The X The
Picka a cherry
Long black.
The wheels on
Foggy blocks
Unclear blocks
Scored! The
Black mirror?
Crayon The
Ballpen The
Sharp pencil
Old radio tower
Dog sitting The
In a light
Dog sitting The
Sundeck The
Hot coffee,
Red on blue The
Hot coffee,
Keep smiling
Too many
Office building
Glass facade at
Walking up the
Shades of
Glass edges The
Gloomy weather
Snow on a dried
Snow on rowan
Bits of snow on
Blocks of flats
New Year's Eve
Autumn sunset
Autumn sunset
Autumn sunset
Olive oil in a
Silhouette of
Hand of a
Rowan tree with
Industrial area
Curious face
Racing track
Racing track
Racing track
Yellow autumn
Silhouette of
Close up on
Man in a hoodie
Illuminated old
Closeup on
Rural scene of
Joyful moment
Tilted left
Person with
Low section of
A couple of
Perspective on
Chalky hands of
Closeup on
Sunset over the
Closeup on an
Tiny plane in
Fern spiral
Storm cloud
Lifeguard tower
Ice covered
Crocuses under
Riffle shuffle
First catkins
Closeup on a
Green olives in
Abstract oil
Closeup on a
Driving on a
Fallen concrete
Single person
Wet rocks in
Footprints in
Rope with a
Broken street
Back of the
Arm of a yellow
Old, abandoned
Old guard booth
Old and rusty
Close-up to the
Old railway
Close-up to an
Rural gate
Terrace with a
Pile of stones
Alpine lake