Market Trends: What Images to Shoot in December

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Our team of image search experts and photo editor's want to equip you with the best chances of selling your photos on Market. Here's our guide to what to shoot this December to make sure you're uploading exactly what image buyers are searching for!

We’re thrilled to have recently launched our Market Trend Missions. Each one specifically designed to equip you to shoot the images that our image buyers and biggest clients are searching for - right now!

Our team of photo curators, editors’, and search experts continue to find certain topic or image searches with heaps of opportunity! We decided to share our insights and enable you to be more strategic with what you’re shooting to significantly increase your chances of selling your photos.

What Are Image Buyers Searching For in December?

No matter what season it is, wherever you are in the world, this months topics are easy to shoot - if you stick to the briefs and inspiration.

So here it is, the big reveal - the general topics you should keep in mind as you shoot, as well as the very specific searches we’ve seen this December.

Popular Themes & Topics

1. New Year, New Strategy: Business Planning & Teamwork

This is a big one - we’ve some of our biggest clients looking for images for their next campaigns! Get your friends together and think about how you can capture some of the larger business terms that will shape the year ahead. Think about following keywords and search terms:

  • teamwork
  • goal setting
  • business strategy
  • offsite
  • ice breaker
  • financial models
  • Portrait of granddaughter holding hat with grandfather at park

    2. Celebration At Every Age

    We love this one, not only because age-diversity holds true to EyeEm’s core values, but it’s also an easy thing to capture - particularly during the holiday season where you mind have more opportunities than usual to be surrounded by diverse groups of people.

    As the new year comes around, why not use the opportunity to capture moments of celebration, parties, and general life with individuals that represent every generation!

    High angle view of male friends carrying surfboard while standing at beach

    3. Groups of People Coming Together

    One of the major search terms we continue to see throughout the year is images of groups and communities of people. The trick here? Ensure you have the relevant model releases! Again, this one is easier at this time of year and bound to have you set up for success!

    Want to know more about releases? Our team has put together everything you need to know in this guide.

    Specific Search Terms

    Technology: Hardware

    Whether it be your hardrives and data storage solutions, or mother boards and components - we encourage you to get shooting high quality, well composed images of hardware to increase your chances of selling!

    You can submit your photos here!

    Cropped image of engineer repairing laptop at table
    Close-up of computer chip
    Network server

    Technology: Software

    We’ve had a number of image buyers looking for good quality and creative images of software. More speficially, we’ve had a high number of searches for keywords such as ‘programmer’, ‘computer code’, and ‘digital data.’ An easy topic to capture no matter where you are, or what the weather!

    Submit your photos here.

    Top Tip: Be sure to get the relevant releases or shoot so you don’t need them to get your images into the searches of our buyers and even increase your chances of having them selected for our Premium Collections.

    Female computer programmer working at desk in creative office
    Digitally generated image of binary code
    Side view of programmer looking at binary code in office

    Food Waste: Sustainable Produce & Packaging

    Why not use the festive season to capture the images of Food Waste! Our image buyers continue to search for images of packaged food, plastic wrapped food, empty bottles, food delivery and compost. Take a look the kind of images buyers are looking for.

    Cropped hand with food in plastic bag on table
    Close-up of compost outdoors
    Close-up of water bottles in row on conveyor belt at factory

    Commerce: Quick & Contactless Payments

    We’ve seen a number of clients and image buyers searching for images that capture financial transactions, sales, payment methods and retail. Make the most of everyday moments by shooting photos as you shop.

    Anything from card payments to wholesale shopping - so this is a great opportunity for you to make the most of this trend during the holiday season!

    Join the Mission and see the specific keywords most searched!

    Smiling salesman holding credit card and reader in food truck
    Midsection of businesswoman making mobile payment while sitting at desk in office
    Midsection of person holding shopping bag

    People: Grandfathers & Grandmothers

    We encourage you to capture Grandparents in a number of different everyday situations - whether it be doing exercise, healthcare routines, transportation, shopping, creative tasks or interacting with other people!

    Our team has put together an in-depth Mission brief for you to get inspired.

    Portrait of senior woman sitting on sofa at home
    Reflection of senior woman seen in rear-view mirror
    Portrait of senior man against black background

    People: Pregnancy & Newborn

    When image buyers are looking for lifestyle content, they are searching for ‘real life moments.’ We continue to see a rise in the number of searches for Pregnancy and New Born.

    Top Tip: It’s always best to have both parents sign the model release fo the children featured in the photo!

    See our editor’s visual inspiration and essential tips for shooting Pregnancy and New Born content.

    Cropped image of father changing diaper of baby girl at home
    Close-up of baby boy sleeping

    Your images could be selected for our Premium Collections and get sold at a higher price! You might also have your work selected to be featured on EyeEm Magazine and our social channels. Find out more about what catches the eye of our photo editors with this guide!