Markus Spiering


Product+GM US @ EyeEm. Mainly iPhone 6 and Sony a7 photography. San Francisco, CA.

The End
Capturing Freedom // Sleighride
Appu's German: "ich bin ein kangaroo oder bin ich eine maus"
Gep├Ąckablagenselfie // Mirrorselfie In A Train
181/365: Birdseyeview of the EyeEm Team // Project 365 2015 In 365 Photos
Team Event: Eyeem Tempelhof Adventure
Eyeem Tempelhof Adventure
January meetup in Los Angeles
PK7OnSpotify // Chvrches Awesome Performance
basketball] in an Airport.
183/365: Classic Open Air Panorama // 2015 In 365 Photos Project 365
Sunrise in the Train to Dresden
Keep It Blurry Berlin
Best year ever. Eyeem Tempelhof Adventure
Preparing Sheep like Christmas Cookies
Code Poetry and Being All Lean
184/365: Shot On IPhone6 Seagulls And Sea // 2015 In 365 Photos Project 365 Burst Shot
182/365: Provinzsommer // 2015 In 365 Photos Project 365
From A Train Window
Burgers and French Fries = dinner
Team adventure: Eyeem Tempelhof Adventure