Serena Sossi


It's all because of love.
The place where
I bet grandma
All the same,
It's hard to
Have you ever
When they're
Peace. ~ From
Boys have
Ah, the
We all need
Sassy Missy.
Lonely bridge.
Looking up.
In the Streets
Teaching the
Vita da cani.
The Mountains
He's looking at
The dragons
Surprising a
Elephants in
Lake of Tenno
A Christmas
All blue. No
Colors. Pink
Bird love.
On da bayou. No
Shine bright!
Over the
In the clouds.
Sleepy kitty!
A mother's
A mother's
Infant mantis.
Tiny blessings.
Find the
Meet Charlie.
Giraffes in a
Books and
On a sunny
A trip is the
There is
A loving look