Stephen Faulkner


Wolf at the
city skyline
colors of Soho
hurricane off
Dahlia Flower
black eyed
aim high
Long Island
close up of the
insect Macro
NYC subway New
Path Path In
beach deer Sand
lakeside sunset
high museum of
alone Atlanta
crooked village
fog on the lake
raindrops Rain
classic Chevy
57 chevy bel
steam train in
vacation mode
Robert Moses
no pictures
shipwreck in
ship wreck on
inchworm New
summer at the
sunset on the
puddle jumper
tug boat on the
beach sunset
sunset at the
old seat Long
3 donkeys
sunset at the
Tribeca skyline
colorful spring
streets of SoHo
staple street
the blue whale
mixed up legos
snow hound
making cake
decision making
horned owl New
egret at the
sea lion at the
big cat at the
fabric Fabric
fire Island
gloomy gotham
civil war
lion profile
Lion King New
sunset snuggle
smashed sea
lady liberty
fire Island
snowy fire
goodnight city
baby geese
parking in the
lonely beach
night lights
skyline New
city streets
statue of
foggy commute
Always ready
empire state
crazy sky New
looking up New
end of the
snowy owl Snowy
stand out
Soho skyline
tiny person,
fire Island
breaking waves
cookies for
beach day
winter beach
Christmas in
steam train
springtime in
sunset at the
driving to the
blue hour over
no swimming
surrounded by