How to Edit Logos and Brands out of Your Photos and Why It Could Make You Money

By Kirsty, and Adam - 4 min read

Our team shares their top tips and tricks for getting your photos selling on EyeEm Market. With our practical guide, you can learn how to avoid the need for model or product releases and increase your chances of getting your photo sold with a commercial license!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make your photos more sellable on EyeEm Market. One simple rule to know when it comes to selling is that editorial licenses don’t require model and property releases, but commercial licenses do.

By leaving logos, watermarks and brand names out of your images, you can instantly make your photos more likely to sell. Here are our best practical advice for making sure your photos can be sold with a commercial license.


You can remove visible logos or brands from your photos using retouching software. Common examples are hardware and software designs, clothing brands and company logos.

Watch how easy it is to retouch your photos using TouchRetouch on iOS.


Be aware of what’s showing up in your shot – and adjust the framing of your shot if necessary. That way you can make sure not to include elements which might need a release.


Crop people or properties out of your photos so you don’t have to get permission to use them. Read more on model and property releases in our FAQ.

Try these apps

You don’t have to be a Photoshop wizard to retouch your photos. There are a wealth apps out there available to photographers who don’t have any experience with image editing. Here are some of the ones we like best.

Apps for iOS

Snapseed (free)
Adobe Photoshop Express (free)

Apps for Android

Aviary (free)
Adobe Photoshop Express (free)

Apps for Desktop

SnaphealPhoto Inpaint (free)


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