Our Step by Step Guide to The Image Review Process

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Our team is working hard to always improve our review process to ensure that you get your photos out there and sold as quickly and easily as possible. Here are the 8 ways we review your image for Market and our image distribution partners!

Every image tells a story. But that story should not be one of long nights researching technical requirements or feeling uncertain about which picture to upload.

Our team has outlined each step in our review process so that you understand what is happening to your photo after you’ve uploaded it and added it to Market. Use this guide to make sure you’re even more confident with your next photo upload - whether it be your first or the 100th!

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From Upload to Sale: The 8 Ways We Check Your Images Are Ready for Purchase

1. Upload Your Photo

The first step is to upload your image - this part we’ll leave to you. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be adding to EyeEm Market!

2. Photo Checked For Required Technical Requirements

There are a few things you need to make sure of when you’re uploading to Market. Without these image qualities your photo might be automatically rejected - take a look at our basic guidelines for any upload to Market!

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3. You’ll Be Notified If Model Release Missing

Once the image has been uploaded successfully, our technology will check if there is any recognizable people featured in the image. If so, you’ll receive a notification on your news section on the app or web display letting you know that we require a release.

That’s when you can upload relevant model release forms. Not sure if you’ll need one? Read more about what a model release is and when you need it here.

4. Model Release is Checked for Validity

Once you’ve added the model release we will check that it is valid before sending your photo to the next stage of review.

Image buyers are more likely to be looking for images with legitimate model releases so we recommend you always ensure you have one. Trust us when we say that not having a correct or valid model release is not worth it and can put you in serious legal risk later on.

What happens if you don’t have the relevant Model Release? Without a model release your image will be given an Editorial License - this means the photo can be purchased for informative use only (e.g. news publications.)

5. Review Property Releases

As soon as your photo has been updated with all required model releases, the image is checked for any missing property releases.

A property release is permission given by the property owner of a location, prop or product recognisable in the photo. These can often be very hard to get from big brands or property owners but fear not, our team has shared some top tips for avoid the issue here!

Industry Insight: Without the relevant releases your image might get rejected at this stage - save time with your next upload by being mindful as you shoot or editing your image so you cut out any branded products.

Find out more about different type of releaaes and when you need them in our comprehensive guide.

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6. We’ll Notify You When Your Photos are ‘On Market’

Once your photo is live on Market with a commercial license and ready to be sold you’ll be notified via email.

At this stage, your photo may also have been selected for Partner Collection. This means that you’re image is relevant for our distribution partners’ sites - increases your chances of selling!

7. Use Market Keywording Tool to Speed Up Distribution

There is an additional check before it can be distributed to our image partners. When you add an image to Market, you can use our Market Keywording Tool to fast track this process.

You’ll be notified via email or notification in the app with the steps for adding suggesting particular Keywords that are known as ‘controlled vocabulary.’ that are required for our distribution partners’ sites.

8. That’s it! Just wait for the sales to roll in!

Once you’ve sold your image you’ll be notified with any new earnings as well as information on how to request your payout.

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Your images could be selected for our EyeEm Exclusive collection or you might also have your work selected to be featured on EyeEm Magazine or our social channels. So be sure to head to our app or your EyeEm profile online to upload your images!