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Our favorite photography publications to stay on top of the happenings in photography.

Being a photographer isn’t just about taking pictures – looking at other people’s work is just as important. It helps you get new perspectives, learn about trending themes, and supplies ideas for your own projects. At EyeEm, we’re staying on top of the newest developments in photography with writings from many different photo publications. Here we’ve put together an ever-growing list of our favorites, so you can follow along as well.

Aperture Foundation

Aperture is of the biggest American publishers of photography books, but also keeps a great quarterly magazine concerned not only with imagery but also social issues. Check out their blog, where they publish excerpts from the magazine with matching photos.

The British Journal of Photography

With an impossibly early founding date of 1854, the British Journal of Photography is one of the veterans in the industry. Sporting a new topic every issue, the BJP tackles lots of big questions, exploring what it means to take photos today.

The New Yorker Photo Booth

Photo Booth is the New Yorker’s section for showing great photography. The focus here lies on the pictures themselves, so there is often very little text. No reason to leave it off the reading list, though: the publishers make sure to select intriguing new projects every week.


Aside from photography, the Berlin-based magazine covers art, design, architecture, and even fashion. What ties it all together is the specific taste of their editors, which has resulted in a unique visual language. Make sure to read our interview with Ignant founder Clemens Poloczek.

It’s Nice That

Not strictly just about photography, this art and design blog showcases the best new projects by talents from across the world. It’s a great place to learn about the visual trends that inform contemporary photography.

The New York Times’ Lens Blog

The term blog doesn’t quite do Lens justice: This is a full-fledge photography magazine created by the New York Times and features some of the best current writing on photography out there.

The Big Picture

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture pioneered the format of large picture blogs and features curated selections of the best news photography of the moment.

The Atlantic Photos

The Atlantic’s photo publication takes a very similar approach to the Big Picture with its large-scale coverage of current events and seasonal collections. Want to find out more? Read our talk with its editor Alan Taylor.


Petapixel covers all things photography: Gear reviews, musings on taking pictures, reportages, and industry news. You are bound to find something in the mix that interests you.

The Eye of Photography

The French magazine’s English section focuses on individual projects and events – right now, they have a great coverage of the annual photo festival in Arles.

Der Greif

The up and coming German magazine exists mainly in printed form, but on their website they give space to published photographers to blog about contemporary photography.


i-D is a Vice spinoff about fashion, arts, and culture, which regularly features innovative new photography projects.

We’ll keep adding on to this list in the future, so make sure to check back every once in a while for more!

Header image by Gustavo Santos.

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