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Showcase: February A boring day. I spent most of it playing video games and watching Youtube. Decided to take a walk in the opposite direction that I usually do. I guess the George Constanza rule is one I should follow more often. An interesting walk through an older time. Part of the reason why I always loved living in this town. These guys seem to dig it too. Iksan, South Korea. February 2016. Korea Monochrome Streetphoto_bw EyeEm Korea Iksan
Learn & Shoot: Working To A Brief in Newfoundland. 'People don't stay here anymore. There's nothing for the kids.' What she told me. For her though, it's home and always will be.
Gangsters Paradise in Seoul.. EyeEm Korea Monochrome Korea EyeEm In Seoul Girl
B&w Street Photography in Seoul Korea
Smoke break. In Seoul Korea .. EyeEm Korea Streetphoto_bw EyeEm In Seoul
Sport In The City in Iksan Korea EyeEm Korea EyeEm In Seoul Monochrome Streetphoto_bw
Untold Stories on the train.. Somewhere between Iksan and Seoul
Pattern Pieces in Seoul Korea
Showcase: January
THESE Are My Friends
Fighting against the cultural restraints of a country that is strong in them. She's just a student, like any else. Why dirty if she has a tattoo? Dirtier yet if she smokes? Just a student. Picturing Individuality in Seoul Korea .. EyeEm Korea EyeEm In Seoul Girl Tattoo
It must seem that I take so many photos on the subway. Funny, just happens to be where I am. Honeslty though, I probably take two or three photos during a trip. Maybe. Depends on how interesting the music I'm listening to is. I had a conversation with @simon.kuemin about this the other day. I take photos more out of habit than out of hobby. People ask me if I enjoy it and I'm not really sure what to say. I suppose I do? I just kind of do it. I'm happy I take them, it's a great way to remember. I like not thinking about it. If I think too much then it becomes a chore. Probably why I don't enjoy the sentence 'let's go out and take some photos.' I much prefer the idea of going out and doing something more interesting than that. I'll take a photo when I feel like it. Seoul Korea Streetphoto_bw EyeEm Korea EyeEm In Seoul Train
Capture The Moment
Fall Beauty.. On the train from Iksan to Seoul. Korea Monochrome Travel Photography EyeEm Korea IPhoneography Iphone 6 Plus
A block behind me as I stood to take this is urban Asian sprawl. Korea Iksan Monochrome Streetphoto_bw Landscape EyeEm Korea EyeEm In Seoul 35mm Film Nikon FM3a
Somewhere between Iksan and Seoul Korea .. EyeEm In Seoul EyeEm Korea Monochrome Girl Streetphoto_bw B&w Street Photography
A photo from a blog about continuing to shoot with my IPhone and how I feel about it. https://jtinseoul.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/still-mobile/. Streetphoto_bw Seoul Korea EyeEm Korea EyeEm In Seoul Monochrome
How Do You See Climate Change? "Trees withstand the hardest things nature can give and never waver. Trees loose their leaves in winter but never loose their gumption. When winter comes, they stand strong as winter is just a part of the cycle that will once again being spring." Korea EyeEm Korea Iksan Monochrome
RePicture Masculinity
Glitch in Seoul Korea Capture The Moment
What I Value I value the relationships I've made. Brad and his daughter, Wooju(pictured) were some of the nicest people I've met. During a project I was doing about tattoo artists, I ended up living with Brad and his family and spending a lot of time at his studio babysitting Wooju while he worked. She always had her teddy bear. I remember after taking this photo I realized their hands are always so similar.