Tom Krieger


iPhone only here and a passion for apps
Siena... That scene of a public market in #venice inspired me to create that colourful and painterly look lof a painting from a medieval place. Siena is a city in Italy but also a famous shade of colour I love. I used the help from some yummy apps... 43 Golden Moments Architectural Column Architectural Feature Architecture Brown Building Built Structure Day Historic Medieval Medieval Plac Orange By Motorola Orange Color Outdoors Sky Summer Travel Destinations Water Yellow
Long exposure of a nice reflection during golden hour over river Elbe near Hamburg. Love the colours, specially in the shadows... 43 Golden Moments Backgrounds Beauty In Nature Calm Chilling Close-up Elbe Gold Golden Hamburg Idyllic Nature No People Orange Color Outdoors Reflection Perfection  Scenics Sunset Water Water Surface Waterfront Yellow
HangOut HH Hamburg Hanging Out Chilling Urban
ReFlected Double Exposure Mystic Dance Pose
Hometown Double Exposure Scary Naturelovers Mood
Meeting point Hamburg Chillin Beautiful Surroundings Urban
Sundown with Pino Chilling Hamburg Sunlight Wine
I am big Urban Landscape Children Cityscapes People Watching boy standing at urban harbour in Hamburg
home. view. now Landscape Sunset Relaxing Sunset_collection
TreeExit Double Exposure Abstract TreePorn Mystic
Last Shopping Night Lights Double Exposure Shopping Abstract
FRAME Magic Night Lights The Lonely Person In A Connected World
BASE Double Exposure Cloudporn Mountains Landscape
SHPNG Shopping Abstract Light Painterly
RESTORE Conceptual Double Exposure Abstract Fantasy
SAIL I Conceptual Light Sailing Abstractart
SAIL II Abstractart Conceptual Sailing Light
Gyro fun ... had a great day Technology Flying Freedom Gyrocopter
Golden Light Landscape Autumn Nature Magic
SYMAPS Conceptual Abstract Double Exposure Portrait
FLOWING Nature Autumn Landscape River
Random Structura Double Exposure Conceptual Abstract Alien
ROOTS Halloween Horrors Conceptual Double Exposure Horror
The view Ocean View Childhood Beautiful Beach
Sumdax on Mars Fantasy Conceptual Ocean View Sunset
ZEN Relaxing Ocean View Double Exposure Conceptual
ReLax Ocean View Lonely Relaxing Sun
a.m.p.m Double Exposure Melancholic Landscapes Ocean View Dusk
COFETE Beach Lonely Ocean Ocean View
EXIT Door Melancholic Landscapes Beach Mystic
EXIT Door Melancholic Landscapes Beach Mystic
UP! Melancholic Landscapes Mystic Magic Signs
ECLIPSE Conceptual Double Exposure Melancholic Landscapes Sunset
DUNE Melancholic Landscapes Double Exposure Sunset Conceptual
B4DARKNESS Conceptual Darkart Sunset Nightmare
RENESAWS Conceptual Double Exposure Construction
THE CHOICE Childhood Blackandwhite Silhouette Bokeh
RE FLECT Landscape_Collection Double Exposure Conceptual Water Reflections
LOTSE2 Hamburg Elbe Ship Skyporn
WYSIWYG Painterly Childhood Curiosity Water Reflections
LOTUSLAKE Lotus Lake Nature Chilling
SUMPF Water Reflections Double Exposure Conceptual Nature
HUMANIZED Double Exposure Abstract Urban Geometry Construction
PIAZZA photokina Relaxing Chilling Conceptual Double Exposure
STATION99 Conceptual Architectureporn Abstract Architecture
DISCONNECT Double Exposure Conceptual Bridge Abstract
PREDICTION Double Exposure Portrait Conceptual Portrait Of A Woman
GARDENHOUSE Double Exposure Garden Nature
VERANDA Double Exposure Conceptual Abondoned Architectureporn
BASEMENT Architecture Urban Geometry Hamburg Architectureporn