Market Trends: What to Shoot and Sell This Spring

By Miles Holder - 4 min read

The best way to increase your chances of selling on EyeEm Market is to get your photos into the search results of our image buyers! We've pulled together our search insights on what buyers are looking for at this time of year.

Spring may look different for all of us, but one thing that we can all get behind is the opportunity to refresh your EyeEm profile with new content that is perfect for selling on EyeEm Market! That’s why our team has gathered some insights and visual inspiration to show you exactly what image buyers want to see.

What Are Image Buyers Searching For Right Now?

To help you be more strategic with what you’re shooting at home or make the most of the photos you already have in your archive, we asked our team of photo curators, editors’, and search experts exactly which topics have seen a significant increase this month.

Our best advice is to think outside the box - shoot something new and engaging that avoids the predictable and cliche shots we see reappear each year. Why not follow certain Spring color trends and our recent spring commercial collection, or take some inspiration from last year’s ‘15 Ways of Seeing Spring.’

Market Trend #1: Working From Home

This is a brilliant opportunity for all of us to stay at home, and stay creative! It’s time to turn your home into your next shooting location for this trend.

As the ongoing global pandemic continues to force many professions to work from home, there has been an unprecedented number of searches for home office imagery than ever before in recorded history.

The most successful brands are following the guidelines we discussed in our recent article ‘5 Golden Rules For Your Working From Home Imagery‘, with that in mind capture images which show a true representation of home work life.

With so many of you living in countries currently experiencing social distancing restrictions on leaving the house, capturing this subject should be easiest for you to capture.

Woman using mobile phone while siting at home
Man at home sitting on floor working with laptop in door frame

Market Trend #2: Spring

Seasonal imagery is one of the easiest trends to predict and with brands currently gearing up to release their springtime and easter campaigns in the coming weeks, now is the best time to start uploading imagery for them license.

Pro-tip! Try to avoid cliche images of Spring. There’s so many aspects of Spring beyond flowers and easter eggs, so wy not think about key spring colors, or how the season makes you feel, or even what it means for your business or time with friends and family.

Man with eyes closed sitting indoors
Midsection of woman holding bag and flowers
High angle view of girl with stuffed toy lying on blanket
Smiling woman having ice cream while standing against building in city
Close-up of insect perching on fresh flowers
Close-up of traditional italian easter dove cake

Market Trend #3: Overcome

This trend may be more difficult to visualise however if you can, you’ll put yourself in a good position to sell imagery not only in April but beyond. There are many ways to depict overcoming obstacles, be it a physical barrier or capturing the joy that one feels when succeeding.

Let your imagination run wild and dipict overcoming in ways you’ve not seen done before. Brands are looking for fresh exciting imagery so remember to get creative.

Low angle view of man jumping over rock formation against sky
Friends jumping over wooden wall while exercising on land
Full length of young man playing tennis on field
Full length of woman with bicycle
Young woman with mortarboard kissing mother standing on footpath
Rear view of man with arms raised standing by river

Market Trend #4: DIY & Hardware Stores

Many people around the world are using this time to engage in DIY projects they previously did not have the time to do. With that in mind, hardware companies are now looking to capitalise on this behaviour trend.

Pro-tip! Be sure to photograph all aspects of the DIY project. Whether it be finding the right tools, planning the project, the equipment itself, the team of people working on it, the tea-break, and the finished result!

Close-up of woman making pottery
Midsection of man working on hardwood floor at home
Close-up of man wrapping adhesive tape on doors
Rear view of person painting wall
Young woman working at home
High angle view of green paint can at home

Market Trend #5: Caring

It’s been amazing to many brands focusing on the topic of caring and caregivers! Whether it be the professionsal caregivers, essential workers, or everyone caring for loved ones at home, over the phone, or neighbours!

With so many around the world currently social distancing at home, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on what ‘caring’ looks like for different people, and photograph content that will sell at the same time!

Pro-tip! Another way of getting your image featured and seen by more image buyers is by submitting your photos to our Missions. Why not submit you’re new Market photos to our ‘Essential Workers‘ Mission?

Close-up of tea in mug
Woman doing video while sitting by window
Son with father reading book while sitting at home
Side view of man playing with daughter
Close up of human hand preparing easter cake dough

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