Usman Ahmad


I write. sometimes I take pictures. Same Twitter handle. UK/Pakistan.
Some street shots of India taken with my phone (2) EyeEmBestPics OpenEdit EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots City Urban Travel Spi_collective Lensculture PhonePhotography IPhoneography Light And Shadow Places People Shootermag Street Photography Street Streetphotography Indiapictures India Real People
Some street shots from India taken with my phone (1) Travel Photography Travel EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots VSCO Indian Shootermag OpenEdit PhonePhotography City Lights City Street Photography Streetphotography Places India Real People One Person Day People
Decorations. Outdoors Decoration Party VSCO Shootermag Open Edit Getting Inspired Colors Travel Mobile Photography Celebration No People
A Muslim child at the Westminister bridge at yesterday's vigil. Getting Inspired Shootermag People Photography VSCO Mobile Photography EyeEm Gallery Street Photography Streetphotography London Child Portrait Of A Child Childhood Children Portrait Street Places Open Edit Kids People Vigil
A Buddhist monk at a vigil held yesterday remembering the victims of last week's terror attack on Westminister Bridge. People Togetherness London People Places Streetphotography Street Freedom Street Photography EyeEm Gallery Mobile Photography VSCO People Photography Person Portrait Shootermag Getting Inspired
Engagement cermony. Togetherness Two People Love Marriage  Close-up Mobile Photography VSCO Culture Colors People Engagement Open Edit Street Photography Getting Inspired Friendship
Sculpture. Museum Travel VSCO Travel Travelling Places Museums Art Sculpture Arts Culture And Entertainment Arts Getting Inspired EyeEm Gallery
The Jungle Bus. Outdoors City Life City People Places Streetphotography Streetphoto_color Street Photography VSCO Street Life Street EyeEm Gallery City Life Shootermag Open Edit People Photography Food Truckin Food Truck Street Food
Posters. Outdoors Posters Street Photography Streetphotography VSCO Places Street Streetphoto_color Street Life EyeEm Gallery City Life Shootermag Capital Cities  Edinburgh Open Edit
Serving up coffee. Food And Drink Drink Coffee Cup Refreshment Coffee City Life Coffee Time Shootermag Open Edit EyeEm Gallery People Waitress Person Headshot Lifestyles Travel VSCO People Photography Streetphotography Street Photography
In front of a local shop. Togetherness Looking At Camera Outdoors Sitting People Photography People Streetphotography ASIA Street Photography Open Edit EyeEm Gallery VSCO Travel Traveling Travel Photography Shootermag
Tractor on cobbles. Transportation Land Vehicle Rural Scene Agriculture Outdoors Mountain Tranquil Scene Landscape Nature ASIA Street Photography Getting Inspired Open Edit EyeEm Gallery VSCO Travel Traveling Travel Photography Shootermag Landscape_photography Starting A Journey Mountain Range
The wall of a stonecutter. Group Of Objects Shootermag Travel Photography Traveling Travel TakeoverContrast VSCO EyeEm Gallery Getting Inspired Open Edit ASIA Street Photography Objects Jewellery Jewlery Rusty No People Wall - Building Feature
On the way to a hike. Open Edit Mountain Range Mountain Snow Weather Tranquil Scene Beauty In Nature Sky Physical Geography Cloud - Sky Light And Shadow Cloud And Sky VSCO EyeEm Gallery Open Edit Travel Traveling TakeoverContrast Getting Inspired Starting A Journey Travel Photography Landscape_photography Landscape Shootermag
Clouds over desert. Landscape Landscape_photography ASIA Travel Photography Sky Starting A Journey Getting Inspired TakeoverContrast Travel Traveling Open Edit EyeEm Gallery VSCO Cloud - Sky Cloud And Sky Light And Shadow Desert
Checking the sails. Cloud - Sky Outdoors Low Angle View Boats Ship Ships Blue Street Photography Shootermag VSCO Street Streetphotography EyeEm Gallery TakeoverContrast Dramatic Angles Open Edit Traveling Travel Travel Photography ASIA Starting A Journey Sky People Getting Inspired
Frying fish. Open Edit Eating Out Traveling Getting Inspired EyeEm Gallery Street Photography TakeoverContrast VSCO Street Streetphotography Shootermag Darkness And Light Light And Shadow Dramatic Angles Fish Food Food Porn Food And Drink
Portrait of a shopkeeper. Human Face Focus On Foreground People And Places Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Dark Shootermag Street Photography VSCO Street EyeEm Gallery Streetphotography Getting Inspired TakeoverContrast Open Edit Person People Portrait Street Portrait Color Portrait Faces Traveling
Hand and Bowl. Person Focus On Foreground Open Edit Dramatic Angles TakeoverContrast Getting Inspired Streetphotography EyeEm Gallery Street VSCO Street Photography Shootermag Traveling Darkness And Light Light And Shadow Shadow People And Places Dark
Red moped. Bike Street Red TakeoverContrast Roadside Outdoors Getting Inspired Streetphotography Colors City Life EyeEm Gallery Open Edit VSCO Street Photography Shootermag Red Traveling Moped
Pro-Democracy demonstration in Taksim Square Istanbul. Turkey Dramatic Angles Patriotism Red Crowd National Flag Night Street Photography VSCO Open Edit EyeEm Gallery City Life Shootermag Colors Street Streetphotography People And Places Darkness And Light Getting Inspired TakeoverContrast
Checking messages TakeoverContrast Yellow People And Places Streetphotography Street Colors Lifestyles Traveling Shootermag Turkey Outdoors City Life EyeEm Gallery Open Edit VSCO Street Photography
Another busker. Outdoors Open Edit Traveling Shootermag Mobile Photography EyeEm Gallery VSCO Streetphotography Street Photography Street City Life Music Performer  Festival Performance People And Places
Silhouettes by the river - phone shot. Silhouette VSCO EyeEm Gallery Traveling Water Tranquility Shore B&W Collections Black And White Darkness And Light Blackandwhite Dark Light And Shadow Lens Flare Mobile Photography Open Edit Places Shootermag Monochrome Photography
On a plane. Lens Flare Dark Monochrome Blackandwhite Black And White Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Traveling EyeEm Gallery VSCO Getting Inspired Fatherhood Moments Children My Kids Silhouette B&W Collections Monochrome Photography
An antique shop in Balat, Istanbul. Phone picture. Street Streetphotography Open Edit Shootermag Mobile Photography Street Photography City Life VSCO EyeEm Gallery Getting Inspired Turkey Traveling Market Culture Places
Walking down a market. Walking Lifestyles Market Traveling Turkey Mobile Photography EyeEm Gallery Streetphotography Street Photography VSCO Shootermag Getting Inspired City Life Open Edit Street
An auction house in Istanbul. Open Edit Merchandise City Life Getting Inspired Shootermag Culture VSCO Street Photography Streetphotography EyeEm Gallery Mobile Photography Turkey Traveling
More spidermen - phone shot. Street Performer  Performance Outdoors Music Festival Open Edit Mobile Photography Traveling EyeEm Gallery Streetphotography Street Photography VSCO Culture Shootermag Getting Inspired Night City Life Event
More Spidermen. Night Sky Event City Life Getting Inspired Shootermag Culture VSCO Street Photography Streetphotography Music Darkness And Light Shadow And Light Performance EyeEm Gallery Traveling Mobile Photography Open Edit Street Festival
Spiderman plays the trumpet - phone shot. Open Edit Traveling EyeEm Gallery Mobile Photography Darkness And Light Shadow And Light Music Street Photography Performance VSCO Streetphotography Shootermag Culture Getting Inspired City Life
Hiking selfie with my daughter. Open Edit Hiking Sky Outdoors Mountain Cloud - Sky Thats Me  Father And Daughter Fatherhood Moments EyeEm Gallery VSCO Traveling Travel Children My Kids Mobile Photography
Silhouettes in the water. Wave Sea Silhouette Horizon Over Water Water Cloud - Sky Seascape Monochrome Black And White Blackandwhite Travel B&W Collections VSCO Traveling Black & White Open Edit EyeEm Gallery Darkness And Light Shadow And Light Silhouette Monochrome Photography
The kids on the beach. Water Horizon Over Water Beach Childhood Sky Open Edit Sea Children My Kids Black And White Black & White Monochrome Tranquil Scene Traveling VSCO B&W Collections Travel Monochrome Photography
Dancing at the Fringe. Street Street Photography Streetphotography City Festival Edinburgh VSCO Scotland Performance Culture Travel Traveling EyeEm Gallery Open Edit Shootermag
More of London Bridge. Architecture Building Exterior Window City Building Modern Clear Sky City Life Skyscraper Getting Inspired Darkness And Light Urban Skyline Shootermag Buildings VSCO EyeEm Gallery Office Building Sky Mobile Photography Urban Geometry Architecture
The Shard - phone shot. Architecture Blue City Skyscraper Urban Geometry Urban Landscape Mobile Photography Sky Tall - High City Life Office Building VSCO City Life Streetphotography EyeEm Gallery Shootermag Shadow And Light Capital Cities  Urban Skyline Buildings Darkness And Light Getting Inspired
A street musician at the Edinburgh Fringe. Music Musician Street Photography Streetphotography People Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Street Portrait Festival Shootermag Travel VSCO City Life EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots
London skyline. Architecture Urban Geometry Buildings City Building Exterior Sky Capital Cities  City Life Open Ediit Darkness And Light Shadow And Light VSCO Skyscraper Architecture Urban Skyline Travel Shootermag
London's changing skyline. Architecture Urban Skyline Architecture Urban Geometry City Skyscraper EyeEm Best Shots VSCO EyeEm Gallery Getting Inspired Shadow And Light Darkness And Light Open Ediit
Got stalked by this cat today - phone shot. Open Edit Cat Cats Streetphotography Street Photography Animals Travel Turkey Traveling VSCO EyeEm Gallery Getting Inspired Cats Of EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots
Got caught up in some pro-democracy demonstrations in Istanbul. Full pics on my camera - this taken from my phone. EyeEm Gallery Shootermag VSCO Street Photography Streetphotography Black And White Light And Shadow Shadow And Light Monochrome Turkey Istanbul Travel Darkness And Light EyeEm Best Shots Photojournalism People Photography People Monochrome Photography
Friday prayers at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. My first time in the city and am here for a few days. If anyone wants to recommend places to eat + photograph, things to do and areas off the tourist path, would much appreciate it. Open Edit Istanbul Turkey Getting Inspired Open Edit Traveling Travel Street Photography Mosque Worship VSCO Shootermag EyeEm Gallery
My Latest Podcast - CFX a new group of artists and publishers fighting extremism in Pakistan through comic books. Link is in the comments. Open Edit Comics ArtWork Art, Drawing, Creativity ASIA Pakistan VSCO Comic Books Getting Inspired EyeEm Gallery Colors
Probably should have shared this earlier. This is the Khaplu Palace in Skardu Valley of Northern Pakistan. Once a palace belonging to one of the Royal Baltit familes it fell into disrepair before it was restored by the Agha Khan Heritage Foundation. As with the nearby Shigar Palace it is now part museum and part heritage hotel. I stayed at both last summer for a travel article I was writing. It was published earlier this year, the link is in the comments below. Open Edit Travel Heritage Building Heritage Architecture Hotel EyeEm Gallery VSCO ASIA Pakistan Summer Traveling
A street hawker. Open Edit Street Photography Streetphotography Colors Street Portrait Portrait VSCO EyeEm Gallery People Photography Pakistan Shootermag Color Portrait EyeEm Best Shots Market Taking Photos ASIA
Ayesha Raja the owner of the Last Word book shop in Lahore with her team. The store features in the latest episode of my new podcast series for VOI. Link in the comments. Open Edit Colors Books Bookstore VSCO Photojournalism People Photography Hanging Out Street Photography EyeEm Gallery
The guys with the best Samosas in town. Open Edit Streetphotography Street Photography Festival Shootermag Colors Travel Spring Enjoying Life VSCO Food And Drink People Having Fun
Deliciousness. Open Edit Festival Spring Outdoors Food Enjoying Life Street Photography Getting Inspired Travel Colors EyeEm Gallery Enjoying Life Streetphotography Food And Drink VSCO Shootermag ASIA
Churros at the first ever Lahore Eat food festival. I've started a new podcast series for UK start up radio station VOI and my first episode was covering the event. If anyone gets the chance please have a listen. Link in the first comment below. Open Edit Food Food Porn Awards Food And Drink Food Photography Festival Streetphotography Enjoying Life EyeEm Gallery Dessert Colors Food Porn Getting Inspired Street Photography Travel Eating Out
Frying breakfast. Open Edit India ASIA People Streetphotography Street Photography EyeEm Gallery Light And Shadow Portrait Color Portrait People Photography VSCO Street Portrait Shootermag Colors Travel Eating Out Food And Drink
Repair man. Open Edit People Portrait Street Photography People Photography Streetphotography EyeEm Gallery VSCO Street Portrait Streetphoto_color Color Portrait ASIA Shootermag India Light And Shadow EyeEm Best Shots
Alone in a crowd. Shootermag Open Edit People People Photography VSCO Travel ASIA Colors EyeEm Gallery Street Photography Streetphoto_color Photojournalism Getting Inspired Streetphotography Street Portrait
Farewell. Open Edit Streetphotography People Photography Getting Inspired Photojournalism People Colors ASIA Travel VSCO Streetphoto_color Street Photography EyeEm Gallery Shootermag India My Commute
Raising slogans at a convention. Open Edit Shootermag EyeEm Gallery Street Photography Streetphoto_color VSCO Travel ASIA Colors People Photojournalism Getting Inspired People Photography Streetphotography People And Places
Fish stall. Open Edit Colors Fish Market Marketplace Outdoors Travel VSCO Street Photography Streetphoto_color Streetphotography EyeEm Gallery Shootermag ASIA
Another cobbler hard at work. ASIA Open Edit Street Photography Streetphoto_color VSCO EyeEm Gallery People Street Portrait Streetphotography India Portrait Shootermag Travel Cobbler Shoes
Party baloons. Open Edit Baloons Party Light Up Your Life VSCO Getting Inspired Colors EyeEm Gallery Kids Having Fun ASIA
Voices ready. Open Edit Colors EyeEm Gallery ASIA Getting Inspired Singing Shootermag EyeEm Best Shots VSCO People Streetphoto_color Bokeh Photography Bokeh Lights Light Up Your Life
Waiting for the train to leave. Open Edit Travel Traveling Kids Children Street Photography People Colors Streetphotography Shootermag Getting Inspired Starting A Trip ASIA EyeEm Gallery India Streetphoto_color Train Youth Of Today People And Places
A boy reads the Quran. My Student Life Open Edit Shootermag Street Photography Religion Islam Streetphotography ASIA Pakistan Getting Inspired EyeEm Gallery Reading VSCO People Colors Youth Of Today
Standing at a doorway in India. Portrait Street Portrait Color Portrait People People Photography Street Photography Open Edit Urban Light And Shadow ASIA Shootermag VSCO Travel India
Preparing a dress. Open Edit Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Black And White People Photography Everyday Life Shootermag Black & White Monochrome Portrait Street Portrait People Urban ASIA Streetphotography NEM Black&white Monochrome Photography
Man passing by. Open Edit Color Portrait People Portrait Street Photography Urban Streetphoto_color ASIA Shootermag People Photography Streetphotography Everyday Life
Outdoor screen. Open Edit Street Photography EyeEm Gallery ASIA Darkness And Light Light And Shadow People Urban Getting Inspired Shootermag VSCO Outdoors Streetphoto_color People Photography
"Promising never to forget is not the same as remembering" - This week I wrote two pieces to mark the first anniversary of the APS school massacre in Peshawar, Pakistan, which claimed the lives of 144 people including 132 children. Even for a country so marked by tragedy this was a level of devestation indelibly shocked Pakistan. One year on and some things have changed, but no way near enough. I wish I was able to do more, but I am just a writer so I just wrote. The link to first piece can be found in the comment below. Never forget. Pakistan ASIA Freelance Life Life Journalism EyeEm Gallery
Mood threads. Open Edit Street Photography Monochrome Black And White Black & White Getting Inspired People Photography Darkness And Light NEM Black&white Light And Shadow ASIA Urban Monochrome Photography
At a Relief Camp. Open Edit Shootermag VSCO People Kids EyeEm Gallery Street Photography Photojournalism Getting Inspired Youth Of Today
Industrial salad. Open Edit Food Food Photography Food Porn Awards Travel VSCO Getting Inspired Colors Salad Eating Urban
Boys on a stonewall. Open Edit Kids Children Outdoors Places EyeEm Gallery Street Photography People Travel VSCO Getting Inspired Youth Of Today
Afternoon sitting. Open Edit Street Photography Streetphoto_color People ASIA EyeEm Gallery Streetphotography Colors Urban VSCO Everyday Life People Photography
Football in the mountains. EyeEm Gallery Open Edit Mountains And Sky Travel Places Football Soccer Landscape Getting Inspired Holiday Sport Traveling ASIA Mountains Watching Football Football Fever
Heading for school. Open Edit Street Photography Kids Children Streetphotography School Life On The Road Country Road Places EyeEm Gallery Everyday Life ASIA Tadaa Community Getting Inspired Youth Of Today
In solidarity with the people of Paris after yesterday's deplorable terror attack. Paris Getting Inspired Life Paris ❤ Love Hopeful Better Together Je Suis Paris
Fixing up in Islamabad. Open Edit Work Everyday Life Streetphotography Streetphoto_color Street Photography People ASIA VSCO Life Street Portrait Portrait Urban Places
Fitting the stone. Open Edit EyeEm Gallery ASIA People Street Photography Life VSCO Travel Streetphoto_color Streetphotography Everyday Life Work Arts And Crafts Craft
Playtime snack. Street Photography Street Portrait People Kids Open Edit Everyday Life Streetphotography Children ASIA EyeEm Gallery VSCO Tadaa Community Life Youth Of Today
Resting against a wall. Street Portrait Open Edit Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Black And White B&W Portrait Street Photography People Black & White NEM Black&white EyeEm Gallery Monochrome Everyday Life Portrait Monochrome Photography
On the edge. Street Photography ASIA People Streetphoto_color Places Colors Urban Travel Open Edit Street Portrait Streetphotography VSCO
Spices and boxes. Open Edit Street Photography Colors Spices Travel ASIA Market EyeEm Gallery Traveling Places Streetphoto_color Mobile Photography Tadaa Community
Circling the ball. Animals Open Edit Places Travel Sport Horses Adventure Polo Street Photography Holiday
I had the chance to watch a few local polo contests in the North East valleys over the summer months. It was an arresting spectacle. Unfortunately my lens collection is rather limited and I didn't have the right kind of glass to truly capture the magnificence the experience. Still beauty seems to always to find a way through and I was able to take one or two decent images. I am going to put them up on the gallery intermittently. Open Edit Street Photography Travel Animals Sport Horses Outdoors Adventure Holiday Places
On a street corner. Open Edit Street Photography Portrait Street Portrait VSCO People ASIA EyeEm Gallery Urban Streetphoto_color
Grim Reaper. Mobile Photography Open Edit Mountains And Sky Silhouette Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Black And White Monochrome Travel Outdoors Monochrome Photography TakeoverContrast
Cabin on the edge. Open Edit Mobile Photography Monochrome Black And White Places Travel Cabin Outdoors Mountains Landscape
'And when a man goes so deep into his dream....' - I love this poem by the great Tomas Transtromer. Poetry Poem Literature Writing Life Words
Through a window. Open Edit Black And White Monochrome VSCO Street Photography People B&W Portrait Street Portrait Everyday Life NEM Black&white
A tractor rolls across a bridge. Travel Places Street Photography Open Edit Cars VSCO Everyday Life Tadaa Community On The Road Traveling
An old school mountain jeep. Open Edit VSCO Cars Auto Travel Outdoors Retro Vintage Cars Vintage Street Photography
Man and log. Open Edit Street Photography Street Portrait Portrait Color Portrait People Real Life Everyday Life Tadaa Community VSCO
Floating. Street Photography Open Edit ASIA Children Places Travel Adventure Swimming Outdoors Nature Youth Of Today People And Places
Taking a jump. Outdoors Open Edit Enjoying Life Adventure Travel Holiday ASIA Street Photography Children Places Youth Of Today
Don't look down. Open Edit Adventure On The Road Mobile Photography VSCO EyeEm Gallery Outdoors Travel Bridge Hiking Dramatic Angles
Some kids we met on the way. Open Edit Places Children Kids Travel Outdoors Mobile Photography On The Road VSCO EyeEm Gallery Youth Of Today
The far edge of Pattlian Lake. Lake View Mountains Mountains And Sky Open Edit Hiking Outdoors Travel Nature Landscape Places
A warm plate of kidney beans and rice at a local truck stop. Kidney beans are a staple food in Kashmir. Open Edit Food Eating Out Travel Places VSCO EyeEm Gallery Traveling On The Road Mobile Photography
Came across these gorgeous pink flowers everywhere we went. Pink Flowers Open Edit Outdoors Nature Hiking Travel Places Pink Flower Flower Collection
Taking a mountain jeep up to Lawat. Self Portrait Around The World Open Edit That's Me Self Portrait Mobile Photography Faces Of EyeEm Hiking Holiday Travel Mountains