Sami Alramyan


There were two things I wanted to do. To show the things that had to be corrected; to show the things that had to be appreciated. Lewis Hine

Again I'm honoured with EyeEm by choosing my photo of Mohammed Ali, 10 years old playing with his ballon in the desert of Djibouti, shown as an example of "The Moment" category in the press kit of the coming EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards. You can join the competition with ten different categories. Here's the link of the awards:
Documentary Leica Djibouti
Motion. Leica Streetphotography
Only their lights staying behind. The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Leica
Kodak in Djibouti. Streetphotography Leica
Authentic Moments Streetphotography Tunisia
Streetphotography Leica
Little girls learning with boards, an old education system in the desert of Somalia. Growing Better Documentary Leica
Almobarakiya souk. Kuwait. Streetphotography Leica Kuwait
Old neighbourhoods. Kuwait. Streetphotography Leica
The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Documentary Leica
Djibouti. streetphotography leica
Makkah Hajj
Street Photography Leica
Tanzania. B&W Portrait
Streetphotography Leica
All were mirror-less.
Kids reciting Quran. Documentary leica
Streetphotography Leica
Street Photography Leica