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Looking to buy your friends, family, or colleagues gifts at this time of year? Here's your chance to make some money as you do it!

We've seen a number of clients and image buyers searching for images that capture financial transactions, sales, payment methods and retail. Make the most of everyday moments by shooting photos as you shop.

We're looking for anything from card payments to wholesale shopping - so this is a great opportunity for you to make the most of this trend during the holiday season!

Currently Most Searched Keywords:

- consumerism

- paying

- pay

- wholesale

- warehouse

- spending

- spending money

- currency

- salary

- wages

- paycheck

- recession

- sales occupation

- invoice

- financial bill


- If shops, interiors, or people are recognisable in your images make sure all images have relevant property or model releases

- Make sure products are not recognisable in your photo - think about the design, the color, or logos that are featured in the image. One good trick is to edit your photos afterwards.

- Make the image clear - show good composition, effective lighting and the action or product is in focus


- Forgot to be specific and accurate with your tags. Think about the keywords above and ensure you showcase these things in a creative but clear manner.

Editor’s Essential Tips:

1) Don't forget that your card has a unique design too (and some very important personal details) so be sure to cover up certain parts of your card if it's in focus

2) Avoid sister shots, but don't be afraid of capturing different angles of the same transaction or product.

3) Image buyers are always looking for authentic images that their audience can relate to. What are you already purchasing? How are you paying for it?

Note: When shooting for Market, remember to submit the highest resolution possible from your camera, along with a minimum dpi of 300. Clients will pay more for images that go to print advertising, and in that case, a large resolution file is crucial.

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Add your images to this Mission to be selected by our editors for industry-focused curations based on current Market Trends. This way you’ll increase your chances of selling your images to our biggest clients through our Premium collections.


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