Zulkeflee Abdul Latip


Not a professional photographer.
Brisk walk on fine afternoon Lake Lake View Film Photography Filmisnotdead Filmcamera Ishootfilm Sea Clear Sky Rural Scene Beach Tree Gate Sky Landscape Grass
Colourful wall Film Photography Filmisnotdead Filmcamera Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Communication Choice Text Close-up Street Art Mural Art Graffiti ArtWork Art And Craft
'Watching' the time go by... Clock Face Minute Hand Clock Time Black Background Close-up Wall Clock Circular Mounted Round 12 O'clock Number Time Zone
A classic film Camera Film Industry Movie Camera Photography Themes Camera - Photographic Equipment Technology Studio Shot Old-fashioned Arts Culture And Entertainment MOVIE Retro Styled Camera Film Analog Photographic Equipment SLR Camera Camera
At Cafe for dinner Drink Drinking Glass Ice Cube Jar Alcohol Table Cocktail Liquid Close-up Food And Drink
Known as Crystal Mosque City Dome Religion Arrival Business Finance And Industry Politics And Government Place Of Worship Sky Architecture Landscape
One fine morning at the farm Lsndscape Photographylovers Photography Blue Sky Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Morning Clear Sky Sky vanishing point Empty Road Leading Diminishing Perspective Country Road Straight Road White Line Dividing Line The Way Forward
Beautiful design Solar Panel Sky Architecture Built Structure Cable-stayed Bridge Suspension Bridge Arch Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure Repetition Steel Cable Engineering
Blue Lake view from above Blue Lake Photography Photographylovers Water Beach Sea Sand High Angle View Lagoon Tranquil Scene Countryside Tranquility
Empty court Photography Photographylovers Tennis Court Soccer Field Stadium Competitive Sport Sport Playing Field Track And Field Stadium Sports Team Track And Field Tennis Net Tennis Ball Net - Sports Equipment Tennis Racket
Moment of Silence Blue Sky Photography Photographylovers Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Hobby Clear Sky Agriculture Rural Scene Sky Agricultural Machinery Barricade Boundary Tractor Agricultural Equipment
Close up... Shah Alam Still Life Photographylovers Photography Hobby Nature UnderSea Multi Colored Red Backgrounds Underwater Full Frame Fruit Abstract Studio Shot Close-up Stamen Flower Head Petal Single Flower Pink
Lrt track Film Photography Public Transportation Train Photography Photographylovers Filmisnotdead City Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Train Track Railway Track Rail Transportation Railway Station Platform Passenger Train Train - Vehicle Track
Lantern for upcoming CNY Lantern Chinesenewyear Festive Season Nightphotography Photographylovers Photography Film Photography Filmisnotdead Film Camera Nikon Nikon F4 35mm Film 35mmfilmphotography City Politics And Government Cityscape Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Office Building
Street photography with Film Camera Photographylovers Hobby Photography Film Photography Film Camera Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Bnw Bnw_captures City Cityscape Road Land Vehicle Car Street City Street City Life Traffic Traffic Jam Building Story Traffic Arrow Sign One Way Office Building Urban Road Road Sign City Location
Traffic flow Film Photography Filmisnotdead Filmcamera Photography Photographylovers Hobby Olympus Olympus Om-1n 35mm Film Analogue Photography Road Land Vehicle Car Street Tree Traffic Sky Cloud - Sky Multiple Lane Highway Highway Truck Semi-truck Speed Limit Sign Traffic Jam
An afternoon @ Fishermen village Film Photography Filmisnotdead Photography 35mm 35mm Film Water Nautical Vessel Sea Beach Moored Sand Sky Fishing Net Fishing Boat Boat Fishing Equipment Fisherman Fishing
On track Film Photography Filmisnotdead City Cityscape Urban Skyline Skyscraper Subway Train Modern Railroad Track Rail Transportation Public Transportation Train - Vehicle Railroad Station Platform Passenger Train Train Platform Transportation Building - Type Of Building Downtown District vanishing point
Formation Flying Bird Tree Blue Mid-air City Sky Flock Of Birds Large Group Of Animals Tall - High Urban Skyline Office Building Skyscraper Financial District
Coffee lovers Froth Art Cappuccino Frothy Drink Drink Black Background Latte Mocha Coffee - Drink Coffee Cup Table Coffee Beverage Hot Drink Caffeine Hot Cup Roasted Coffee Bean Cafe Macchiato
Technology has the shelf life of a banana - Scott McNeaky Macro Close-up Mobilephotography Fruit Local Fruit Potassium Healthy Eating Yellow EyeEm Selects Photography Photographylovers Hobby Yellow Fruit Plate Close-up Food And Drink Banana
An apple a day keeps doctor away EyeEm Selects Photography Photographylovers Macro Photography Macro DSLR Hobby Green Color Green Water Backgrounds Healthcare And Medicine Full Frame Drop Close-up Grass Green Color Dew
Fishermen Village Hobby Photography Photography L Photographylovers Boats Landscape Village Blackandwhite Bnw
Green and Valley Landscape Village Photography Photographylovers Tree Tea Crop Water Rice Paddy Mountain Terraced Field Rural Scene Forest Agriculture Lake Plantation Agricultural Field Valley Farm Cultivated Land Farmland
Up and Away Blue Sky Lookingup Photography Photographylovers Airshow Flying Fighter Plane Airplane Military Clear Sky Blue Air Vehicle Aerobatics Spread Wings
Yellow flower @backyard Close-up Macro Mobilephotography Huawei Photography Huaweip20pro Photography Photographylovers Hobby Still Life Flower Head Flower Yellow Springtime Petal Herbal Medicine Beauty Uncultivated Blossom Macro Daffodil Plant Life Dandelion
Historical Building Architecture EyeEm Selects Photography Photographylovers Nightphotography Mobilephotography Huawei Huaweiphotography Huaweip20pro Citycentre Politics And Government City Dome Illuminated History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Office Building
Grocery time.. Greenhouse Warehouse Freight Transportation Architecture vanishing point Pathway Supermarket Produce Aisle Groceries Aisle Empty Road Shopping Cart
Reflection Water UnderSea Sea Sea Life Beach Bird Backgrounds Wave Swimming Blue Refraction Rippled Calm Water Surface
flower known as Biden Pilosa EyeEm Selects Photography Photographylovers Macro Photography Macro Close-up Nightphotography Flower Head Black Background Flower Studio Shot Petal Close-up Plant Passion Flower Blossom Plant Life Focus Wildflower
Reflections Nature Nature Photography Photography Photographylovers Bird EyeEm Selects Reflection Water Full Length Flying Lake Beach Flamingo Motion Sand Reflection Flock Of Birds Rippled
Green EyeEm Selects Green Nature Photography Photographylovers Rural Scene Agriculture Backgrounds Field Full Frame Tea Crop Pattern High Angle View Grass Green Color Cultivated Land Agricultural Field Plantation Farm
Tree shot with Film Camera Blackandwhite EyeEm Selects Photography Photographylovers Film Photography Filmisnotdead Tree Branch Silhouette Abstract Sky Single Tree Tree Trunk Bark Woods
Closeup of a branded pen... EyeEm Selects Pen Close-up Macro Photography Photographylovers Still Life Domestic Room Close-up
Whats up bro! EyeEm Selects Photographylovers Photography Macro Macro Photography Close Up Close Up Photography Hobby Nature Photography Portrait Spider Close-up Jumping Spider Arachnid
Blue hour EyeEm Selects Photography Nightphotography Twintowers City Sky Architecture Built Structure Office Building Skyscraper High Rise Urban Skyline Tall Building Building Story Tower
Green EyeEm Selects Photography Photographylovers Hobby Close-up Macro Photography Damselfly Leaf Insect Animal Themes Close-up Green Color Dragonfly
One fine morning Photographylovers Photography Film Photography Filmisnotdeath Olympusom1n Analogue Photography Stadium Streetphotography Red Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Architectural Column Roof Beam Architectural Feature Architectural Design Architecture And Art
Emergency Response System Shah Alam Still Life Photography Photographylovers Film Photography Firefighter Fire Hydrant Red Rescue Emergency Equipment Fire Hose Hose Watering
A film photography EyeEm Selects Shah Alam Masjid Minaret Nightphotography Photography Photographylovers Film Photography City Black Background Dome Place Of Worship Religion Illuminated Architecture Arch Mosque Architectural Feature Architecture And Art
The eyes... EyeEm Selects Photographylovers Photography Macro Macro Photography Close-up Close Up Photography Nature Nature Photography Naturelovers Damselfly Leaf Living Organism Insect Macro Close-up Animal Themes Fly Animal Wing Animal Antenna Housefly
Relaxing Macro Photography Macro EyeEm Selects Photographylovers Photography Nature Nature Photography Naturelovers Close-up Hobbyphotography Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Fly Housefly
Lonely Macro Photography Close-up EyeEm Selects Photographylovers Photography Nature Nature Photography Naturelovers Flower Head Flower Bee Springtime Insect Uncultivated Petal Wildflower Leaf Pollination Dandelion Seed Dandelion Plant Life Softness Blossom Single Flower
Macro Photography EyeEm Selects Photographylovers Photography Macro Photography Close-up Insect Photography Damselfly Multi Colored Insect Leaf Red Close-up Green Color Fly Housefly Animal Wing
Nature Macro Macro Photography Close-up Nature Photography Photography Hobby Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Green Color Housefly Fly
Architecture Photography Islam Mosque Nightphotography Architecture Mobilephotography City Illuminated Dome Place Of Worship Cityscape Winter Religion Architecture Sky
Film Camera.. Olympus OM 1n Film Photography Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Interior Design Cafe Hobby Photography Home Showcase Interior Living Room Home Interior Chair Neat Gym Seat Armchair Side Table Floor Lamp
Drive an empty road Road Road Sign High Angle View Street Road Marking Parking Sign Dividing Line Stop Sign Empty Road Two Lane Highway
Unfinished Wiring  Cable Close-up Close Up Photography Closeupshot Macro Photography Mobilephotography Addiction Bad Habit Arts Culture And Entertainment Danger Close-up
Rusty Macro Macro Photography Photography Still Life Photographylovers Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Huawei Photography Huaweip20pro Huawei Winter Close-up
Straight of Malacca Slow Shutter Photographylovers Photography Leading Lines Blackandwhite Bnwphotography Bnw_captures Beach Water Sea Beach Clear Sky Sky Horizon Over Water
Night Shot Water Illuminated Swimming Pool City Technology Pixelated Architecture Light Trail Long Exposure
Leading line Slow Shutter Long Exposure Leading Lines Canon Water Military Weapon Sea War Fireball Cannon History Fort Rusty Offshore Platform Sunset Sun Bolt
Muar 1st Bridge Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Sunrise Sunrise Silhouette Photography Photographylovers Bandarmaharani Water Sunset Red Illuminated Beauty Sun Reflection Silhouette Horizon Tree Dramatic Sky Seascape
Staring Close-up Close Up Photography Macro Photography Butterfly Green Mobilephotography Leaf Insect Spider Full Length Spider Web Animal Themes Close-up Green Color
Light trails Slow Shutter Photography Nightphotography City Cyberspace Multi Colored Illuminated Technology Pixelated Light Trail Tail Light Long Exposure Vehicle Light
Coupled Photography Photographylovers Hobby Close-up Close Up Photography Macro Macro Photography Insect Animal Themes Close-up Butterfly - Insect Animal Antenna Butterfly
Hobby Photographylovers Photography Nature Photography Macro Photography Insect Butterfly - Insect Animal Wing Close-up Dragonfly
Marching Photography Photographylovers Hobby Close-up Macro Macro Photography Damselfly Insect Perching Macro Close-up Animal Themes
Close up Photo Photography Close-up Macro Photography Hobby Full Length Animal Leg Trapped Insect Spider Web Web Spider Survival Animal Themes Close-up Arachnid Jumping Spider
Repetition... Architecture Architecturephotography Highrisebuilding Downtown Built Structure Technology Hobby Photography Photographylovers Business Finance And Industry Repetition Tall Office Building Arch Bridge
Lemon Close-up Macro Photography Honeylemontea Blood Orange Drink Grapefruit Fruit Citrus Fruit SLICE Lime Tonic Water Cocktail Cross Section Orange - Fruit Vitamin C Vitamin
Warm up Sports Team Sportsman Teamwork American Football Player Sports Uniform Soccer Uniform Soccer Field Soccer Player Men Team Sport Match - Sport Kicking Soccer Team  Goal Post Soccer Soccer Ball
Alone Macro Photography Close Up Photography Closeup Photography Insect Animal Themes Close-up Beetle Bug
Morning Droplet Closeup Photography Closeup Macro Photography Black Background Refraction Multi Colored Close-up Animal Themes
Blue hour City Blue Nightlife Arts Culture And Entertainment Sky
Light trails Long Exposure Slow Shutter Nightphotography Illuminated City Multi Colored Motion Long Exposure Road Speed Light Trail Street Light Blurred Motion Tail Light Multiple Lane Highway Vehicle Light Highway
Reflection Nightphotography Lights Long Exposure Slow Shutter EyeEm Selects Photography Illuminated Reflection Sky Waterfront
Water tap EyeEm Selects Water Drink Faucet Close-up Drop Falling Water Droplet Dripping High-speed Photography Water Drop
Break Yummy Coffee Coffeelover Kopi-O Kopitiam Black Coffee Beverage Foodphotography Hobbyphotography Mobilephotography Smartphonephotography
A Cup of Coffee Coffee StillLifePhotography Hobbyphotography Mobilephotography Huaweiphotography P20 Pro Huaweip20pro Black Background Studio Shot Plate Ink Black Color Close-up Beverage
Monument EyeEm Selects Sky Architecture Cloud - Sky Information
Siblings SLR Camera Film Filmcamera Hobbyphotography White Background Close-up
A Cup of Tea Blackandwhite Photography Hobbyphotography Water White Background Drink Drinking Glass Close-up
BnW Closed up Blackandwhite Photography Metal Screw StillLifePhotography Hobbyphotography Close-up
Indoor Shopping Mall Canon Photomarathon Escalator Business Finance And Industry Close-up Information
Friday afternoon City Cityscape Tree Urban Skyline Blue Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Built Structure TOWNSCAPE Office Building Rooftop
Tough Bird Tree Rooster Cockerel Red Agriculture Chicken - Bird Branch Animal Themes Close-up Poultry Farmland Hen Livestock
Light trail Long Exposure Photography Nightphotography City Illuminated Winter Snowing Snow Motion Long Exposure Speed Light Trail Cold Temperature Tail Light Vehicle Light Street Light
Cute Cats Photography Potrait Close-up Stray Animal Cat Animal Eye Eye
Men at work... Photography Photographylovers Hobby Nautical Vessel Sea Occupation Fisherman Group Of People Teamwork Men Cooperation Working Water Fishing Net Fishing Fishing Industry Fishing Boat Trawler
Drifting Minimalist Photography  Bird UnderSea Water Swimming Flying Underwater Close-up Animal Themes Floating On Water Floating
Flying High Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Sunrise Photography Tree Astronomy Sunset City Silhouette Sun Orange Color Sky Architecture Dramatic Sky Television Tower
Closed up Hobby Photography Photographylovers Nature Backyardphotography Flower Head Flower Backgrounds Full Frame Springtime Petal Red Close-up Blooming Plant Focus
Spinning Toy Spin Circle Slow Shutter Colored Background Close-up
Breakfast.. Malaysian Style Teh Tarik (Malaysian Pull Tea) Breakfast Yummy Mocha Frothy Drink Drink Latte Cappuccino Drinking Glass Cafe Froth Art Coffee - Drink Table Non-alcoholic Beverage
Tea time Yummy Teh Tarik EyeEm Selects Frothy Drink Cappuccino Drink Drinking Glass Latte Froth Art Coffee - Drink Coffee Cup Saucer Close-up Hot Drink Tea Non-alcoholic Beverage Tea Cup Teabag
Stop.. Road Sign Red Communication Safety Stop Sign Sky Building Exterior Warning Sign Signboard Stop - Single Word Warning Symbol
Neckcercise.. Twin Towers KLCC Twin Towers Downtown Nightphotography Lookingup Photography Photographylovers Hobby Long Exposure City Modern Cityscape Illuminated Skyscraper Urban Skyline Blue Bridge - Man Made Structure Sky Architecture Tall - High International Landmark Architectural Feature Architectural Design
An evening in KK Sunset Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Photography Photographylovers Hobby Astronomy Water Sea Horizon Sunset Beauty Refraction Awe Sun Silhouette Seascape
Time itself comes in drops - William James Morning Photography Photographylovers Hobby Silhouette Flower Sunset Close-up Sky Plant Dew RainDrop Drop Droplet Water Drop Rain Wet
Good Morning Malaysia Sunrise Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Morning Astronomy City Sunset Cityscape Tree Sun Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure
Golden Hour Golden Hour Orange Sky City Sunset Urban Skyline Cityscape Red Reflection Illuminated Sunlight Dramatic Sky Orange Color Street Light
Sunset... Photography Photographylovers Hobby Water Sea Horizon Sunset Beauty Astronomy Awe Sunlight Sun Silhouette
Vanishing Point Tree Road Straight Diminishing Perspective Sky Empty Road vanishing point The Way Forward Dividing Line Leading Road Marking Countryside White Line
Minimalist Still Life Spoons Clock Close-up Droplet Water Drop
Reflection Shah Alam Mosque Masjid Blue Sky Minaret Reflection Water Industry Business Finance And Industry Reflection Sky Architecture
Blue sky... Lookingup Big Umbrella Technology Mosque Nabawi Mosque City Politics And Government History Arch Sky Architecture
Public Transport Train Lrt Station Public Transportation Blue Sky