Spiegel Eule


photographer and Blogger
Spiegel Eule
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Close-up of swing hanging on tree in field
Close-up of chopped vegetables on cutting board
Close-up of insect on purple flowering plant
Fish swimming in sea
Low angle view of silhouette buildings against sky during sunset
Close-up of books on table
High angle view of succulent plant
Empty chairs on table at home
Empty chairs and table at home
Interior of home
Close-up of meat on barbecue grill
Exterior of building by street in city
Residential building by tree in city
Various fruits for sale at market stall
Low angle view of buildings against sky in city
High angle view of traffic on street against building
High angle view of smart phone on table
Low section of women in corridor
Portrait of woman with arms raised
Group of people at music concert
Portrait of woman standing against wall
Young women standing at home
Close-up of statue against sky
Close-up of pink rose on table
Scenic view of silhouette mountains against dramatic sky
Close-up of bird on grass
Seagull perching on grass against sky
Low angle view of flag against sky
Road sign by sea against sky
Close-up of cat on retaining wall
Palm tree by sea against sky
Close-up of illuminated cross against sky during sunset
Close-up view of blue flower
Close-up of yellow blue wall
Close-up of leaf on wood against sea
Close-up of bonfire
Close-up of food in plate
Close-up of bread in plate on table
Road by electricity pylon against sky
Group of people on beach against sky
Rear view of woman using mobile phone in city
Interior of home
Close-up of swimming pool
Close-up of yellow leaves
Portrait of cat sitting outdoors
Low angle view of palm trees against sky
Close-up of bamboo plants growing in forest
Close-up of food in plate
Panoramic shot of sky
Shadow of man on brick wall
Full length of baby on field
Close-up of piano
Full frame shot of brick wall
Low angle view of flags against clear blue sky
Rear view of two people walking on road
Vehicles on road in city
Close-up of multi colored pencils
Close-up of potted plant in pot
Low angle view of communications tower against cloudy sky
High angle view of residential district
Scenic view of dramatic sky over landscape during sunset
Scenic shot of reflection of plants in calm lake
Extreme close up of blue water
Full length of man walking on street in city
Close-up of beer in glass on table
Defocused image of illuminated lights
Full frame shot of blue wall
Scenic view of agricultural field against clear sky at night
Clothes hanging in front of modern building
Close-up of multi colored pencils on wooden floor
View of dog standing on lakeshore
Scenic view of rainbow over calm sea
Full length of beautiful woman standing on rock by lake
Rear view of man sitting on countryside landscape
View of calm sea against mountain range
Horse grazing on grassy field against cloudy sky
Horses on grassy field against sky
Scenic view of waterfall
Surface level of rocks
Panoramic view of sea against sky
Scenic view of waterfall
Scenic view of frozen lake against sky
Rear view of man standing in front of sea during winter
Close-up of snow covered rocky shore against clear sky
High angle view of serving in plate on table
Close-up of turtle
Rear view of people overlooking calm countryside lake
High angle view of food in plate
Yellow flowers on railing
Rear view of woman standing in front of lake on sunny day
View of pot plant in vase
Full frame shot of yellow glass
Full frame shot of colorful flowers
Close-up of served food in plate on wooden table
Close-up of flower
Close-up of glass with reflection of window
Full length of man walking on street in city
Defocused image of illuminated lights