Sidnei Moreira

I shoot what I like 📷
Sidnei Moreira
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Full length of men on lakeshore against sky
Close-up of succulent plant
Full frame shot of banana
Close-up of orange flower
Close-up of orange dahlia
Close-up of pink flower
Woman standing on snow covered mountain
High angle view of cupcakes
Low angle view of bare tree by lake against sky
Portrait of smiling boy with balloons
Full frame shot of autumn leaves
Close-up of yellow autumn leaves
Low section of woman sitting
High angle view of sea against sky
Close-up of snow on tree mountain against sky
Portrait of man standing against sea
Full length of girl playing on field
Boy sitting on road
Close-up of pelican on grass
Close-up of wicker basket
Close-up of pipe
Close-up of electric light
Close-up of snow on field against sky
Low angle view of staircase
Low angle view of silhouette bare trees against sunset sky
Close-up of rope tied outdoors
Low section of horse on tree trunk
Boy walking in park
Man walking on field
Built structure against sky
Light trails on road at night
Low angle view of building against sky
Group of people in train
Man working in grass
Woman standing on staircase
Close-up of snake
Close-up of fresh green leaf
Close-up of bread on table
Low angle view of tree against sky
Full frame shot of yellow pattern
Low angle view of jellyfish swimming in sea
Full frame shot of blueberries
Close up of flower
Close-up of plant
Close-up of dry maple leaf
Close-up of strawberry
Close-up of yellow leaf
Close-up of dandelion
Close-up of flower against blurred background
Close-up of honey bee on flower
Trees against sky
Close-up of leaves
Low angle view of tree against sky
Close-up of table
Low angle view of moon against clear sky at night
Information sign on tree trunk during winter
Close-up of apples on field
Scenic view of snow covered landscape against clear sky
Close up of leaves
Close-up of pole against blurred background
Close-up low angle view of tree
Arch bridge in tunnel
Close-up of turtle