Roxie Gonzalez


part time photographer and Spanish colonial re-enacter, love black&white, nature, and people. All photos are my work. Canon 50D & Samsung tablet.
Florida Nature Purple Flower Trumpet Flower Devil's Trumpet Flower Head Flower Water Leaf Petal Wet Close-up Plant In Bloom Blooming Plant Life
Butterfly On Purple Flower Butterfly Closeup Butterfly Encounter Close Up Nature Purple Flowers With Butterfly Flower Butterfly - Insect Perching Insect Purple Close-up Plant Butterfly
Bright Pink Colour Flower Flower Head Window Box Pink Color Purple Plant Architecture Close-up In Bloom Flowering Plant Blooming
Orange Color Halloween Pumpkin Squash - Vegetable Gourd Fruit Autumn Agriculture Market Vegetable Harvesting
Canning Jars Country Living Country Life Quality Variation Jar Choice Retail  Close-up Mason Jar
Country Life Wagon Wheel Canning Jars Water Wood - Material Close-up
Close Up Nature Indian Corn Backgrounds Full Frame Corn Corn On The Cob Close-up Food And Drink Farmer Market Market
Pumpkins Galore Orange Color Autumn colors Farm Life Octobercolors Gourds & Pumpkins Full Frame Close-up Pumpkin Farmer Market Squash - Vegetable Gourd
Flower Head Flower Black-eyed Susan Yellow Petal Close-up Blooming Plant
Halloween Pumpkin Market Orange Color Close-up Food And Drink Squash - Vegetable Gourd
TortasFritas Chili Sauce Freshness Spicyfood Lunch Time Mexican Torta Table Close-up Food And Drink Ready-to-eat Prepared Food Halved
Underneath Bridge Photography Reflections In The Water Water Architectural Column Arch City Reflection Architecture Built Structure Architectural Design
Reflections On The Water Water City Bridge - Man Made Structure Reflection Arch Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Sky Underneath Bridge
Florida Keys Bridges And Highways Bahia Honda State Park 7milebridge Old And New Roads EyeEm Selects Water Sea Clear Sky Beach Sky Horizon Over Water Scenics Tranquil Scene Tranquility
Jacksonville, FL, USA St. Johns River Blue Bridge Nightscape Main Street Bridge EyeEm Selects City Cityscape Urban Skyline Illuminated Bridge - Man Made Structure Steel Modern City Life Suspension Bridge Tall - High Architectural Feature Architectural Design HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark
Jacksonville Florida St. Johns River Early Mornings Peaceful View Main Street Bridge EyeEm Selects City Cityscape Urban Skyline Modern Skyscraper Downtown District Clear Sky Development Business Finance And Industry Tower
Flagler Railroad Old Railroad Bridge Bahia Honda State Park Florida Keys Floridalife Water Clear Sky Sea Sunlight Bridge - Man Made Structure Waterfront Sky Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Calm
Sugarsnaps Sugar Snap Peas Fresh Produce Fresh Vegetables Crisp Green Peas Fresh Picked Sugar Snap Peas Backgrounds Full Frame Plant
Cross Catholicism Shrine Sante Fe New Mexico Christianity City Blue History Place Of Worship Clear Sky Religion
Sante Fe Mission EyeEm Selects Tree Place Of Worship Religion History Blue Tower Roof Old Ruin Bell Tower
Catholic Shrine Sante Fe New Mexico Sante Fe Railyard District Oldest Shrine To Out Lady Of Guadalupe Our Lady Of Guadalupe EyeEm Selects Sculpture Statue City Tree Clear Sky Religion Human Representation Sky Sculpted
Sante Fe, New Mexico EyeEm Selects Religion Spirituality Tree Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Historic Place Of Worship Catholicism
Handcrafted Doorknockers Weatheredwood Wooddoors Full Frame Rusty Wood - Material Textured  Door Metal Close-up Hinge Wooden Door Handle Closed Door
Hand Made Handcraft Handsign Woodenhand Wood - Material Brown Close-up Single Word
Mexican Food Mexican Traditions Pork Carnitas Tacos Carnitas Appetizer Vegetable Garnish Homemade Close-up Food And Drink
Crucifix Mexican Culture Windows Around The World Windows EyeEm Selects Window Historic Old Weathered
Windows And Doors Windows, Doors Into The Soul Of The City Tealdoor EyeEm Selects Blue Door Close-up Architecture Built Structure Entryway Entrance
Weathered Wood Doors And Windows Around The World EyeEm Selects Wood - Material Protection Door Safety Lock Entrance Closed Security Close-up Architecture Closed Door Wooden Wood
Windowsaroundtheworld Santefe Lifestyle EyeEm Selects Metal Grate Window Architecture Close-up Built Structure Weathered Textured
Windowsanddoors Window Reflections Windows_aroundtheworld Santefe Lifestyle EyeEm Selects Old-fashioned Window Wood - Material Close-up Architecture Built Structure Weathered
Barn Wood Barnyard Rustic Beauty Rustic Barn Countryside Country Life EyeEm Selects Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Grass
Countryroads Barn In Golden Hour EyeEm Selects Tree Wood - Material Sky Architecture Grass Built Structure Barn
Mushroom Close Ups Mushrooms 🍄🍄 Sante Fe New Mexico SanteFeFarmersMarket Localfood Fresh Vegetables Wholesome Goodness Close-up
Sante Fe Railyard District Fresh Flowers Fresh Flowers In Basket SanteFeFarmersMarket Close Up Nature Flower Flower Head Leaf Close-up Plant Bunch Of Flowers Flower Market In Bloom
Mushrooms OrganicMushroom Delicious Mushrooms Farmersmarketfinds Full Frame Close-up
Mushrooms In Basket Mushrooms Mushroomporn Farmers Market Organic Gardening Close-up Market Stall
Organic Markets Mushroom Close Ups Farmers Market EyeEm Selects Mushroom Backgrounds Fungus Vegetable Market Full Frame Retail  Close-up
Beautiful Mushrooms Organic Cultivation Mushrooms For Sale EyeEm Selects Close-up
Embroidered Teal Color Backgrounds Full Frame Multi Colored Pattern Close-up ArtWork Textured  Art And Craft
Textiles Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Textile Close-up ArtWork Colorful Textured  Fabric Handmade
Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Textile Textured  Design Close-up Handmade Fabric Colorful Craft ArtWork
Textileart Embroiderydesign Colorful Flowers Colorfultextiles Close‐up Photography Textures And Patterns Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Abstract Close-up
Multi Colored Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Embroidery Cultures Art And Craft Design Close-up Decorative Art Handmade Fabric Craft Product Textile ArtWork Needlecraft Product
Textile Art Felting Wool Colorfulart Woolfelting Bright Colors Brightlycoloredart Multi Colored Backgrounds Close-up Colorful ArtWork Handmade
Childsplay Babychicken Hand Raised Human Hand Pets Close-up
Raise Chickens Chicks Rock! EyeEm Selects Pets Child Childhood Friendship Girls Sitting Grass Domestic Animals
Fresh Flowers Markets Fresh Organic Flowers In Shopping Bag Farmersmarketfinds Flower Head Flower Bouquet Multi Colored Close-up In Bloom Blooming Bunch Of Flowers
Onions In The Market Onions Bulbs Variety Onions Farmer's Market Fresh Produce Fresh Vegetables Close-up
Smudge Sticks Smudge Stick Cross EyeEm Selects Flower City Multi Colored High Angle View Close-up Art And Craft Art Craft ArtWork Street Art
Red Close-up Radish Stall Market Stall Root Vegetable Farmer Market
Smudge Stick Lavender Smudge Stick Sage Stick Fresh Flowers Freshherbs Flower Multi Colored Flower Head Variation Market Close-up Blooming Flower Market
Dried Beans Beans Légumes EyeEm Selects Close-up Market Stall Farmer Market Assortment Various Raw
EyeEm Selects Vegetable Garlic Plant Bulb Agriculture Raw Food Retail  Garlic Bulb Close-up Bunch Garlic Clove Farmer Market Market
Farmers Markets Potatoes, Organic, Fresh Potatoes In Basket Variety Potatoes Peruvian Potatoes Three Colors Of New Potatoes EyeEm Selects Market Variation Retail  Close-up Food And Drink
Squashblossom Edible Flowers Farmers Market EyeEm Selects Flower Flower Head Yellow Close-up Blooming
EyeEm Selects Price Tag Bakery Market Retail  Variation Choice Bread French Food For Sale Loaf Of Bread Brown Bread Farmer Market Baguette Baked Flour Crunchy Poppy Seed Sesame Seed Wholegrain Basket
Fungus On Close Look Fungus Patterns Fungus Flowers Fungi Growth Woodland Undergrowth Leaf On Fungus Flower Toadstool Fungus Mushroom Tree Trunk Textured  Close-up
Fungus On Log Fungus Patterns Fungus On Close Look Woodland Undergrowth Florida Nature Florida Wildlife Close Up Nature EyeEm Selects Close-up
Florida Nature Florida Wildlife Florida Birds Nesting Birds Close Up Nature Snowy Egret Nest With Chicks EyeEm Selects Close-up
Nesting Waterbirds Florida Nature Florida Birds Nesting Birds Florida Wildlife Close Up Nature Egret Nest With Eggs
Baby Egrets In Nest With Parent Florida Wildlife Florida Nature Florida Birds Close Up Nature Nesting Birds Hatching High Angle View Close-up
Florida Nature Nesting Birds Close Up Nature Florida Birds Florida Wildlife Chicks In Nest Fledglings Bird Beak Blue Sky Egret
Florida Wildlife Florida Nature Florida Birds Nesting Birds Close Up Nature Cattle Egret Nest EyeEm Selects Close-up Animal Themes
Hatching Eggs Nesting Birds Florida Birds Florida Nature Close Up Nature Great Egret Nest With Chicks Chicks In Nest Florida Wildlife Egret Eggs In Nest Egret Nest Close-up
Florida Nature Florida Birds Egrets Feeding Babies Cattle Egrets Bird Close-up Animal Themes Nest Bird Nest
Florida Birds Florida Wildlife Nesting Birds Close Up Nature Florida Nature Chicks In Nest Bird Tree Full Length Colony Young Bird Perching Close-up Animal Themes Egret Bird Nest
Chicks In Nest Florida Nature Floridalife Florida Birds Heron Nest Heron Fledglings Bird Tree Leaf Close-up Animal Themes Plant Perching
Heron Perching Heron Fledglings EyeEm Selects Bird Perching Close-up Plant
Gators, Florida Gator, Wild, Wild Animal, Animals, Danger Swamp, Wildlife. Florida Nature Florida Wildlife Water Reptile Alligator Swamp Marsh Underwater Animal Themes
Yellow Flowers Stem Zinnas Close Up Nature Flower Head Flower Black Background Yellow Summer Petal Defocused Close-up Plant Flowering Plant Blossom
Yellow Flowers Yellow Color Flower Perching Flower Head Close-up Plant Green Color Zinnia  Bud New Life Stem
EyeEm Selects Flower Head Flower Petal Purple Hydrangea Close-up Plant In Bloom Plant Life Flowering Plant
Red Sky Florida Sunrise Rendezvous Sunrise Teepee Sunset EyeEm Selects Silhouette History Triangle Shape Dramatic Sky Dusk
Florida Birds Florida Nature Nesting Birds Close Up Nature Chicks In Nest Great Egret Nest With Chicks Florida Wildlife Bird Water White Color Animal Themes Plant Green Color Egret Great Egret Water Bird
Butterfly Closeup Orange Flower Yellow And Orange Flowers Close Up Nature Butterfly On Flower Cabbage White Butterfly White Sulphur Butterfly Flower Head Flower Leaf Plant Part Multi Colored Close-up Plant Butterfly - Insect Lantana Pollination
Florida Nature Buckeye Butterfly Butterfly Closeup Buckeye Butterfly On Rocks Butterfly - Insect Sand Insect Sunlight Rock - Object Close-up Butterfly
Butterfly Closeup Florida Nature Yellow Flowers Butterfly Encounter Close Up Nature Checkerspot Butterfly Butterfly On Sunflower Perching Flower Flower Head Butterfly - Insect Leaf Full Length Awe Insect Summer
Buckeye Butterfly Buckeye Butterflies On Lantana Butterfly Closeup Florida Nature Butterfly Encounter Close Up Nature Multi Colored Leaf Close-up Butterfly - Insect Lantana Butterfly
Buckeye Butterflies On Lantana Butterfly On Flower Yellow And Orange Flowers Yellow Flowers Butterfly Closeup Florida Nature Flower Perching Full Length Butterfly - Insect Insect Leaf Close-up Plant Lantana Butterfly
Heliconia Helicon Julia Butterfly Closeup Florida Nature Close Up Nature Butterfly On Leaf Orange Butterfly Perching Leaf Spread Wings Butterfly - Insect Full Length Insect Multi Colored Close-up Plant
Queen Butterfly Butterfly On Purple Flower Butterfly Encounter Butterfly On Flower Butterfly On Flower Butterfly Closeup Flower Perching Butterfly - Insect Insect Close-up Plant
Wood Stork Nest Florida Wildlife Florida Nature Wood Stork Nest With Chick Florida Birds Nesting Birds Wood Storks Close Up Nature Bird Tree Sky Close-up Stork White Stork Bird Nest
Wood Storks Nesting Birds Close Up Nature Wood Stork Nest With Chick Florida Wildlife Florida Nature Florida Birds Bird Tree Perching Bird Of Prey Branch Blue Sky Animal Themes White Stork Stork Nest
White Peacock Butterfly Butterfly On Friend Sign Butterfly Encounter Close Up Nature Friend Insect Close-up Animal Themes Butterfly - Insect
White Peacock Butterfly Butterfly On Leaf Purple Flowers With Butterfly Flower Full Length Leaf Multi Colored Butterfly - Insect Insect Living Organism Nature Reserve Close-up
Butterfly On Flower Zebra Longwing Butterfly Heloconia Flower Perching Butterfly - Insect Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Plant
Human Hand Butterfly - Insect Insect Perching Close-up Spread Wings Butterfly Symbiotic Relationship Winged
Passion Flower Flower Head Flower Purple Petal Close-up Plant In Bloom Stamen Pistil Blooming
Yellow Flowers Yellow Strawflowers Strawflower Or Everlasting Flower Yellow And Orange Flowers Flower Head Flower Biology Yellow Close-up Plant In Bloom Blossom Blooming Plant Life
Orange Flower Strawflower Or Everlasting Flower Flower Head Flower Yellow Red Close-up Plant Blooming In Bloom Plant Life
Nesting Birds Chicks In Nest Floridabirds Floridalife Close Up Nature Egrets Bird Blue Sky Great Egret
Nesting Birds Chicks In Nest Floridabirds Floridalife Nature Beauty Close Up Nature Great Egret Feeding Chick Bird Tree Water Great Egret Togetherness Animal Themes Perching Egret
Nesting Birds Chicks In Nest Floridabirds Egrets Floridalife Nature Beauty Close Up Nature Bird Blue Tree Sky Great Egret
Nesting Birds Floridabirds Nature Beauty Close Up Nature Roseate Spoonbill Floridalife Bright Colors Tree Bird Perching Leaf Red Close-up Sky Plant Tropical Bird
Florida Birds Nesting Birds Bright Colors Floridalife Nature Beauty Roseate Spoonbill Floridabirds Close Up Nature Tree Bird Perching Blue Pink Color Close-up Sky
Florida Birds Nesting Birds Floridalife Nature Beauty Bird Tree Perching Branch Great Egret Animal Themes Sky Egret
Sand Pail And Shovel Child Childhood Sea Togetherness Beach Men Sitting Two Generation Family Family Bonds This Is Family
Cattle Egrets Breeding Plumage Florida Birds Nesting Birds Birds_n_branches Birds Of A Feather Bird Beak Togetherness Nest
Florida Florida Life Florida Nature Reptile Beach Sand Animal Themes Close-up Alligator Swamp Animal Teeth
Nesting Birds Floridabirds Heron Bird Bird Tree Perching Close-up Tropical Bird Feather  Beak