The Four Golden Rules For Uploading Images to Market

By EyeEm Team - 2 min read

Our team is here to share the essential steps for uploading images onto EyeEm Market. Be sure to follow these simple guidelines to get your photo through to our reviewing process and start making money!

Image buyers are looking to use images for a diverse collection of purposes - it might be that your photos is featured in a print publication, on a huge advertising billboard, or on a brands social feed.

With this in mind, we always want to ensure that you maximize your chances of having your photo picked by our image buyers and biggest clients. That’s why our team has built this guide with all the essentials steps you need to take to ensure that your image can be added to Market.

Follow These Simple Steps When Uploading Photos to EyeEm Market

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1. Largest File Size Possible

We’re unable to accept images that are less than 4 Megapixels because they’re just too small to be used in a creative context.

That’s why we encourage photographers to upload images in the largest file size (or high resolution) as possible to ensure that it can use it wherever it’s needed.

Top tip: The maximum file size for uploads to Market is 45 Megabytes so try and get as close to that as possible

Image file sizes may seem a little overwhelming if you’re new to photography. So our team put together everything you might not know about image resolution and some simple mistakes to avoid - take a look at the feature here.

2. Correct File Type

We currently only accept JPEGs for uploads onto Market. Make sure you convert your PNG or any other image files before uploading to avoid any hassle!

3. Avoid Over Editing

We recommend that you try to avoid editing your image more than needed. When exporting your images from third party apps such as social networks or editing tools it may reduce your file size. In other words, images with high saturation, excessive use of filters, and effects are unlikely to make it to Market or distributed.

4. Upload Your Photos Only

The golden rule that should never be forgotten - if you didn’t take it then don’t upload it. It’s a simple step, but make sure the image you upload is yours.

Industry Insight: Only images of highest quality and largest resolution will be considered by our editors for our premium collections - get your work noticed with these simple changes!

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