Team Snapshot: When Sales Meets Creativity

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We spoke to team member Alina about how photoshoots, psychology, and (lots of) coffee are just part of the 'day job' as a Sales Development Representative at EyeEm.

At EyeEm we’ve seen lots of changes over the years, but no matter what comes our way, we’ll never get tired of showcasing the amazing talent that brings our platform to life! Whether they’re based in our Berlin home or over in our New York Studio, we couldn’t do anything without our talented team.

As we look forward to this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to share an insider’s view from the perspective of the wonderful Alina - our Sales Development Representative (SDR). Keep reading to find out a little more about what it’s like to have a sales focused role within a creative company and why a visual product represents endless possibilities.

But First Coffee…

What motivates you to get up and head to the EyeEm studio each day?

The first thing I’m thinking about in the morning is definitely our awesome coffee machine. Whether it’s an agency I’m going to talk to or a head of the creative department at Daimler - it’s different. So, for me working in the EyeEm Studio never gets boring as I never know what the day will bring.

I’m certainly someone who’s highly motivated when it comes to reaching my own goals and so a critical part of my role is my push for success and meeting your targets.

If you had to describe working being part of the EyeEm team in just three words, what would you say?

My first word is ‘fun’. I have a great team - we’re always laughing at something and because we are all on the Sales Team we have a similar outlook on life. That’s what makes it fun. The second word would be ‘diverse’, as I have to deal with so many different clients every day; and the last one would be ‘interesting’ which comes as a result of the diversity.

What’s it like working with a visual focussed product?

It’s amazing if the client is unsure as to what they want. I love being able to give them so many different options to solve the problem. I also think it’s very cool working with productions as well as image licensing. It might be the same products that’s coming out but it’s a whole different product to pitch.

Your background is in business communications so what excited you specifically about the SDR role?

I’d describe myself as a very communicative person. I really like to have conversations with different people to understand their business concepts and I think that’s the major part of sales - to understand the other business.

Besides the actual conversation, it’s the strategic elements of the role that really interest me. I like understanding a client’s problem and then finding a solution.

As we’re a creative company it’s hard to know exactly what a sales role at EyeEm would be like. What would you say is the best part of your role?

Psychology plays a big part in my role and I think that’s the best part because I learned a lot about people and businesses. It’s interesting to observe what the people I am speaking with give to me as part of the conversation - whether it be their body language, the personal interests they tell me about, or their business approach.

How does creativity play a part in your role at EyeEm?

I do think that everyone is creative, however, I wouldn’t describe myself as the most creative person. That’s why it’s fun to work with creatives. I have to be creative when it comes to sales strategy and the finding of a solution for your client. I’ve learned at EyeEm creativity doesn’t always mean visually creative.

You are regularly talking with clients about our custom photoshoots. As you’ve actually modelled for one of our shoots, can you tell us what it was to be on set?

It’s always been very important for me to learn more about the solutions I am presenting to clients. I knew I wanted to get some insights on what an EyeEm custom photo shoot was really like and so I decided to visit a shoot one day. I was sitting in the background watching the team trying to find the right angle and directing the modes.

After a little while they asked if I could help out by sitting there a little longer. For me it was a new experience and very different from my daily work. I really loved that I didn’t feel under any pressure, and that I was given the option to decide to try something I’d probably never do otherwise.

What surprised you most about the our photo shoots?

It was a fast-paced environment with lots happening and so I was surprised by the way in which we were able to find solutions for everything as quickly and seamlessly as we did.

For example we weren’t able to find the ‘perfect location’ right away but by the end we came up with something that looked perfect. It’s these efforts that allow the photography experts to do their thing. It was amazing to see how all the different parts came together to create the end result.

What would you has been your biggest learning in your career at EyeEm so far?

I’ve learned so much already so it’s hard to decipher one thing. However when it comes to sales specifically I think it’s that you have to understand that you shouldn’t force your clients to do or buy something but rather it’s our role to help them.

What advice would you give someone who’s looking to start a sales career with a creative focus?

On the one hand you don’t have to think of yourself as a creative person to work in a creative environment. You don’t have to fit every role that is necessary for the product to come alive. Instead you should focus on your strength, and then there will be a place within the company for you. It’s fun to work in a creative environment because you have such a variety of clients. Everybody needs visual content so you have the opportunity to work with all business areas.

Thinking of joining the EyeEm Team in our Berlin or New York Studios? Head to our jobs page to find out more!

Check out what we are doing as official image partner for this year’s International Women’s Day. With our official image collection and our upcoming Mission there are so many ways you can get involved!

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