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Neon Dark Contrast Cold Tones Blue Purple Aesthetics Indoors  Animal Themes Sea Life No People Water Swimming Underwater Animals In The Wild UnderSea Aquarium Close-up Nature Day
Aquatic Corral Fish Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Sea Life Animal Wildlife Nature Swimming Underwater Water Close-up UnderSea Indoors  No People Togetherness Aquarium Day
Cold Colors Jellyfish Sea Life Underwater Swimming Water Smooth No People Floating In Water Tentacle Close-up UnderSea Day
Rocks Aesthetics Night Indoors  Illuminated Plant No People Nature
Tree Fall Beauty In Nature
Neon Lights Neon Girl Night Night Lights
Landscape Grass Rocks Hipster Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Boho Nature Check This Out
βœ³οΈπŸ’š Healthy Eating Salad
It b me That's Me Selfie ✌ Snapchat
Here's another one. Steady slayin. That's Me Selfie ✌
Couldn't decide which one. That's Me Selfie ✌
Tip: if you haven't started living for Black Coast, I suggest you start here. πŸ‘½βœ¨ ( Music Black Coast TRNDSTTR
Late but Easter was great and only a little awkward 🐣⚑️ Easter That's Me
Hey guys I'm gonna start posting new material at least once everyday either here, on Instagram, or on my blog (link in my bio). So here's a general social media run-down in case any of you feel like following me anywhere. ✨
Defo missin Lauren these days Tea TBT  Cold Days
I hate college, I wanna b famous alreadyπŸ“ Landscape Trees Grunge Soft Grunge
Idk why I made this but it's here and I'm living for it. Landscape Background Pueblo Colorado Fall Autumn Boho Hipster
I haven't uploaded on here recently but here's a selfie I was really feelin That's Me Selfie ✌
I love being home. Colorado USA Landscape Grunge
As I'm working on getting my single mastered and put together give my friends Luka Kartozia and his brother David (Ferris) a few views on their new music video they dropped this morning for their track "Got It Like You" Rap Music Music Video Musician
It may look like I'm drinking something pre-workout but I'm actually just drinking chai tea and eating 2 mini bagels before bed and the lighting was nice and I haven't actually worked out in months
The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards Nature
The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards Nature Trees
The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards Landscape Scenery Nature Lake
Skyscape Bridge Franklin
I live and die for snapchat selfies in bed Snapchat Selfie That's Me
I'm in the middle of nowhere but this place has Bates Motel aesthetic written all over it. Check This Out Hanging Out Bates Motel In The Middle Of Nowhere
Monkey Animals Zoo
This was just a cool lemur Animals Zoo Animals  Lemur
My niece rode on a carousel for the first time in her life and I didn't witness it because there was a food truck about 20 yards away and I had to prioritize in the moment
Just wanted to share a pic of ancient ruins as a reminder of a civilization that once was in an era of simpler times in America America
Zoo Animals  Animals
This man was wearing a navy blue fedora with a brown suit and black shoes I'm still just really upset about it
My idea of a perfect day/temperature/level of dreariness πŸ˜Šβ˜οΈβ˜”οΈ
This is my "I hate the executive music industry and everyone in it" face. That's Me Selfie
I don't know what these were but they were pure sugar and they were so good Lunch Smoothie Solar Roast Cafe
Lunch today was full of aesthetics Relaxing Lunch Date Friend
D Street alley Alley Alleyway Vanishing Point Streetphotography
Just wanna give a quick (also late) shout out to a few wonderful people aka Paramore for winning a Grammy for their single Ain't It Fun! If I thought I couldn't escape that song in the middle of the grocery store before, I definitely won't be able to now. Congrats to Jeremy, Taylor, and Hayley (who so beautifully accents my blog). You guys, however directly/indirectly, are the reason I'm wear I'm at artistically/career wise today and I can't thank you enough. Music Grammy
This is my My Mom Is Still Talking To My Aunt And I Really Just Want To Leave Already face That's Me Selfie
This is my 12:30 AM and I am not proud of it. Music Really Bored Editing Musician
Today is still so surreal. Walking out of church, walking away from your funeral, it's all just so heavy still. RIP Michael Masson. There aren't many genuine people like you in this world and we definitely are missing an angel and a blessing from this earth. Friend Rip
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Honestly my entire aesthetic is just subpar quality selfies in fluorescent lighting Selfie That's Me
Liked this edit better oops Landscape Colorado Sky
Colorado Sunrise Landscape Sky Sunrise
Major shout out to Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert; just heard about the marriage announcement today!!!! Congrats to the coolest couple there could ever be!!!!!
I was feeling my look, can I live ??? That's Me Selfie
Literally the longest shoot of my life but at least my eyebrows are fire emoji ??? That's Me Selfie
Taylor Swift is official BFF for this cookie recipe holy hallelujah Cookies Baking
Fall in Colorado 2014 Autumn Fall Colors Colorado Trees EyeEm Nature Lover
Colorado Landscape Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Skyporn Clouds And Sky Rule Of Thirds
Ended todays shoot with a celebratory selfie That's Me
I got her as she was trying to stand up but I couldn't ignore it all the same Enjoying Life Colorado
Roadtrip Colorado TRAX Photography
Blackandwhite Nature Roadtrip Colorado TRAX Photography
Roadtrip What Does Freedom Mean To You? Road The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge TRAX Photography
Dancing Around The World Colorado Roadtrip TRAX Photography
Literal same Photography Roadtrip What Does Freedom Mean To You? Taking Photos TRAX Photography
Paisley is 5 months old and holding her own bottle now Baby Cute
i found more
crazy how denver just has jelly fish floating around and shit
Hanging Out German Friend Co-creative director Stefen / part-time full-time German TRAX Photography
Colorado UrbanART Girl TRAX Photography
Urban Nature Grunge What Does Peace Look Like To You? Nature TRAX Photography
What Does Peace Look Like To You? Grunge Nature Urban Nature TRAX Photography
Lauren Hurd photo shoot, August 10, 2014. Girl Urban TRAX Photography
A Frame Within A Frame Lauren Hurd photo shoot, August 10, 2014. TRAX Photography
RePicture Femininity Lauren Hurd representing her passion for Lacrosse TRAX Photography
Behind The Scenes of my work ft my oversized flannel i never shouldve bought. photo cred to my new german friend stephen TRAX Photography
Nature Grunge Landscape TRAX Photography
What Does Peace Look Like To You? Clouds And Sky No Edit/no Filter Colorado Sunset TRAX Photography
Nature Landscape TRAX Photography
Nature Church What Does Peace Look Like To You? Something Green Friday Rule Of Thirds
Nature Landscape Agriculture Something Green Friday TRAX Photography
Nature Something Green Friday What Makes You Calm Serenity... TRAX Photography