How to Get Your Photos Selected for Third-Party Distribution

By Lars - 3 min read

Here are some tricks to extend your photos’ reach.

We partner with Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Alamy, and other photo platforms to distribute the best pictures you upload to their networks of image buyers. This maximizes your reach and gives you a higher chance of selling.

Our curators handpick the photos for third-party distribution based on a few conditions. Here are some simple rules you can follow to get your photos selected.

Take Great Images

This is a tricky one, but the photos we pick for distribution are those that look the best: Upload photos that are well-lit, carefully-composed, and show something interesting. What makes a photo stand out is an intriguing angle, a personal perspective, strong contrasts and people interacting with the world around them.

Looking for inspiration? On the Discover feed of the EyeEm app, we regularly show bestselling photos.

Reflection of person riding bicycle on water

The reflection in the puddle turns a simple picture of a biker into a delightful image.

Upload in a High Resolution

Upload your images in the highest resolution you have. Images smaller than one megapixel will not be considered for sale on EyeEm Market – because they’re just too small to be used in a creative context. The bigger your image, the easier it is to sell it.

High angle view of shadow pattern on playing field

Add Releases

A release is a permission by the people visible in the photo or the owners of a property or artwork you have photographed. A photo that shows recognizable people, properties or artwork won’t be considered for third-party distribution without a release. You can send a release request right from within the EyeEm app. Can’t obtain one? Then your photos will be sold for editorial purposes on EyeEm Market only.

High angle view of woman with eyes closed in bathtub

A photo with a recognizable person in it always needs a release from that person.

Add Location & Tags

Taking the picture was just the first step. Add relevant information that adds value for image buyers. Where was the picture taken? Add the place to the photo. Next, fill in what the photos show – we will automatically generate fitting tags for you and you can add your own. Particularly helpful are overall concepts like “happiness”, “togetherness”, or “family” – these are things computer vision can’t spot as well as you.


A photo taken in Norway by Julen Garces

Avoid logos

Many submitted photos can’t be sold commercially because they show the logo of a brand. Try to take your photos in a way that excludes any logos (even on buildings in the background) – or remove them in post-production.

Hand sign shadow against white background

Finally, remember that good images don’t need fancy cameras or lots of equipment. All the photos you see on this page were taken on mobile phones and are sold at our partners.

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Header image by @NujGnew.