Market Trends What To Shoot And Sell In Winter

By Ellen Clipson - 4 min read

Find out what our image buyers have been searching for to upload the images that will sell best as we move into the winter months and wrap up 2020!

Popular Image Buying Trends On EyeEm Market Right Now

Following up from our recent Fall Market Trends, today we share what our image buyers and curators are searching for on EyeEm Market.

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Trend #1: Large-scale Sustainability

Low angle view of traffic signal against building

Keywords Being Searched

  • Urban
  • People
  • Sustainable Christmas
  • Planet
  • Biomass
  • Carbon dioxide
  • The large-scale perspective continues popular image searching being centred around sustainability. A trend we’ve seen before, but continues to become more critical as we move into the new year. As cities begin to re-open again after lock-down, we will continue to see a massive push for more sustainable city planning, less traffic, and a celebration of green spaces.

    Beyond sustainability in urban settings, consider how people all around the world will be considering the climate crisis as they celebrate the holiday season this year. We expect to see celebrations with less food waste, recyclable gift wrap, local or home-grown produce, and much less travel. This is the best time to capture your celebrations with photos that will attract our image buyers and increase your sales! (like anyone needed an excuse to celebrate this holiday season)

    Top Tip: When you’re out and about shooting your local cities sustainable infrastructure or certain winter festivities, be sure to consider physical distancing and appropriate safety regulations. Not only should your own safety as a photographer be the most important thing, but in addition, brands are looking for companies that reflect a responsible view of the world we live in.

    High angle view of man riding bicycle on road
    Wind turbines against sky
    Close-up of electric car
    High angle view of person discarding compost
    Traditional art on white table

    Trend #2: Winter Activities

    Low section of man holding coffee cup with woman sitting outdoors

    Keywords being searched:

  • Work Life/balance
  • Relaxing indoors
  • Inside sports
  • Skiing/snowboarding
  • Cross country skiing
  • Ice skating
  • Mountain Hikes
  • Probably one of our easiest, and most fun, trends to capture this season. With the falling of the leaves and the cold nights drawing, many of us begin to pick up new hobbies. Although travel is being on-hold this winter, we still continue to see many of our image searches typing in keywords associated with winter sports. If you have images of people doing skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or hiking whilst physically distancing, you’ll be set up for market success. Think vast, winter landscapes with nobody around!

    Beyond the outdoor adventures, this time of year can cause many of us to get inside and get cosy at home. How are you relaxing indoors this year? Be sure to upload fresh images that showcase how you are relaxing and striking a great work-life balance from the comfort of your own home.

    Man standing by frozen lake against mountain during winter
    Low angle view of people standing on mountain against sky
    Man standing on glacier
    Directly above shot of woman using laptop while lying on bed at home
    Side view of woman doing yoga while sitting at home

    Trend #3: Winter Color Trends

    Close-up portrait of mid adult woman wearing fur coat during winter

    We recently pinpointed some of the key color trends of winter 2020 to our image buyers and biggest clients! We know that this holiday season is going to look different. So to maximize your sales try shooting and uploading some new commercial images that feature this unconventional color palette!

    Key Color Trends:

    Deeper Shades of Blue

    Highlight the calming psychological benefits of the color blue and also reflect the deeper feelings of ‘survival and ‘resilience’ too

    Close-up of hands making christmas cookies

    Natural Shades Of Green

    Avoid green-colored human-made objects or clothing, and instead celebrate natural elements within your images.

    Full frame shot of green leaves

    Subtle Orange

    Evoking a sense of comfort and stability, orange brings a softer and more warming alternative to the bright and often harsh ‘red’ that seems to take over our social feeds, shop windows, and tv adverts at this time of year.

    Cropped image of woman blowing hair

    Uncluttered White Space

    Bring a sense of clarity and confidence by opting for clean white backgrounds and using pops of color to draw attention only where needed. Think cleared surfaces, empty rooms, uncluttered trees and mantelpieces, simple table decorations.

    Plant on table against wall at home

    Trend #4: Online Lifestyle

    Smiling woman using laptop

    Keywords being searched

  • Connectivng
  • Networks & 5G
  • Socially distanced festivities
  • Online purchases
  • Online shopping
  • Online Black Friday sales
  • Continuing from our ‘Virtual Communication’ trend this fall, we are seeing even more online solutions popping up in image searches. When it comes to working or socializing, we see brands searching for more abstract and conceptual images that represent the idea of ‘connectivity’ or ‘5G networks’.

    For Winter more specifically, it’s the perfect time to capture images of people using online platforms to do their Xmas shopping and their Black Friday Sale purchases. Why not capture images of yourself shopping online? You’ll be able to increase your chances of selling your photos on EyeEm Market; you’ll also be able to get ahead of your friends and family when it comes to gift buying!

    Top Tip: We have image buyers looking specifically for people paying for things online. Be sure to use a wholly unmarked and unbranded payment card in your image!

    Woman using laptop by credit card for online shopping on table
    Young woman using phone while sitting on sofa at home
    Blurred motion of train at railroad station
    Smiling woman photographing while standing on building terrace in city

    Trend #5: ‘Smart’ Cleaning & Robotic Appliances

    High angle view of robotic vacuum cleaner at home

    Keywords being searched:

  • Tech house cleaning/smart appliances in the home
  • Robotic floor scrubber
  • Automatic floor scrubber
  • Robotic cleaning solutions
  • Contract cleaners
  • With hygiene and cleanliness continuing to be a priority for all, there’s no doubt that companies are searching for images of cleaning solutions on a large scale. When it comes to what our image buyers are searching for, we’ve seen a considerable rise in images of smart appliances being used at home, such as robotic vacuum cleaners, as well as major office buildings, factories, and public spaces. A tricky trend to photograph, but a guaranteed reward as your commercially-viable images will stand out to our curators that are actively searching for them!

    Top Tip: For nearly all smart appliances and robotic equipment you’ll require a property release. As this can be tricky to get, we recommend that you change the way that you shoot. Try to crop your images, change your angle or retouch the color or remove logos to avoid recognisable products and appliances. Read more tips for editing logos and brands out of your photos now!

    Find out more about different types of releases and when you need them in our comprehensive guide.

    Man walking in corridor of building
    High angle view of two men cleaning floor
    High angle view of sweeper truck cleaning footpath
    High angle view of woman using digital tablet while sitting on sofa at home

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