want to see your perspective, so make sure you get the right model releases and quality standards so that they are able to use feature work!

Pro-tip: Be sure to stay up to date with our Market Trends. By making sure you’re shooting the topics that our image buyers are searching for you’ll increase your chances for success on EyeEm Market!

“We’re looking for profiles that display a level of consistency through themes and aesthetics. A certain level of uniform amongst a portfolio is a strong indicator that a photographer is learning their trade and developing a grip on their own visual style. Portfolios that are messy and lack arrangement or theme are often harder to look through, and indicative of early photographers. A little bit in the about profile or a link the external portfolio is always helpful.” - Jonny, Visual Lead

Portrait of fashionable woman sitting at home

4. Improve Your Skills and Refine Your Visual Style

Improving your photographic skills is easy and fun. Educate yourself and advance your techniques for shooting photos by reading our education features here on EyeEm Magazine or keeping an eye on our social channels for insights! It’s essential to practice - so try and take photos wherever ahenever you can!

To train your eye: visit photo exhibitions or get your hands on some photography magazines. Get together with friends to shoot photos. Experiment with different techniques of editing and selecting photos.

“A stand out EyeEm Profile? Good content, attention to detail, color palette a thoughtful grid layout all lead to a strong visual voice and personality. This is essential alongside information such as their location or website regarding the photographer or filmmaker.” - Fabiana, Photo Editor


5. Use Your Album Tags Effectively and Tell a Story

Your photos are categorized by albums based on topics and locations, so it’s important to find the tags that describe your image best. You can use up to 4 album tags per photo to categorize your photos.

Pro tip: You can always use captions to add longer text to your photos. Everyone loves stories, so why not share yours?

“Locations on photos are very useful to know! It helps with photographer sourcing for custom production shoots and also helps me prove the photographer is a real person and their images are their own (no stolen content)” - Loren

6. Discover and Follow New People

There are many ways to discover and get in touch with other EyeEm photographers. You can use the Discover feed on the app check out the featured photographers or our editor’s highlights. You can also browse your favorite albums or take part in an EyeEm Missions!


7. Get Active In The Community

If you are looking to connect with other photographers this is a great way of showcasing your work and meeting people who share the same creative outlook. Start a conversation with other users by commenting on their photos. Feel free to ask other users questions about tips and techniques. Check out who is taken photos around you on a regular basis. Someone new in your area? This is a great opportunity to say hi and get connected.

8. Set a Trend – Start a Movement

Ever thought about starting your own photo project? A unique story and album can be really inspiring to the community and can motivate them to take part!

9. Have fun!

EyeEm is, first and foremost, here for you to enjoy and get creative. So give it some time, open your eyes, experiment frequently, share your experiences and most of all have fun!


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