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Why Your Home is The Best Place to Start Your Next Photography Project

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

With the current global situation in mind the concept of 'home' is now being redefined. With our brand new Mission we're challenging you to show us your home. Whether it be where you're relaxing, socialising, or working.

At a time when COVID-19 is influencing our everyday lives, we believe that there’s a call for us all to actively showcase the current global situation from a different angle.

We’ve already presented a visual collection that seeks to remove stereotypes and damaging narratives from major news stories and brand communication. But what’s next? It’s time to bring the topic a little closer to home.

Side view of shirtless baby boy spraying water while sitting on carpet at home

The Opportunity to See The Beautiful Moments Often Missed

At a time when news of people’s lives being significantly affected by the virus and the term ‘social distancing’ is become a norm for people all around the globe, we decided to use our platform to highlight the good aspects of life that we can share together at this time. We encourgage you to join us and use photography to spread a positive message with our brand new Mission - ‘Where The Heart Is!

With many of us lucky enough to have the opportunity to work remotely, the concept of ‘home’ is changing. Now more than ever our personal space has become the centre of our lives. Whether you’re using the home to relax, rest, work, socialise, or develop new skills - we want to see what your world looks like right now!

Show us how you capture the beautiful moments that get missed in the rush of everyday life with our new Mission!

Man with camera looking away while standing at home

What To Shoot When Your Home is Your Studio?

It can be hard finding inspiration when you are photographing the things you see everyday! That’s why we’ve outlined some points of inspiration for you to capture the unexpected! Stay up to date on our social as we will continue to share creative challenges as the weeks go by!

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Capture who is around breakfast table this morning
  • What makes you feel at home?
  • How are you staying fit and healthy today?
  • Where do you get your work done?
  • Show us your newest recipe attempt (or the mess afterwards…)
  • What new hobbies are you trying out?
  • Who makes you feel most at home?
  • Show us ‘togetherness’
  • Capture a new perspective
  • Show us how you are using this time to reflect
  • How are you bringing the fun into your home?
  • Close-up of woman lying on bed
    Young woman sitting on bed
    Father carrying daughter while using laptop during breakfast at table in dining room

    How to Stay Creative When You’re Feeling Uninspired?

    When we spoke to Brooklyn-based photograhper Ethan Covey about finding creative ideas during winter, to our surprise he said that often inspiration comes from outside of his photography. His advice? “Jam some music, watch films, take the time to finally read a long book you’ve been meaning to crack.”

    Our photographer of the year, Kate Phellini, takes a rather different approach. In our recent interview Kate told us that when she experiences ‘burn out’ she just keeps shooting. “…it can be of whatever you want.” she says, “Try shooting in your studio with a light, without flash, outside, the lamp on your bedside table, do a shoot with a family member or friend. In other words, it doesn’t have to be a big production, but always make time to shoot on a regular basis.”

    So no matter what your technique might be, this is an opportunity for all of us to just slow down a little, find the things that make us feel more ourselves, reflect on other people’s work, and find the motivation we need to take pictures that matter most to us.

    Looking For Some More Visual Inspiration?

    Woman reading book while lying on bed
    Midsection of man planting flowers in garden
    High angle view of women lying in grass
    Full length of young woman exercising while standing by wall
    Mid section of a woman eating fruit salad
    Woman showing stop gesture while sitting on bed
    Close-up of food in tray on table
    Young woman holding silkie while standing on grassy field
    Young woman sitting on bed at home
    Portrait of happy industrial designers at home office
    Businesswoman holding cup while looking at laptop in home office
    Close-up of woman using laptop at home
    Side view of industrial designers working at home office
    Portrait of woman with drink sitting by instruments on bed at home
    Mother preparing breakfast for her daughter
    Cropped hands of woman holding potted cactus in home
    Midsection of woman making sandwich on cutting board at home
    Close-up portrait of young man covering face with towel at home

    Let’s join together and point our camera lenses towards the positie things in life! Submit your photos today to be a part of the Mission!