Prakash Kr


I am an Architect & Designer , I design dreams what which is in anyone's eye 👀... And convert imagination to real.. ☺ I love smiley faces..
Adult Human Body Part Togetherness Young Adult Boys Inner Peace Dimon One Person Outdoors Sitting
Two things are sides of our life, happiness and sadness, 2 sides of coin light and dark, day and night both hate each other but don't go far from each. Light Lighting Equipment Light And Shadow Dayoff Morning Light
Sea coast... Hardworking people. EyeEm 7threflection Walking Around Purist No Edit No Filter Poverty Lives. Colours Of Life
GanpatiBappaMorya Ganpati Taking Photos Cheese! God Bless
Concept- epic motion Taking Photos That's Me Enjoying Life Hello World Cheese! Walking Around Check This Out India Delhi Metro Indian Style Motion Motion Capture Motion Photography 7threflection
Fishermen.... Walking Around Indian Style Yamuna River Fisherman India
Taking Photos Photographic Memory Delhi Metro Tumb Heritage Site Heritage Building Conservation Work Architecture_collection Humayun's Tomb Delhi 7threflection
Lights Taking Photos Elements AceTech Indian Style
Interior design Taking Photos Pragati Maidan Delhi Metro Trade Fair Palace Demo 7threflection
Showcase: December Taking PhotosRelaxing Enjoying Life Marry Christmas Loaded Love ♥ God Is Great. Nightphotography Light And Shadow Candlelight Prayers Praying For World Peace EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Gallery Darkness And Light Shadows Night Lights Pray For Paris Praying For Happiness PrayingForTheVictimsFam
Showcase: November Diwali💟🎇🎆🌌 Columns Night Lights Stars Entry To Finished Project Taking Photos Hanging Out
It's really awesome place of Delhi Taking Photos Relaxing Check This Out Enjoying Life Hanging Out Landscape_photography Urban Photography Urban Urban Lifestyle Center City
2nd October celebration Gandhi's birthday Taking Photos Night Photography Indian Style Indian Culture  Indian
Earth wheel working hard for hard worker port maker.. 😊 Taking Photos NCR Portman ArtWork Making Portraits Lifestyle Street Life Working Hard Handwork
Urban Lifestyle Urban Photography Night Photography Taking Photos Night Life Enjoying Life Hanging Out Night View Light And Shadow Lightandshadow
Wallpaper Design Check This Out Color Explosion Taking Photos Taking Photos Imagination Interior Design Designer  College Time  Color Splash
Buffalo Soldier Hi! Check This Out Enjoying Life Hanging Out Taking Photos Relaxing Cheese! Taking Photos Check This Out
Happy world 🌍 Photography Day, to all frndz Taking Photos Insect Photography Grasshopper 🐛 Insects Collection Hello World Insect_perfection Insects Macro MobilePhotograpy 🐛 Insects 🐌
Reflection in origin , Snail 🐌. Check This Out Snail ❤ Insects Macro MobilePhotograpy Insects Collection Insects  Snail🐌 Taking Photos Insect_perfection
Collected Community Check This Out Taking Photos Hello World
Butter fly 🐛 Insects 🐌 Macro Insects Insects Macro MobilePhotograpy Taking Photos Dagon dragon fly Dragon Fly Insects Collection Insect_perfection Check This Out
Sound Of Life Taking Photos Spritualism Night Lights Sprite ♥♥ Darkness And Light Imagination Horrorart Check This Out Lighting
Taking Photos Fruits ♡ Guava Tree Guavas Fresh Fruits Nature_collection Check This Out
Check This Out Grass Grasshopper 🐛 Insects 🐌 Green Green Green!  Green Leaves Interesting Alone In The City  Taking Photos Insect Photography
Bridge 🌉 over river Subway Public Transportation Jurney Distance Steel Structure  Steelpulse River View Bridges FAR AWAY Still Life Photography
Voice of sea 🌊 Me, My Camera And I Clouds And Sky
RePicture Friendship Sunday Night Hangouts friends
Portrait Of America
Better Together
My fighter fish 🐠
Clouds And Sky
Better Together
KFC, Lajpatnagar, Delhi, we miss Delhi so much. Me and my sister
Me, My Camera And I holi special
World Buddhist stupa
Light 💡 play ▶