Artist http://yukonagai.com iPhone 3s and 4s. And 6s. Location: Japan IG @artisaprocess
Jasmine. The scent, indulgente. Flowers, Nature And Beauty EyeEm Nature Lover Light And Shadow Vacocam
Long time no 'Em... Light And Shadow ArtWork Drawing Artist Hands At Work Vscocam
Just the other day - late late autumn at sundown. Black And White Light And Shadow Japan Landscape Autumn
Near-by port, this evening. Autumn Sunset Getting chilly like it should in early November. Minimalism Water Reflections Black And White
Drawing in process. Spider Lily Abstract EyeEm Nature Lover Vscocam
Spider Lily season is coming to an end. That means the Autumn is deepening. EyeEm Nature Lover Drawing Flowers Vscocam
The Autumn bunch. EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers My Room
That magical light right after the sun sunk. Last swallow family flew away towards Pacific earlier this day, 9/29. In a while swans will fly in to fill this very river. Autumn Landscape Light And Shadow Water Reflections Northern Ibaraki, Japan
Drawing of a spider lily petal, in progress. Drawing ArtWork Abstract Flowers Black And White
Spider lily path. Blooming relatively less this year it seems. From yesterday's mini expedition. Woods Light And Shadow EyeEm Nature Lover Red Spider Lily Vscocam
The light was fantastic this evening. The distant red patches are spider lilies blooming. Autumn Colors Red Spider Lily Flowers EyeEm Nature Lover Light
Time to head back. At my favorite spider lily viewing spot. Northern Ibaraki, Japan Autumn Flowers Landscape EyeEm Nature Lover Black And White
Suddenly, full bloom. With my favorite jizou's. Red Spider Lily Flowers of Autumn Japan Spider Lily
Found a nice little Scenic spot today. I wish they don't have to lay those concrete blocks though. Northern Ibaraki, near where they catch cormorants and train them to fish. Japan Ocean Landscape Impressionist edit ;)
Storm passing, messing up my swim plans. Black And White Minimalism Trees Silhouette
Yesterday, I spotted the first spider lily blossom. The drawing in back is of the flower and is in progress. EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers Drawing ArtWork
September 4th. End of summer outdoor laps. Swimming Swimming Pool Summer Vacocam
Buddleja. Summer Flowers My Room Driftwood Vacocam EyeEm Nature Lover
From earlier this year - Journal ing on a Rainy Day Black And White Grainy
Re-uploading in Black And White for Shades Of Grey mission. Art Drawing Vscocam
Erasing, to re-do the part that didn't make sense as a whole. Art Drawing Abstract Black And White Vscocam
long shadows this evening. Light And Shadow Summer Sunset Streetphotography
Little path with lots of shades, right beneath spider lilies are getting themselves ready. Black And White Forest Japan Light And Shadow
Vintage tea cup ride. SummerNights The Places I've Been Today Vscocam Vivid Colours
Summer is so short in Central-North Japan. Summer The Places I've Been Today Swimming Vscocam
One more Gardenia , because I know I'm gonna miss the blossom. Black And White EyeEm Best Shots Flowers Vscocam
The last Gardenia 2015. EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography)
This evening, Foggy summer Sunset . Black And White Vscocam Light And Shadow
an omnivore (that would be me) goes to a vegan Cafe . Beach Muffin, Zushi Japan . Enjoying Life Vscocam Cafe Time
Black And White Seaside Minimalism Vscocam Panorama
Too hot, Tokyo Streetphoto_bw Black And White Vscocam Japan
Flowers of July. Summertime EyeEm Nature Lover Vscocam
Drawing is all I do - Abstract Flower petal Vscocam ArtWork
Yesterday, the return of Gardenia blossoms - TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) EyeEm Nature Lover Flower
rainy solstice eve. 夏至の夜明けはあいにくの雨かもしれない。 Sea And Sky Summertime Rain Drops Vscocam
some kind of Lily Abstract EyeEm Nature Lover Black And White Vscocam
Seaside Ship Sunset Silhouettes Vscocam Water Reflections tag limits' gone?
The tool of choice: Tombow Mono50 hi-precision drafting pencil, B. Tombow is dragonfly in Japanese. Art Drawing Large Flower petal drawing, in process. Vscocam
"Oceanie" it is called. Seaside Summer EyeEm Best Shots - Sunsets + Sunrise Vscocam
getting warm to mildly hot in central-north Japan, Art Getting Inspired Flower Vscocam
From New Year's Day, swans in distance. They are somewhere chilly now. EyeEm Nature Lover Birds Sunset Silhouettes Vscocam
Caught the sun just in time. Seaside Sunset Beautiful Sky Vscocam
It's hazy at sundown in late late spring. EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Monochrome Minimalism Vscocam
Black And White Wave EyeEm Bnw Seaside
Spring is here!! "Kobushi" Magnolia in full bloom. Black And White Minimalism Vscocam
Coffee by the Sea - Spring Has Arrived Coffee Time
First time using gold. Art Japanese  Painting Vscocam
Drawing Art Flower petal, up close.
Seaside Hayama, Japan Vintage Photo kind of edit Vscocam
Happy New Year everyone - wishing you all a beautiful year ahead. Art Creative Power It was freezing by the Sea last evening. Vscocam
Vscocam found by the Sea EyeEm Nature Lover Ocean last-minute feng shui bath time for my treasures- Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!!
Black And White Tango Peninsula, Kyoto. Landscape Japan Vscocam
Landscape EyeEm Nature Lover Black And White vscocam
Black And White Fog gy Nightphotography Vscocam
Cherry sage. Flowers EyeEm Nature Lover My Room
Japanese Autumn scape, daisies at Sunset . Light And Shadow EyeEm Nature Lover
Autumn Sunset Light And Shadow Landscape
all 5 dye sample swatch for my up coming series on spider lily. ready to be sent away to be steam-set by pros. Art Drawing EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers
This evening - one more day til full Moon EyeEmBestEdits Ocean Night
Abstract Drawing of a spider lily petal. on silk chiffon. Art RePicture Femininity
spider lily petal, dye on silk. done. Abstract Art Nature Hello World
Abstract spider lily petal, dye on silk, in progress. Art Drawing Flowers
Drawing Abstract spider lily petal, work in progress. Dye on silk. Art EyeEm Nature Lover
Starting a new Drawing - dye on silk chiffon, a dye sample swatch with spider lily motif in Abstract flavor. Art EyeEm Nature Lover
Spider lily Drawing on silk, this is a dye sample swatch. Finished :). Art Artist Abstract a bit of dark lines added.
another dye sample swatch, acid dye on silk. bolder lines, all in red at this point. aboutto start filling in some darker lines. motif: spider lily petal. ArtWork Abstract Flowers Drawing
Landscape Ocean EyeEm Best Edits Japan
Japan Autumn EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers rice field with red spider lilies.
Flowers of Autumn spider lily blossom. Japan EyeEm Nature Lover
Dye sample swatch I've been working on. Motif: spider lily petal. Practicing bolder lines for this one. Art Eyem Nature Lovers  Flowers Drawing
Found out this evening: spider lilies are back! 10+ days earlier than the last year. EyeEm Nature Lover Flowers Japan Autumn
Autumn in middle of nowhere, Japan - quite typical fall Landscape . Panorama
Something to do on a full moon nite. Spider lily dye sample swatch numbr3, different fabric, bigger pattern, bolder lines...the same hand. Art Artist Drawing Flowers
full moon of september thing, nice tray ya? Japan Japanese Food Design Autumn
Summer is pretty much gone. So short this year what's up with that Planet? Swimming Pool Sunset
done!! Art Drawing Flower EyeEm Nature Lover dye sample swatch. spider lily petal, stylized in a way.
New brush arrived! Drawing Abstract Art mimicking the Elegant lines of a spider lily petal. Dye sample swatch.
Summer fair, earlier this month. Stree Photography Night Lights Japan
Abstract Drawing of a spider lily petal. making a dye sample for up coming series of dresses and such. Art Flower
Drawing on silk, dye swatch. Spider lily petal. Abstract Art Flower
Drawing a spider lily petal. dye on silk. Art Artist Flower
Art Artist Being Creative Drawing spider lily petal, dye swatch. trying out something new.
Summer Swimming Pool Blue Goodmorning EyeEm
Last Gardenia of 2014. EyeEm Nature Lover Flower Minimal Minimalism
Clouds And Sky Minimal Minimalism Blue can you spot birds?
Sea Beach Summer Sunset
Drawing of a spider lily petal, finally done. This is to becoma a reference for a dyed silk something -a dress? Not sure yet. Abstract Art Art, Drawing, Creativity
Taking long time Drawing a spider lily petal. Art Artist Abstract
Flower found growing out of a crack in a concrete.wall, at some temple in central Tokyo . Black & White EyeEm Nature Lover
Minimalism Black And White Birds EyeEm Nature Lover
Drawing of a spider lily petal. Creative process. Abstract Flower
Flower shop Girl Urban Reflections Tokyo Marunouchi
City People Urban Architecture Tokyo "Maru"-building, Near TYO Sta.
Street Photography Summer Sunset Black And White
Summer is here! Clouds And Sky Summer Vibes Blue
Moon nearly full. Sea And Sky Sky And Clouds Sunset Silhouettes
Drawing of a spider lily petal I'm working on. Flower Art Artist
Flower Drawing of spider lily petal, in progress. Art Artist
Trying new things with my spider Lily petal Drawing Art Artist
Sunset vertical Panorama !!! Sea And Sky Clouds And Sky