The Week on EyeEm | 15

By Maddie - 4 min read

Every Sunday we review the best photos from the past week to share the beautiful imagery on EyeEm and to keep you feeling inspired.

By altieri fatima

In many parts of the world spring is announcing its arrival with warmer temperatures, sunny skies and smiling faces. This new season has shown through in many of your photos. We are constantly impressed by the authentic imagery and creativity that shows up on EyeEm each day. Thank you for sharing.

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Pantone Colors by GIZMON
Your art is portable with caseable
Finding the next Vivian Maier

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Now grab your morning cup o’ joe, sit down and take some time to savor these beautiful images.

By jtinseoul

By Lode Kuylenstierna

By Yeli


By mammamaria

By giulio Spice

By Lars Wegas

By Takajun

Portrait of beautiful young woman relaxing on grass in park

By Mia

By Andrew

By Aik Beng Chia

By Julija Svetlova

Close-up side view of thoughtful silhouette woman

By Sylvie Gagelmann

High angle view of boy sleeping with dog on sofa

By Yaron Ben-Horin

By Spiegel Eule

By Pelle

By Sebastian W.

By Kananda Tye


By Maribel Suarez

By Dana

A heartfelt congratulations to @fatiful @lodekuylenstierna @whatwordsmiss @jtinseoul @mammamaria @giuliorodriguez @larswegas @taka6688 @miacocoone @surfistatomato @aikbengchia @julijasvetlova @SylvieGagelmann @yaronbh @spiegeleule @kv1cks @sebastianwaters @KanandaTye @maribelsuarez1 @digga83for taking the week’s most riveting photos.

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