Selma Sevim


Selma Sevim
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High angle portrait of cat sitting outdoors
High angle view of breakfast on table
High angle view of potted plant
Close-up of hand holding plant
Close-up of hand holding cactus flower pot
Midsection of woman holding paper
Close-up of hand holding coffee cup
High angle view of cherries in plate
High angle view of succulent plant on rocks
White flowering plant against wall
High angle view of cat sitting on floor
High angle view of meat on white background
Close-up of fresh green leaves
Midsection of woman holding ice cream against black background
Close-up portrait of a cat lying on floor
High angle view of cookies
High angle view of breakfast on table
Full frame shot of multi colored for sale in market
Midsection of woman holding strawberry
Close-up of grapes on table
Low section of people with fire on footpath
Close-up of bumblebee pollinating on fresh purple flowers
High angle view of abandoned wheel on floor
Close-up of cat looking away
Close-up of fruits for sale in market
Fruits for sale at market stall
Full frame shot of decorations hanging in store
Full frame shot of apples
Low angle view of communications tower against sky
Close-up of person holding hands
High angle view of coffee cup on table
Close-up of dried plant against black background
Low angle view of clock tower against sky
Low angle view of metallic structure against sky
real people
High angle view of various flowers
Rear view of woman standing against plants
Portrait of woman covering face
Close-up of flowering plant
Graffiti on wall of building
Rear view of people sitting on beach
View of buildings in city against clear sky
High angle view of people walking on floor
Close-up of red garbage
High angle view of traffic on city street
Low angle view of light trails against sky at night
Close-up of clothes drying against white wall
Close-up of woman holding hands against black background
Midsection of woman holding leaves
Close-up of flowering plants
Low section of woman on escalator
Close-up of grapes on table
Low section of person wearing shoes over white background
Close-up of apples
Portrait of young woman sitting on wall
Full frame shot of tomatoes
Rear view of man painting on wall
Close-up of dry plant during autumn
High angle view of carving on table
High angle view of orange wood on wooden table
Midsection of woman holding orange flower
Close-up of strawberries in bowl on field
Close-up of hand holding strawberries
Close-up of rose bouquet
one person
People walking in illuminated corridor
High angle view of woman wearing hat against red background
Full length of cute girl holding camera
Close-up of plant against wall
High angle view of snake
High angle view of people in toy
Close-up of stuffed toy
Close-up of basketball hoop against wall
Close-up of hand holding rose
High angle view of rusty floating on lake
High angle view of colored pencils in snow
Bicycle amidst trees in park
Built structure on land against sky
Close-up of pink flowering plant on table
Low angle view of window on building
Light painting on wall at night
Close-up of purple flowering plant
one person
High angle view of hands
Rear view of woman standing by plants
Close-up of yellow shoes on wall
Rear view of person wearing hat standing against trees
Low angle view of street light against sky
Full length of woman with dog sitting on staircase
Portrait of smiling woman holding leaves outdoors
Close-up of arrow sign on road
Full length of woman on footpath against brick wall
Low section of people sitting on sidewalk
Portrait of woman holding leaves outdoors
Flower plants growing outside house in yard
High angle view of text on paper