Stefan Sonnenberg

Open your eyes and a whole new world is yours
Stefan Sonnenberg
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Reflection of trees and buildings in lake
High angle view of shadow on sand
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Scenic view of poppy field against sky
Scenic view of lake against sky during sunset
Close-up of food on plate
View of canal against cloudy sky
Reflection of trees in lake
View of building with windows
Rear view of woman walking on footpath
View of built structure
Reflection of trees in water
Trees against sky
real people
Full frame shot of wall
Full frame shot of water
Close-up of red wall
Close-up of flowers against sky
Maple leaves on ground
View of cityscape against cloudy sky at sunset
Low section of person standing on tiled floor
Low section of woman relaxing on grass
Dramatic sky over sea
Close up of food
Close-up of food on table
no people
Trees in the forest
Close-up of old wood
Directly above shot of people standing on footpath
Close-up of wall
Low section of person standing on tiled floor
Houses against cloudy sky
Silhouette of landscape at sunset
Low section of man standing on tiled floor
Close-up of text on wall
Plant growing on a tree
Rain drops on water
Plants growing on field
Scenic view of landscape against clear sky
Close-up of chainlink fence
Full frame shot of firewood
Trees in forest
Low angle view of trees against sky
Plants growing on grassy field
Boats in harbor
Close-up of built structure
Plant growing on tree trunk
Skyscrapers in city
Built structure in water
Buildings in city
Empty benches in the dark
Pier leading to sea
Boats in sea
Low angle view of cloudy sky
Food in store
Close-up of plant
Close-up of purple flowers blooming in field
Bare trees against sky