How to Become a Getty Images Contributor

By Lars - 2 min read

Five steps to get your photos selling on one of the world’s largest image marketplaces.

EyeEm partners with Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Alamy, and other photo platforms. That means we distribute the best pictures you upload to EyeEm Market across their networks of image buyers. If you’re a photographer wanting to sell stock photos, EyeEm is a great way to become a Getty Images contributor and have your images offered to a wide audience.

Here is how it works:

1 – Either download the EyeEm App or visit EyeEm in your browser.

2 – When you sign up for an account, make sure to opt in to EyeEm Market during the registration process. This activates the option to submit your photos for sale – a necessary requirement and for us to be able to distribute them to third party platforms like Getty Images.

3 – Upload your photos. Keep in mind that not all photos can be sold and not all photos will necessarily sell. Here on the EyeEm Blog, we have lots of tips about photos that work and what you need to know so that your photos won’t be rejected for legal reasons. Start by learning about the basics. Find our when your photos need a model release. We also keep you updated about the kinds of motifs that are in high demand.

4 – Wait for your images to be selected. Your photos won’t automatically be sent to Getty Images after you upload them. To ensure quality, we review each photo. Pictures with low commercial value, extreme edits, or that are in breach of our terms of service will not be selected. Once your photo has been selected, we’ll send you an email to let you know.

5 – Lean back: Your photo will shortly be available for sale on Getty Images. Better yet: Go out and take some more photos.

With a little preparation and reading, you can quickly become a Getty Images contributor through EyeEm. So what are you waiting for? Download our app and start selling!

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