Daniel Pook


Generaltanz den Erzfotograf.

Guter Freund von mir in meiner Gegenwart verhungert. Cocoon Spider Spiderweb Insects  Macro Photography
Herbst blättert.
Freund der vielen Augen. Ladybug Macro Photography Insects
Lush Paint
Er hat es nicht mehr geschafft. Macro Photography Insects
Sonycenter Berlin Potsdamer Platz I Love My City
Man created god in his image.
Bunt ist keine Farbe.
Hearts don't break, silly.
Put out my flames with gasoline.
Legs up! Spider Macro Photography Capture The Moment
Mehrköpfige Familie bei mir Zuhause gierig geworden und dann ertrunken! Macro Photography Insects
There is nothing there. I Love My City
Movie Poster cigarette vending machine of the past.
Abandoned Places BurnWho
I also do Colorgrading .
Capture The Moment
"See" she said, "I've put on new Stockings just to please you!" I Love My City
Early bird golden hour delight. I Love My City
"Thank you for saving my soul, Daniel Pook." Wasp Macro Photography Capture The Moment