Łukasz Wiśniewski


Mobile dev & unicorn operator at EyeEm. It all started with a stolen potato... twitter.com/vishna
Table Variation Directly Above
City Multi Colored Street Art Graffiti
City Cityscape Urban Skyline Modern Skyscraper Business Finance And Industry Business Office Illuminated Sky
Tree Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure
Tree City Street Architecture Building Exterior Sky Built Structure
City Cityscape Politics And Government Urban Skyline Tree Car Road Road Sign City Street Sky
City Urban Skyline Tree Cityscape Skyscraper Sunset Park - Man Made Space Sky Grass Architecture
City Ancient Civilization Modern History Museum Business Finance And Industry Architecture Building Exterior Sky Built Structure
Modern Pattern Females Abstract Grid Sketch Repetition Close-up
City Cityscape Urban Skyline Skyscraper Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure
City Modern Pixelated Skyscraper Urban Skyline Business Finance And Industry History Sky Architecture Building Exterior
Fruit Bowl Plate High Angle View Directly Above Breakfast Close-up Food And Drink
Standing Portrait Rear View Mid Adult Women Mid Adult Women
City Modern Skyscraper Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky
Girl has a name Faces Of EyeEm In A Row Close-up
City Cityscape Shadow Architecture Built Structure
In the city of the future it is difficult to concentrate... Tree Illuminated City Land Vehicle Communication Car Text Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure
This is America. No guns please. Togetherness Standing Sky
Android Fireside Chat - people lining up to ask some though questions Crowd City Men Sitting Architecture
Dario getting some proteins Supermarket Business City Store Red Price Tag Retail  Market Customer  Business Finance And Industry
At In-N-Out Fast Food Hot Dog Hamburger Sausage Processed Meat Mustard Bacon Sandwich Bun Pork
Spider Bird Paper Insect
Indexing World's Photos Full Length Stack Architecture
It's a fucken huuge museum, yo. Full Length Men Window Arts Culture And Entertainment
Deadly flurken. Cat Bedroom Pillow Bed Neat Multi Colored Home Interior Domestic Life
Selfmann Nitsch Backgrounds Full Frame Abstract Textured  Pattern Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Oil Spill Seamless Pattern Grunge Car Wash
Portrait Eyeglasses  Togetherness Headshot Men Couple - Relationship Mid Adult Men Mid Adult Looking At Camera Front View
Post flight food and drinks with a teammate. Portrait Plate Table Sitting Sunglasses Food And Drink
Dario In Donut Tree Multi Colored Front View Park - Man Made Space Circle Close-up
Flutter meetup, great place to connect and exchange ideas. Sitting Women Customer  Choice Retail  Business Full Length Store Men Decisions
This droid looks a bit sinister. Sky Architecture Building Exterior
Got my Dash at this Flutter meetup, dope. Full Length Young Women Sitting
Go Green! Tree Communication Parking Sign Text Number Architecture Building Exterior Grass Built Structure Green Color
There was a cat at AirBnB we've stayed. Living Room Royalty Luxury Home Interior Window House History Castle Hardwood Floor Architecture
Daily commute City Shadow Road Sky
AR View of the Google I/O conference Politics And Government Road Sign City
On the road to Google I/O City Full Length Sportsman Sport Bridge - Man Made Structure Silhouette Athlete Sky
Über Anticipation. City Illuminated Road Red Street Light City Life Street Car City Street Sky
Dario fixing Google things. City Flower Environmentalist Bicycle Tree Standing Men Young Men Business Cycling
VIP of VIPs... on screen developer keynote City Occupation Business Finance And Industry
Google I/O - early bird breakfast, courtesy of jetlag. Plate High Angle View Table Close-up Food And Drink
I wish Berlin spätis looked more like this. Choice Variation Close-up Display Shop For Sale Supermarket Collection Colorful
Warsaw in Berlin. City Illuminated Tree Water Street Light Street Road Sky
Snapshot of textile industry Log Textile Industry Machine Part Close-up Fabric Cloth Textile Industry Textile Factory
Post credits scene Full Length Togetherness City Politics And Government Silhouette Standing Illuminated Stage Light
Love in a trashcan Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Textured  High Angle View Close-up Seamless Pattern Hexagon Grille Beehive Crisscross Grate Metal Repetition Diamond Shaped Metal Grate
Treadmill for skiers... in case you're lazy and don't want to walk up Treadmill Snowboarding Snow Headwear Men Winter Sport Warm Clothing City Cold Temperature Full Length Skiing Ski Holiday Ski Jacket Ski Resort  Ski Lift
Bombardino - a great cure for sore throat, especially when skiing Mountain Range Skiing Winter Bombardino Drink Drinking Glass Cafe Table Sky Close-up Snowcapped Mountain Rocky Mountains Snowcapped
L'ultimo Corso Snow Cold Temperature Winter Mountain Sport Ski Lift Sky Landscape Ski Resort  Snowcapped Mountain Powder Snow Skiing Ski Slope Ski Holiday
3 season later and there is no no-go slope for this champion. Snowboarding Extreme Sports Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Sport Ski Holiday Adventure Winter Men Ski Slope Ski Lift Winter Sport Ski Goggles Ski Jacket Skiing Ski Track Ski Resort
My brother checking out this Marmolada thing Warm Clothing Snowboarding Clear Sky Snow Ski Holiday Cold Temperature Winter Mountain Adventure Blue Ski Jacket Ski-wear Ski Resort  Deep Snow Winter Sport
Post skiing walk down to Canazei. Snow Cold Temperature Winter Mountain Tree Togetherness Warm Clothing Women Sky Ski Holiday Ski Resort  Ski Jacket Skiing Helmet Ski Goggles Skiing Ski-wear Winter Sport
Doing this Sella Ronda thing, orange variant. It's the most famous ski circuit in the world. Skiing Helmet Powder Snow Tirol  Deep Snow Ski Lift Winter Sport Ski-wear Ski Jacket Skiing Ski Resort
Morning solitude of snow freak. Winter Cable Lift Skiing Shadow Sunlight High Angle View Communication
Heaters gunna heat Gloves Drying Radiator Red Roof Built Structure Clothes Laundry
Day 2. Fresh snow has landed. Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Snowcapped Mountain Rock - Object Sky Landscape Mountain Range Cloud - Sky Mountain Peak Rock Formation Dramatic Landscape Geology Majestic Rocky Mountains Deep Snow
Goggles Aperol Spritz Sitting Warm Clothing Mountain Headwear Snow Water Front View Sky Snow Covered Snowcapped Snowcapped Mountain Mountain Range Rocky Mountains
Day 1, Winter Spring - best combination. Sundeck Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Snowcapped Mountain Mountain Peak Sky Landscape Mountain Range Ski Holiday
Trying out this Pixel 3 Night Sight
Frankfurt Downtown view from the Old Bridge. Riverbank Golden Hour City Cityscape Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Urban Skyline Financial District  Office Building Downtown District Office Building Exterior Skyscraper Tall - High
This is very main stream. City Cityscape Urban Skyline Politics And Government Clock Face Bridge - Man Made Structure Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure River Waterfront Riverbank Calm Chain Bridge
Winter made it to Berlin. For a day. Crane Crane - Construction Machinery City Snow Cold Temperature Winter Mountain Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Office Building Urban Skyline
Day of the return. It took good 40 minutes to dig the car out of the snow. Gladly the engine ignited despite -12 degrees outside. Covered In Snow Ice Scratching Car City Frozen Water Snow Cold Temperature Winter Frozen Ice Polar Climate Architecture Deep Snow Extreme Weather
View from Penkenbahn. Mountain Snow Tree Cold Temperature Winter Snowcapped Mountain Pine Tree Sky Mountain Range Cloud - Sky Pine Woodland Ski Holiday Ski Resort  Mountain Peak
Pretty chill atmosphere. A 🍺 for me, Aperol Spritz for Martyna, served on a table made of ice. Igloo Indoors  Beer Ice Table Aperol Spritz Liqueur Drink Drinking Glass Drinking Straw Frothy Drink Close-up Food And Drink Ice Cube
Day 6. Checking out this White Longue thing, looks pretty cool. Skiing Snow Igloo Full Length Architecture Tunnel Cold Winter Cold Temperature Arch
View from Penken. On the left, Ahorn resort, in the valley Stillup Stausee. Lake Snowcapped Mountain Ski Lift Overhead Cable Car Ski Resort  Ski Slope Ski Holiday Skiing Rocky Mountains Glacier Mountain Range
We made a stop past 2 pm - it was getting colder and windier but this fireplace and beer fixed everything. Ash Char-grilled Fire Pit Flame Heat - Temperature Bonfire Burning Firewood Woodpile Pile Fire Heat Burnt Coal Fire - Natural Phenomenon Log
Almost sunny Hintertux. Mountain Snow Snowboarding Cold Temperature Winter Ski Holiday Snowcapped Mountain Winter Sport Sky Mountain Range Ski Lift Ski Slope Ski Resort  Powder Snow Skiing Overhead Cable Car Snowcapped Deep Snow Ski Track
Day 5. The Hintertux Glacier is finally open after being closed whole week due to a avalanche danger. It's not fully operational yet and today conditions were bittersweet, sunny windy snow blizzard with almost no people on flat slopes. Ski Slope Water Cold Temperature Snow Winter Full Length Mountain Sky Glacier Frozen Polar Climate Iceberg
Descent from Tux. Crowded af but spectacular views make it worthwhile. Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Snowboarding Snowcapped Mountain Tree White Color Sky Landscape Pine Tree Ski Track Ski Resort  Ski Slope Powder Snow
Day 4. Checked this Harakiri slope. EZ. It's a bit overrated and super short. Snowboarding Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Clear Sky Ski Holiday Snowcapped Mountain Extreme Sports Winter Sport Ski Lift Ski Resort  Skiing Mountain Peak
Day 3. No more snowfalls, woke up earlier to attack Ahorn while slopes are still fresh. Also finally you get to see something. Skiing Tree Mountain Snow Cold Temperature Winter Snowing Wilderness Area Snowcapped Mountain Polar Climate Ski Holiday Ski Resort  Deep Snow Powder Snow Foggy Mountain Ridge Pine Woodland Rocky Mountains Spruce Tree
Day 2, loads of snow, it just doesn't stop. Hopefully tomorrow weather will improve so that mountains are visible. Snow Winter Cold Temperature Snowflake Sky Polar Climate Glacier Iceberg Arctic Snowing
Skiing day 1. It looks like moderate to poor visibility out there and avalanche danger, level 3... but the skipass was bought so you have to go 🤣 Snow Girls Domestic Life Rear View Cold Temperature Standing Architecture Built Structure Snowfall Residential Structure Snow Covered Snowcapped Snowcapped Mountain Exterior Winter Icicle
Servus Österreich! Snow Cold Temperature Winter Mountain Sky Close-up Snowcapped Mountain Mountain Range Mountain Peak Scenics Snowcapped Tranquil Scene Non-urban Scene Calm
Umbrellas Indoors  Blue Umbrella Wall Red Rain
Prudential, first Polish skyscraper built between 1931 and 1933 - Height of 66 meters made it 2nd tallest building in Europe at the time of construction. City Illuminated Modern Cityscape Skyscraper Urban Skyline Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Office Building Tall - High Skyline Building Exterior Tower
Illuminated Defocused Celebration Christmas Decoration Christmas Close-up Sky Bauble Christmas Bauble
Let us all hope new year will be a blast! Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos Fireworks Illuminated Working City Spraying Sky
A candle in a glass. Candle Glass Reflection Black Background Illuminated Electricity  Flame Filament Lighting Equipment Close-up Darkroom Candlestick Holder Fire - Natural Phenomenon Candlelight Burning Fire Lit
So it's White Christmas for next 2 hours. Soon rain will kick in and wash it all away. Picture taken with a Tello, a 100$ cute little drone I got as a gift from my brother. Dronephotography Aerial View City Tree Snow Cold Temperature Winter Extreme Weather Cityscape Weather House Sky Residential Structure Snowfall Human Settlement TOWNSCAPE Snowing Residential District
Christmas Decoration City Illuminated Tree Christmas Christmas Lights Celebration christmas tree Tradition Holiday - Event
2018 was a year of fun mobile projects at EyeEm, namely new home and native blog. Since today is my last day in the office (this year) I decided to cherry Christmas spirit and leave a little gift to our visitors coming next week. Thieves Christmas Decoration Ink Close-up Orthographic Symbol Sketch Pad Envelope Adhesive Note Sticky
Time for bath! Water Water Reflection Bubbles Gradient Backgrounds Close-up Green Color Textured  Color Swatch Interior Designer LINE Full Frame
(Un)expected s-bahn difficulties. Illuminated Full Length Waiting Subway Platform Public Transportation Train - Vehicle Metro Train Commuter Train Rail Transportation Railroad Track Passenger Train
Emergency exit in old factory. Indoors  Light And Shadow Door Shadow Window Emergency Exit Window Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Exit Sign Emergency Sign Building
Lazy Saturday afternoon. It's 3PM and also golden hour since it's November. Shadow Afternoon Sunset Golden Hour Still Life Flower Close-up Sky Plant Life Sun Sunbeam Orange Color Silhouette In Bloom
Last 5km on way to Łódź visibility was pretty bad but fortunately we made it safe. Open Door Door Night Car Foggy Fog Mist Weather Hazy
Quick glimpse of art Art Exhibition Men Rear View Western Script Art Museum
Backgrounds Geometry Science Full Frame Pattern Abstract Textured  Shape Repetition Hexagon Honeycomb Honey Bee Seamless Pattern Color Gradient
Windows of an industrial building and parking lot. Empty Window Industrial Building  Parking Lot Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Window Frame Building Parking Office Building Exterior Repetition
Craft Beer Taproom Business Finance And Industry Statue Animal Trunk Retail Display Display
My new favourite brewery. Craft Beer Multi Colored City Chair Film Industry Business Finance And Industry Street Art Store Architecture Building Exterior Graffiti
Absolutely splendid breakfast spot with an area to chill afterwards. Tree City Shadow Sky Grass Park - Man Made Space Park Bench Growth Outdoor Play Equipment Bench Growing
Amsterdam being splendid. Canal City Tree Politics And Government Water Incidental People Sky Architecture Building Exterior vanishing point Arch Bridge Diminishing Perspective The Way Forward Pathway
Amsterdam being Amsterdam - really lucky with this warm October Friday. KotlinConf Canal Tree Water City Reflection Sky Bridge - Man Made Structure Riverbank
Good morning Amsterdam, you look fabulous. KotlinConf
This conference room... just wow. KotlinConf City Illuminated Nightlife Curtain Arts Culture And Entertainment Ornate Architecture Built Structure Chandelier Ceiling Electric Light Decorative Art