NYC resident, Taiwan born Global Citizen. Love people, nature, appreciating beauty, connecting with friends internationally and locally.
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View of trees in forest
Low angle view of sunlight streaming through trees in forest
Close-up of moss growing on tree trunk
View of buildings in city at sunset
Close-up of clock on wooden door
Close-up of white flower floating on water
Silhouette trees by sea against sky during sunset
High angle view of cat sitting outdoors
Row of illuminated candles in temple
Low section of woman standing on cobblestone
High angle view of shadow on floor at night
Midsection of woman holding drink in glass on table
Close-up of beer glass on table
Close-up of glass building against sky
Close-up of lotus water lily in lake
Close-up of fruit on plant
Close-up of boat moored on sea
Palm trees on beach against blue sky
Rear view of woman on field against sky
Close-up of flowers on table
Rear view of woman on field against sky during sunset
Low angle view of tree against sky
Swing hanging in playground
High angle view of leaf
Close-up of illuminated christmas lights at night
Close-up of plants against sky
Cropped hand holding ice cream
Close-up of pink roses
Low angle view of trees in forest
Rear view of man walking on beach
Rear view of man walking on built structure
Boat sailing in sea
Close-up of blue background
Directly above shot of food
Close-up of human hand on beach
Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky
Boats in sea against cloudy sky
Close-up of red flower
Portrait of a cat
Aerial view of cityscape
Directly above shot of coffee cup
Close-up of food in bowl
Plant growing on grassy field
Boats in sea against cloudy sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Narrow alley along walls
Pink flowers on tree
Leaves on tree trunk
Woman looking at view
Full frame shot of colorful candies for sale
Close-up of cappuccino
Low angle view of built structure against the sky
Directly above shot of cappuccino
Close-up of drink on table
People standing on jetty