Market Trends: What To Shoot and Sell This Summer

By Ellen Clipson - 4 min read

Find out what our image buyers have been searching for to upload the images that will sell best as we move through summer 2020.

In our recent article we touched upon some key visual trends that image buyers were searching for. But as businesses start to bounce back from COVID-19 and kick-start their summer campaigns, we’ve seen a mass of image buyers searching for summer content again. Yet, this summer, things look a little different.

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What Are Image Buyers Looking For Right Now?

Woman swimming in pool

Now is the perfect opportunity to upload new content that represents the new post-COVID-19 lifestyle that is impacting your part of the word. Think about the content that will work not only now, but in the later summer months as certain consumer habits stick around for fall and winter.

Here are some key trends our image experts have seen on EyeEm Market. Take a look to increase your chances of falling into the hands of our image buyers as they rework their 2020 summer campaigns

Trend #1: Creative Spaces

For the first time, the space we call home is widely multi-purpose. It has been transformed into our office, classroom, gym, studio, cinema, the list goes on. When you’re shooting photographs for EyeEm Market consider the type of spaces you’re using. How can you switch things up to show more than just a perfect lifestyle set up.

Try shooting in your kitchen instead of your studio, or choosing your garden instead of a well known photographer hotspot. For instance, when it comes to food photography try to think about the elements that make a busy restaurant or cafe so enticing. Then, try to recreate those details at home with your friends and family.

If you’re shooting certain concepts or topics for our business clients - for example ‘meeting’ or ‘overcoming’ - consider taking the typical ‘work environment’ and bringing it home. Why not shoot someone working from home, while the children are doing their school work on the same dining room table? Not only does this capture what our buyers are looking for - it also allows you to get a wide variety of shots in just one shoot!

Top Tip: Think about your composition. How are your models using the space creatively? How can you make the most of one room, or even use a small space for multiple purposes at the same time?

Portrait of man sitting on floor at home
Man climbing on metal column against brown wall
Full length of young woman exercising while standing by wall
Midsection of woman lying on bed
Low section of people in camper van

Trend #2: Remote Learning

The ‘home’ will be different for each consumer, however one commonality is the rapid expansion of technology within the home. With a number of schools and universities keeping their doors closed for longer, and more consumers having more time to pick up new courses and skills, we continue to see our image buyers looking for photos that represent ‘remote and e-learning’.

Top Tip: Capture a diverse variety of learners to really catch the eye of our buyers.

Man sitting on table
Man using mobile phone while sitting on rock at sea
Man sitting on sofa at home
Woman using phone while sitting on table at home
Couple reading newspaper while sitting on bed at home

Trend #3: Solo Explorers & Small Groups

It’s no longer uncommon to see major landmarks and tourist hotspots empty and unpopulated by the crowds of holiday makers. This may change over time, however, it’s important to note that many of us will continue to avoid large crowds, big gatherings, and busy locations. When shooting, opt for individuals or small groups of friends to keep your visuals on trend, avoid stocky images.

Top Tip: If you’re out with friends or family, or you have a shoot planned, this gives you more opportunity to get more photos and avoid sister shots!

Man photographing cityscape
Low angle view of woman looking through sun roof
Rear view of man standing on rock
Couple standing on wood by lake against mountain

Trend #4: Personal Goals & Wellbeing

With social distancing becoming the new normal, many around the world are choosing to pick up new skills, hobbies, and personal projects. Consumers are swapping group workouts for virtual classes, and team sports for family games.

From children doing their sports lessons at home and the elderly taking small steps to upkeep general wellbeing, consider both the fitness and emotional benefits of shifting to individualistic work-out behaviour and use images that reflect concepts like personal goals and self-motivation.

Top Tip: As well as the exercise boom, we also see many brands searching for images of individuals exercising mindfulness and positive mental health. Consider shooting home decorating, experimental cooking, food delivery services, and different mindfulness activities.

Shirtless muscular man meditating at beach against clear sky
Pregnant woman exercising while sitting at home

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