Martine Bosi


J'aime tout et tous, même si...éclectique, voyageuse, débrouille, parle 7 langues, mais en 1er, j'adore ma fille, ma musique passion & les animaux!
Young Women Hi! Check This Out manque qu' 1 vraie t'aime et Alessio (petit-fils) aussi Have A Good Time!😚 Switzerland
Sunset_collection Architecture Ballet Of Colors From Sun Reflecting On Wa Ter & Clouds. Every Morning Different..beaty Touch...colors Of Loving The World & People...what Kind Of Weather To Day? 😉😍💋💋💋💋 Spanish Sunset Collection ..Andalousia.. Arenales Del Sol
Young Women Young Adult One Woman Only Only Women Indoors  Day Tranquility Love You 💋😍👍🎸🎹🎷😎💜💙🎼💞🆒🙌 No People Every Day's Beautiful Especially When I Get Home, I Find My Piano's Waiting For Me : What A Good Friend It Is : Never Forgets Me Its The 1st Thing I Do When I Get Home : Play The Piano, 'cause I Know It Wants 2 Be Playe Played, So We're Bothes Happy & I LOVE YOU, DON'T FORGET THAT 💞💖💜😘❤
Architecture City City Life Building Terrace Outdoors Sunset Photography Urban Skyline The Sun Wakes Up Every Day's Beautiful No People Travel Destinations España Arquitecture Beauty In Nature Filters Purist... Nature Beauty Colours Of Nature Tranquility Very Special Tower!!!!! Love It... Love You 💋😍👍🎸🎹🎷😎💜💙🎼💞🆒🙌
Beauty In Nature Sunset Cloud - Sky No People Sky Silhouette Nature Colours Of Nature Dancing Colours Filed With Red...lovely Spain EyeEmNewHere Long Goodbye
Star - Space Astronomy Nature Earth Deserves A Great Heart, Doesn't It?????
Sea Tourism Clear Sky Tower History Scenics Architecture Beauty In Nature Very Special Tower!!!!! Love It... Uniqueness
Nature Tree Lake Reflection Water Tranquility Outdoors No People Reflection Lake Landscape Growth Sky Sunset Day No Filters.?purist
Text Communication Flower Beauty In Nature Friendness Day..pass It Over To People You Care
Sunset Cloud - Sky Day Sky Beautiful View Every Day & Night Beauty Of A Sun Going Down & Up
Sky Sunset Beauty In Nature Night Outdoors Scenics Nature No People City Silhouette No Filter..purist...Spain..Andaloucia....from My Window Beauty In Nature
Star - Space Building Exterior Travel Destinations Galaxy Astronomy Milky Way Illuminated Beauty In Nature Sky Night I Just Love That Pic 😀
Children Only Smiling Human Hand Front View Child Portrait Looking At Camera :) Me All By Myself  One Person Childhood Bonjour from a grand mother !!!!
QUEEN MARTINA...LOL... One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Only Women One Person Portrait Adults Only Red Adult People Outdoors Young Adult Sky Day Swimming Pool Close-up Human Lips Beauty In Nature Loves_nature ! 💄💋👀🙈👓❤
Sunset Silhouette Cloud - Sky Nature Beauty In Nature No Filter..purish Natural/ From My Window In Spain
Portrait Smiling One Woman Only Happiness Women & I Love You 💋 From Spain Andaloucia
I didnt forget you my friends One Person Portrait Smiling
Hello World Enjoying Life Beauty Of Nature Best EyeEm Shot Love The Clouds Ballet When The Sun's Go Down Or Up..view From My Terrace In Los Arenales! It's Always A Stupefaction 😲 2 Look At The Sun Going To Sleep Or Getting Up...I'll Never Have Enough Of That : Puris Ist Pic...natural! No Ads EyEmpic Valencia Landscapes..España
That's Our Friend In New Jersey...United States Of America By My Cousine Frédérique Best EyeEm Shot Tree_collection  Beauty Of Nature Hello World Enjoying Life Peace &love With Animals😊😆😎😻🙈🙉🙊💋💖
Bonjour à Tous Ceux Qui Sont Debouts To Admire The Sunset And The Beautiful Colours And Danseswith Clouds And Water : Nice Ballet/clouds Pirn Sea Sun & Colour's Ballet/eyEmbest Pic EyEmbest Earlier Pic : 1/4 Past Am In Spain Peace &love
Hello World Enjoying Life That's Me Keep Calm And Always Smile EyEm Selfie....♥ LOVE PEACE & RESPECT ALL MY FRIENDS!
Hello World Taking Photos Nice View Love The Clouds Ballet When The Sun's Go Going Down Or Up & Take A Look At That 1 : It's Just A Beauty & I Thought When I Saw These : NOW I CAN DIE ! Clouds P Porn/skyporn/sun : Beautiful Colours!
Hello World That's Me Enjoying Life Sunshine EyEm Selfie....♥ It's Me Arriving In Spain End Of March Don't Be Afraid It's Only Me filter...Other neither. ..
Hello World Check This Out Taking Photos Nice View Love The Clouds Ballet When The Sun's Go S Going 2 Sleep...clouds Por Sea Evening Dark Lights...I In Los Arenales Spain
Check This Out That's Me Hello World Hi! Enjoying Life Sorry 🙏 But I Can't Do Nothing About Them!
Taking Photos Hello World Hi! Check This Out : Shadows From Living Room'till Terrace/n Nice View Shadows And Backlighting !
Check This Out That's Me Hello World Hi! EyEm Selfie....♥ Taking Photos Sorry 🙏 But I Can't Do Nothing About Them!
Hello World That's Me Enjoying Life Hi! Even If I Don't Know Where Or When I'm Go Nna Leave, I've Always Tried To Look Accep Table, With A Nice Smile Forcing It Comes Alone...class Pic/smule Best Shot/ EyEm Selfie....♥
Hello World Hi! Check This Out Sunshine Sea That's Me As You Can See Going Shopping But Tirwd, Ging Shopping But Fired So I Stopped 4 S While Thinking & Feeling The Quietness See You… pure no filter...
SeaSea Sunshine Hello World Hi! Nice Reflection From The Sun On The Wa Water From My Terrace Un Los Arenales I'll be back soon eyEmers..PEACE LOVE RESPECT ABOVE ALL !!
Check This Out Hello World Hi! It's Amazing The Beautiful Pics You Can Can Take Here : No Filters Purismo Night Pic Of The Sun And Planes Traces..pure B Beauty Of Nature🌌🌅⛺🌇🎆🌆
That's Me Smiling Us Usual, Even When Bad, Terrible News, 'cause Impossible 2 Cure, I'll Keep On Smiling! I Raised Myself A Myself Alone & That's My Philosophy. . Keep Calm And Always Smile I, WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHEN IM GONNA LEAVE, TELL YOU THAT : SO, LIVE 1 DAY LIKE IT D BE THE LAST . PROMESS? LOVE YOU ALL 😍😆😘😻👽💋💟💐💖👍☺☻☹💿💿💽💽♯♮♭♬♫♪🎹🎸🎷🎶🎵🍻
Hello World Taking Photos I Went Back To Switzerland 2 See A Rhuma To Lo Guy's Professor, But He Didn't Know Anything&;did As Know Anything More Than I Did, Even Worse, He Reacted Like I Had Nothing!! It's Scandalous. .anyway, Even If I Wasn't Didn't Come, I Always Thought Of You All& I'll be back soon & I want 2 to all eye mers 4 their truthfulness, but this Polyarthritis rhumatoïde happened so suddenly. . It's quiet heavy, but I keep on smiling : PEACE & LOVE + RESPECT ARE MY WORDS..1 MORE : FREEDOM 😉😍😊😆😘😲😻👽💋👍💿💿💽💽♪♫♭♮🎹🎸🎷View from the sun going 2 sleep yesterday from Los Arenales, from my'll have more pics soon...
Taking Photos Hello World Hi! Happy New Year 2016 Check This Out A Little Of Everyone & Spain's Views My Da Daughter...cats...I Have A Last Appointment At Munday With A Professor & We'll See.. LOVE PEACE & RESPECT ALL MY FRIENDS!
TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) Check This Out Hello World Happy New Year 2016 My Company's iguana!
It's Cold Outside Check This Out Hello World Hi! Look At This Husky Who Doesnt Think Its Cold Just Like In. SWitzerland Or Others Country Like Finland
Better Look Twice Hello World Taking Photos Check This Out Me Or Not? LOVE 😍
Check This Out Hello World Hi! Hola Mundo ✌ Que Tal? Yo Soy Muy 😢 Porque Yo No Viene Para Mi Amigas Y Amigos!Yo Tiene Una Enfermedad Auto-immunes Enfermada R No Possible Curate Curates Doctor Trovare Nada. Por Esta Enfermedad So 2 mais en después finito la vita para mi...🙏 Yo quieres todos más 😆😊😎😘😻💖👍💜💛💚✌ Mi Ninja Tienes 1 Baby !
Check This Out Taking Photos Check This Out That's Where I Come From In Switzerland V Valais..the Best Skying Places /eyem Best Pic best shot/ snowporn/ landscape/no filters/purist/...all the last landscapes from Spain are also eithout all of you 😍😆😎😘
Hello World Hola Mundo ✌ Check This Out This View From. My Terrasse In Los Arenales Del Sol Andalucía But Unfortunately My Time Has Come & I Have So Much 2 Explore Cvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv pity but I wish you a very good time health happiness & all that in ....🎶
Hello World That's Me Hi! Taking Photos From Me Selfie....even If I M Gonna Die Sooon U See That I Always Take Care Of Myself...question Of 2 1/2 Months & I'll Be Goneev Even If Im Gonna Die In About 2 1/2 Month But I LOVE ALL OF YOU & Live The Day Like Ig It Was The Last Cauz U Never Know What..
Hello World Hola Mundo ✌ Check This Out St Bernard 😉 Protector Swiss Like Me, WithKM With These 3 Kitties @ If Only People Could Undde Understand That Sticking Together, Love A are the only words that would lead us to PEACE ✌💖💚💋💋👪😻😍😘😳😆 togetherness..stik together, where ever you're from....😇😘😘
Hola Mundo ✌ Hello World Mediterranean Food Check This Out Enjoying Life ?? Not Really, 'cause That Illness Is Gona Destroy Every Part Of My Body Body..1 Leg Is Already Attacked & no feelings at all, so no walk 4 me...nothing & I stoped taken these pills cause they dont help & damage severly our body, so only bio, but woth bio, takes time & I dont have any...incredible how fast it destroys articulations & the daughter just lost her baby...I wont be able 2 honour my3 contracts...too fast its killing me, so I sing sing(karaoke)...write, draw, but Im weak & font want 2 depend on know what it means!? Take care of you & family & live every day like if it were the last ok? I LOVE YOU WITH RESPECT & TX 2 ALL MY FOLLOWERS...IM SO SORRY 2 LEAVE YOU...KISSES & HUGES...2 ANIMALS 1ST, HUMANS AFTER...ILL TAKE CARE OF EACH 1 FROM ABOVE...TRUST ME..LIVE IN PEACE...A BROKEN HEART & SPIRIT...ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS...LATER ??!! My Daughter ♥ Noooo
Hello World Hola Mundo ✌ Enjoying The Sun Especially When I See That Bunch Of Snow By My Daughter'shouse & 18-20 20· Here In Spain / Pornsnow/ Sun/nature/eyEm Nice Shot
Hello World Hola Mundo ✌ Hi! No Edit No Filter, Only Zoom : Enjoy !!!! My Greatest Wish Now A Days Should Be That
Enjoying The Sun Hi! Check This Out Hola Mundo ✌ Getting Creative Taking Photos Of These Porn Clouds Ballet/& The Colours Are Just Waouw !!!!!! Every Night & Day : Ill Die In S Nice Plae I'll Die In A Marvellous Place : At Least That LOVE HOPE RESPECT TENDERNESS, ENJOY EACH MOMENT, 'CAUZ YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TOMORROW'S GONNA BRING YOU 💖...💀...
Hola Mundo ✌ Hello World Taking Photos Check This Out Hi! Enjoying Life ? By Taking My Way Through The Living Room Of My House In Spain/ Piano On The Side/ Wood Section Giving On The Terrasse : Beau Tiful View Of The Sea/no Filters/ The Purist No Edit No Filter, Only Zoom : Enjoy !!!!
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Check This Out Hello World Hi! Across The Universe This Man Is Desperately In Need 2 Talk Or Be Berced In The Arms Of Someone...he Feels So Alone...he's HUMAN...Vulnerable
Getting Creative Hola Mundo ✌ Across The Universe Waterdrops Colour Water Reflections... Water On Mars ??
Hola Mundo ✌ Getting Creative Worked Hard On On The 3 Selfies8 ^^streamzoo Family^^These Pics Speak For Themselves , But The Only Passion 's Creation Of Mine Is Music/author -compo-performer Daughter /cat Cute 😻 💋 Discover Everything & Everyone, Countries& of course, my. Place in. SPAIN, where Ive got to return very fast, 'cauz it's soo good 4 what I have & how long I'm gonna live I don't know &, doctors neither : SUPER ! Live in Peace & enjoy every moment of the day, 'cauz you'll never know when. ..Love You eyEmers friends & soutenons-nous with Respect, but be curious & you'll be creative 😉😊😆😎😘😻💋💚💛💜💖💽💿💽💿🎧🎵🎶🎻🎹🎷🎸
Hello Mundo 💚💛...taking Pics Of This Beautiful Castle From France I'd Love You To Think Very Stringly , Cross Your Fingers Or Anything Else,'cauz I'll Know In An Hour How Long Ive Got Left To Live : I COUNT ON YOU EYEMERS FRIENDS : I 💚 U
Getting In Touch Escaping Hello World Check This Out I Love You ! Hola Mundo ✌ España Hola Mundo Hi Soaking Up Sun... Nightphotography Y Back To The Sea/looking At My Place In1 of these buildings : middle 1 I think...clouds pic ..feeling soooo fine...I have 2 go back 2 rest in peace ✌ 🎹 🎷 🎧 📀 🎸 🎤 🎵 Los Arenales del Sol... España
Getting In Touch Streamzoo Family Music Left Side Of The Pic Is Where I Born; Above Fireworks On The Top A Cat/ & All What's Inside; Middle My Cousin & His 2 Sons, Beside On The Right : MyFender Strato Caster 🎸🎹🎷🎷📀🎤🎵! Only my cousin lives in New Jersey with entire family...LOVE PEACE & RESPECT 😊😆😍😎😻👪👍✌✊🎤🎵🎶🎹🎷🎧📀💿💽💽
Getting Creative Hello World Catching A Show Last Showing Escaping Getting In Touch Wiith Selfies..little Clothes. ..& A Hat On...I My Fetish  Hat For Great Rock Performance! My Life Is Music & Music's My Life : WORLD OF CREATION, AS AN AUTHOR-CO-PERFORMER 😆😨😎💋👍✊✌💽💿💽💿🎧🎤🎵🎶🎹🎷🎸I LOVE YOU.💜 RESPECT YOU TOO...LIVE IN PEACE ✌...Life has no end even if my body 'll go, my soul will look at your creativity
Getting In Touch Escaping Relaxing Getting In Touch Check This Out My Precious♡, Gift Daughter..streamzoofamily.she Just Cut Cut Her 💇I CARE SOOOO MUCH 4 HER...
Hello World Taking Photos Getting In Touch Hola Mundo ✌ Check This Out I Love You ! But Could You Respect The Seas, By Not Throwing Plastic In Them : See The Result ! I Feel So Sad When I See These Poor 🐢 : Don't You Have Any Respect For Nature? LOVE YOU.💜 LOVE YOU.💜 ANYWAY : PEACE ✌ 🎹 🎷 🎧 📀 🎸 🎵 🎤
Los Arenales Del Sol From My Terrasse España España Hola Mundo Hi Soaking Up Sun... Escaping..nice Chairs..very Nice ! LOVE 😍 😎 😻 💋 💙 👌 🎸 🎤
Hello World Hola Mundo ✌ Taking Photos Getting In Touch Through My Beautiful Daughter When She Was She's A Lady ! My Greatest Gift Streamzoo Family Child & I Had To Tell Herabout My Fatal Illnesses, 'cauz They're 3 Important Illnes & Nothing 2 Do About Them, So 😍 RESPECT
Check This Out Getting In Touch Hello World I Love You ! Enjoying Life Escaping Hola Mundo ✌ Taking Photos From Spain 'till Swiitzerland & As You Can See, We're Flying Over The Alps : Beauty pic/eyEm best shot/Natur /clouds/ mountains/air/ travel : beautiful isn't it? LOVE RESPECT ✌. .
Getting In Touch Hello World Check This Out Hola Mundo ✌ I Love You ! Love You💋 Enjoying Life & Present You My Daughter Again, But I Worry About Her When Ill Be Gone...streamzoo family
Hello World Taking Photos Check This Out That's Me At The Piano, Singing Too..i Missed My Music So Much In Spain, So I Bought An Oth Her 1 (the 5th!!!!), So Ehen I'll Go Back After The Bñ After The Results Of Blood & Nerves Test, I Can Play Write & Sing, Cause My Time Might Not Last So Long, So I'm Going To Live& do as many things I can before too late : I love you people & evrn if I have this auto immun illness, I'll keep on smiling & hoping...when there's hope, there's life & life hope...take care of yourselves 😉😷😎😘😘😻💋👍✊✌👊🎹🎷🎵🎤🎸
My Daughter With Her Cute. Cat Just Saved From The Ved From A Certain Death SPA GENÈVE : Beautiful Beautiful Heart For A Sweety Cat...
Hello World Check This Out Escaping Trying 2 Enjoy Life Even If I Got Diagnosti Sing A Rheumatoid Arthritis & I Watch My My Toes Burning Changing, Fingers Too, Bonne My Knee Whists, Cauz My Brain Doesn't Re Recognise Ehat Must Be Destroyed Or Noot Selfies From My Daughter & Me; Family P So It Attacks My Bones...articulation & It's Gonna Go Further ts gonna go further. .. .I LOVE YOU ALL !
Check This Out Hello World Taking Photos Selfies From My Daughter & Me; Family P Porn Cute Pic Eyemers.....💛 💜 💓 💖 💗 👍
Check This Out Escaping Enjoying Life Relaxing Hola Mundo ✌ Playa De Los Arenales Del Sol !
Hello World Enjoying Life Check This Out Nice View From My Terrasse In Los Arenales Del Sol..nice Pic Urban Sea & Never Rains There 👌👍💚💛💜💙🎷🎹🎵🎤🎸
Getting In Touch Escaping Hello World Urban Geometry Looking Like Stairs...influence Hispano Arabica Arabic in Los Arenales del Sol...ANDALOUSIA..LOVE
Hello World Enjoying Life Enjoying Nature..nature Collection...La D A Dent De Morcle Switzerland!
Getting In Touch Love You💋 Escaping That's Me Strange 2 Be Back Home...selfie...
Relaxing Hello World Taking Photos I Love You ! Old Building In Geneva...symetric...building Porn
Hello World Taking Photos I Love You ! I Miss My Place In Spain By The Sea, But Soon B Back Soon !
Hola Mundo ✌ Getting In Touch Relaxing Enjoying The Sun Swimming Sea Taking Photos Enjoying Life Love You💋 !
Check This Out Hello World That's Me Relaxing Enjoying Life Escaping Taking Photos Enjoying The Sun Getting In Touch A Wonder : Look From My Terrasse The. Sun ýou're welcome in Spain ok??? Kisses 💋💋💋💋
Check This Out Taking Photos Hello World Hanging Out Hello World Escaping Check This Out! I'm Looking 4 Light !!!!!! Nice Green Nature Tree Porn
Enjoying The Sun Escaping Getting In TouchGetting In Touch Swimming Soaking Up The Sun Hello World I DO LOVE YOU PEOPLE SOMETIMES...😂 😂 😁
Relaxing Hello World Check This Out! Enjoying The Sun Sea Getting In Touch Through My Lovely España ! & I Don't Regret A Single A Single Thing I Did & I'm Gonna Do : Look The Temperature At Morniing : 32 !? 😍
Enjoying The Sunset Relaxing Enjoying The Sun Sea Check This Out! Hello World As You Can See I've Never Forgotten You My EyEmers Friends Even If It Took Long 4 Me To Be Back : Sorry
Relaxing Getting In Touch Sunbathing Hello World Check This Out Check This Out! That's The Place I Bought In Spain & It's A Wonder : Look From My Terrasse The. Sun
Hi! Check This Out Hello World Getting In Touch Getting Inspired With That Pic Of My Daughter With That Cite Cat Lovely Cute Cat Sleeping Outside All Alone Vvv So I Asked Her To Take Care Of That 1 & She Did As she did! Please sign against the YULIN FESTIVAL IN CHINA WHERE DOGS ARE BURNED ALIVE BOILED ALIVE & SKINNED ALIVE FOR THE FOLKLORIKAL SUMMER'S I LOVE YOU FOR THAT SOLSTICE! I BEG YOU. FRIENDS...TX..LOVE
Hello World Check This Out That's Me Cheese! Hi! Enjoying Life Taking Photos Escaping In The Past When I Was Looking Like That : I I Tried To Forget All The Injustices In This Wor
Escaping Hello WorldHello World That's Me Love You💋 Enjoying Life Hi! I'm Oming Too Say Sorry I Wasn't There ! Would you please pardon me ? I LOVE YOU EYEMERS !!!!
Hello World Getting In Touch Escaping Getting Inspired Love You💋 I'm Not Wonder Woman , But I Am A Wonderful Woman MUAH ....I have 2 carry & do all the job of people, my daughter, money, find the appartement in Spain, everything pff ! Nice Look I. Did...half From Me & Half Photo That's Me You Lovely People & Sorry For All That Time
Getting Inspired Hello World Check This Out! Love You💋 & My Fender Strato Caster, Which I Love & T Taking Photos Of It In Memory Of My Dearest Young Brotther Her, Paraplegic Since 8 Years Now & His Vorname Is Thierry, TITI & He Was Playing With Us Like A God...we're Both Aquarius & Hyperactives.. God I miss him so much...he lost 40 years of memory ! Buf in a way he is always smiling, which was not the case before...😢😆😎🎷🎹🎵🎤🎺🎸🎧📀💿💽💽
Getting In Touch Check This Out! Hello World In Rome Italy Walking Around Taking Photos Getting Inspired Love You💋 Escaping
In Rome Italy Getting Inspired Enjoying Life Hello World Getting In Touch Taking Photos Check This Out! : La Bocca De La Veritad ! La Bouche De La Vérité ! The Mouth Of Truth !?
Hello World Taking Photos Getting Inspired In Rome Italy Escaping Enjoying Life Love You💋
Taking Photos Hello World Getting In Touch Enjoying Life Colourfully As You Can See & if you pass by : you're welcome ! !!!!
Getting In Touch Hello World Escaping Taking Photos Check This Out! : The Living Room ! Outside The Sea!
That's Me Hello World Getting In Touch & On The Wayto The Consulat..Spanih Consul
Hello World Taking Photos Escaping Getting In Touch Enjoying Life At 1st On The Plane With Nice View !!!!!
Taking Photos Escaping Hello World Check This Out! Giant Cactus Tree Just Before Walking To The Didn't Want To Come Back !
Taking Photos Inside The Appartement In Spain...warm House Nice Weather & People..clean, Cheap...ideall !?
Getting In Touch Hello World Escaping Taking Photos Of The Swimming Pool From Where I'm Going To Live To Live In!!!!
Getting In Touch Hello World Escaping That's Me Enjoying Life in Spain....LOVE PEACE & RESPECT !!!
Hello World Getting In Touch From Ourside Alicante By A Wonderful Sea, Where I Bought An Appartement, Cause The Weat Weather Doe Me So Much Good To Arthrose... Love You💋 we'll keep in touch eyEmers !
That's Me Check This Out Hello World Escaping Enjoying Life Getting In Touch Totell You That We're Accepted From A Big Pub Lishing House At Last! They Accepted My 2nd Song...I M So Happy & I Hope You're All Feeling Slright Alright & Happy In Your Family & Tx 4 Ur Support I send you all my love & we'll keep in touch, believe me...Im leaving Switzerland in April 4 kneecap is in a too bad state & I need warmth, do in Aucante, I can write the augobio book &