Moment of Perception Photography


The late
Above the
Close Up of a
High in the
A lone, barren
A late summer
Hay Baling and
An Unusual Tree
Black and White
The beautiful
Winter's Day on
The power an
Crashing wave
Close up of a
A praying
Portrait of a
A Colorful
Bees Mating on
Turkey Vulture
A Baby Bison
The Colors of
The geometry of
Close Up of a
Still water in
The Unusual and
A Double
The river
The amazing
Chinaman's Hat
The controlled
A Working Crane
A Swallowtail
A Double
Two Pronghorn
A large orb
A tree glows in
Fire in
The incredible
The Face of
Beautiful elk
Two Pronghorn
A very large
A Pregnant
Boat, Bay and
View of
The amazing
A Cute Little
A Small
A Small Bird
The crystal
Close up of a
The beauty and
Fall on the
High mountain
Man made cave
A Ruby Headed
A Trumpeter
A Great Blue
The dramatic
Lady Slipper
A large Bighorn
A bee with it's
A Tree Still
Close up of a
Multiple Images
A Quail sits
A Colorful
A Great Blue
A Peregrine
A Small
Close Up of the
A Small
A Small
A hummingbird
Winter Comes To
The Moon and
Close up of an
A large agave
Stalk of
Silhouette of a
Bouquet of
A Perfectly
Sweeping Views
A mountain
A Hawaiian
Water falls
The Fiery Sky
A Steller's Jay
An Indian's
A Small
Close Up of
A Mama Desert
Late Afternoon
A Great Blue
A Small Pack
Pipe Vine
A Hummingbird