is gone.

an Autumn Leaf falling just into my beer glass. i ♡ Autumn
I took this picture somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico from Amtrak, while 40hours traveling from Texas to LA . (from my archive) Edge Of The World Travel Photography Take A Walk On The Wildside
The Sky i saw today.
Taking Pictures of Light And Shadow
No New Photos Yet means busy as usual. Growing From Seed Daisy
one fine morning. Morning Glow on the London Bridge
Happy Tap at London Pub taken with Film Camera + Black And White Ilford Film 6x6 Tlr Medium Format
Edge Of The World Area A West Bank Palestinian Territory
Edge Of The World San Jose, Spain Travel Photography Road Movie Look Alike (from my archive)
Summer Storm expected (earlier today)
Minimum Roundabout
my favourite Sakura / Cherryblossom spot By The River
Blowin' In The Wind on the Waterloo Bridge (without sunset). it was windy and freezing cold for filming. I wish we could make it in the best season...
The Crew London Pub Filming
Edge Of The World Analogue Photography 35mm Film
Edge Of The World The View from Ronda, Spain (from my archive)
Tenyearsagotoday i was there. i still remember as if it was only yesterday and never forget 7thJuly2005 Tenyearson London
Taking Pictures of selfies @ Beigel Bake
Sakura Cherry Blossoms
Beer O'clock boys time @ London Pub taken w/ Film Camera + Ilforddelta400 6x6 Medium Format Tlr Rolleiflex
London Skyline from Sky Garden London weather was much better than recent Tokyo.