Steven Groothuismink


Dad of 2 boys | travel, cycling, landscapes, nature, world | shoots with Sony A7Rii & Carl Zeiss | Dutch, living in Zambia
It's a rainy
It's a rainy
Seen from above
Eagles eye view
At the bottom
After falling
It's a long
Thanks to great
Water falling
This bridge
This bridge
Water and rocks
Old bicycle
The glass in
Old deserted
Time for
Standing there
This 'Big Mama'
The Baobab tree
We've had this
In slowmotion
Water is
Water is
A small stream
In the shade of
Fibre optic
Internet cables
Roots of a tree
Before they are
Many colourful
Many internet
Internet cables
In order to get
Fibre optic
Work in
Along a road in
A moving flower
At the side of
South Luangwa,
Single Ostrich
A small group
Standing there
The Baobab tree
A family of
A panorma of
In the mighty
Packed together
A wild hippo
Mighty Victoria
Head down they
A boy is
At a frozen
The sun is
At the weekly
Two boys
Spent a great
A deserted
What a joy it
Sunrays casting
What a great
My sons are
What a great
It's quiet at
A man is
It flows
At the salt
Young boy
At the
Waves of the
Waves of the
Frozen 'Hunze'
A cold winter
Frozen in time
It's autumn in
The 'Hunze'
Two brothers
The tower of
Dead branches
Car's are
What a
Dutch bicycle
At the end of
Two brothers
Curved jetty in
Early morning
A dark
At night the
Under the 'Pont
When the water
In the capital
A lonely
Below the
A boy is
On top of a