Sami Alramyan


There were two things I wanted to do. To show the things that had to be corrected; to show the things that had to be appreciated. Lewis Hine
Bagamoyo beach, Tanzania. Was one of the most important trading ports along the East African coast. Facing the Indian Ocean, Tanzania. June 2014. Leicacamera Beach Boat
Bosch. Leicacamera
All children have the right to play, regardless of their toys. Lake Assal, Djibouti. February 2016. Documentary
For some, this is a house. Djibouti. Documentary Leicacamera
Reza the Photographer
Night flight.
Carrying food supplies. Djibouti. Documentary Leicacamera Africa
The Turkish simit. Istanbul. Streetphotography Istanbul Leicacamera
O my Lord. Makkah Leicacamera
Circumambulation around the Kaaba. Makkah. Documentary Makkah
In the shade. Streetphotography
Alfateh mosque, Istanbul. Documentary Streetphotography
Waiting. Leicacamera Streetphotography
Connected. Leicacamera Makkah Kaaba
Coca Cola.
Reciting Quran in the desert of Somaliland. Documentary Education
Streetphotography Photographer Shadow
Abandoned. Streetphotography