Shrey Rajput


Google Nexus 6p photography.... fluke photography😎
Even in black n white life... They dont hesitate to find happiness.... TeachForIndia Adopt Theydeservetheworld Theyarespecial Theyarepure HappyFaces!! Moneydoesntbuyhappiness Slumschools Godsgift Weneedtolearnalot Portrait Togetherness
Spending time with this spc-tail-ular dog.... Streetdogofindia Awesomeness Youbarkingatnothing Lovefordogs Dogsgotswag
Much Doge Muchwow Kuchikuchi Lovesyoutilltheened Life Bestfriends Husky Love Cuteasfuck Hegetsyoulaid
Black & White Dark Alone Peace And Quiet Swings Lonelypark Justyouthinkingabouttheworld Deep Thoughts Timeteachesyouthedepthofeverythg
First Eyeem Photo Sunset Youlooklikeashadow Symbiosis Lovetheview Waiting For A New Day