Something From Nothing


An Artist’s Outlet for Journaling through Photography.
Learn to dance
Dancing with
Embracing the
I was love
“Oh no, love,
A fresh misty
Tattoo of rope;
Wonder what
Lightplay in my
Lightplay Black
Going to the
Ice on glass
Water droplet
Skewed view of
Do you see it?
Into the fire
Beam me up
The blues is a
I have blisters
The Great
The Portraitist
The Portraitist
The Portraitist
The Portraitist
Live For The
Pirouette in
Fallen she's
To find a way
Meditation in
Fraying bits of
Old Man New
Feels like
Windy but
I no longer
Interior Views
The Beginning
Pull up a chair
They laughed as
Soulmate By The
Our lives are
Life's little
Self Portrait
How Did We End
Sunshine and
If I Bathe in
No matter how
Some things are
It was the
I was in a Fog
We are from two
Finally No Rain
Letting the
The most
"If you feel
One of the most
Don't Hide
Maybe the Sun
Looking to see
Hide your eyes,
Let's Fly .
"Want to find
Dead Rose dead
Will we ever
I can do
Here I go again
I love you so
Mind your
The Light in
Uncaged, you
The gateway to
The glisten in
You set my Soul
That's Me
The Sun smiled
Closer. Wild
Sun Dog Sunset
Closer. EyeEm
I was hiding in
"I'm something
Charred .
Favorite shot
Frosty Mornings
Holiday Fashion
Someday I'll
All Paths lead
Faeries, come
Golden when

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