Daniel Pook


Generaltanz den Erzfotograf.

Anatomy of a Breakfast
Bath Time Bubble Bath
Breakfast Coffee Cake
Be eaten while you're eating.
Advent, Advent... Glass Destruction Kitchen
Mein Mixer zermixert deinen Mixer. Und deine Hand. Und deine ganze Familie. Und den mitgelieferten Fist-Stab.
Rockin' love this Tree . This be my tree friend for as long as I live here!
This is usually the first shot I see when offloading my interview footage. Gopro ShortTalks Berlinale2015 BerlinaleMoments
Grading new ShortTalks interview feat. Yuyu director @marcjohnsonfr BerlinaleMoments Berlinale2015
Murder in the Kitchen !
Now we're talkin'. Getting naturally high with a huge load of Kale .
Leaving Cologne , heading back to Hauptstadt.
Unbreakable Sunny Sky
Licht essen Mann auf.
"We're gonna need a bigger boat." ShortTalks Lensporn Berlinale2015 BerlinaleMoments
Year 2015  Machine Geometric Shapes
There's LEGO people in my Breakfast .
Steady in the sand. Steadicam Canon 5D Mark III