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San Francisco, CA hello@whitneyivie.com
Maestro  Tatum
You can fight sleep, but sleep always wins
Tatum, working on her masterpiece.
The calm after the vet appointment storm Spud The Dog
Digging these Summer vibes
Spud The Dog woke up thinking it was Monday
Taken moments before the fog engulfed out fair city by the bay Spud The Dog
Pounce mode activated Spud The Dog
A sea lion and her bouquet of kayaks
Now that's an exit Just Married
Morning stories with Tatum
Color coordination at 24 Diner.
Spud The Dog working the light
Featuring Spud The Dog as the bathroom bandit.
Spud The Dog overlooking one of my very favorite spots on earth.
Zach, soaking in the hot springs, looking majestic as you-know-what.
Happy holidays, love Spud The Dog
Prancing with Spud The Dog
Last week it was sandy white beaches, this week it's a cold blanket of white snow. Spud The Dog
Spud The Dog is actually a Snow Bunny
Spud The Dog doesn't exactly get this doggy door business
Tilly and her Nana, taking in Paradise ?
Beach Bummin
A Rainbow showed up at the beach today. Lucky us! ?
Someone was rooting around in the flower pot. It wasn't me. Promise. Spud The Dog
Spud The Dog channeling his inner Babushka on this Rainy Day
Spot Spud The Dog
Desert vibes with Spud The Dog
Rest stoppin on our rRoad Tripwith SSpud The Dog
After pulling me a block and a half out of the way to the pet store yesterday morning, Spud sat like this waiting for them to open so he could get a treat. Spud The Dog
Spud, do not - I repeat, DO NOT - look behind you. Spud The Dog Marlin Kitsch
Next stop Phoenix Light And Shadow
Golden Gate Bridge and Spud The Dog
Global EyeEm Adventure - San Francisco
Global EyeEm Adventure - San Francisco High Five!
Golden Hour
San Francisco really turnt it up this afternoon Golden Gate Bridge
Is it Spud The Dog or is it a mountain goat? We'll never know.
Spud The Dog is such a romantic. He invited me to watch the sunset with him (then immediately passed gas once I sat down).
Spud The Dog making friends in high places
Has anyone seen Spud? Spud The Dog Afternoon Nap
Another day another airshow Blue Angels Fat Albert Fleet Week
Perfect day for the Blue Angels Air Show Fat Albert
Can you spot Spud The Dog ? Hanging Out In Bed Late Night Early Morning
Mornings are Ruff for Spud The Dog
I was lucky enough to spend some time with my family in Montana this summer. Here's a picture of my beautiful Mother enjoying the warm evening. Portrait Black And White
Kumquats Love Playing With Food Eat More Fruit
Color Explosion Blooms On Black Flowers
Transamerica Embarcadero Overcast
Sun And Sand and Surfing with Spud The Dog
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