Just a girl with an eye for pretty things.
Rainbow Sky
And take, take take. Writing Blackandwhite
My puppy ate this. Art Black And White why
I don't care I just think you're pretty, inside and out. Self Portrait Julia  I Miss The Cold Weather
The sky today looks like a snowy wasteland. Skyporn
New member of the pack, Kylo. Puppy Cute
Evenings. Dallas Sky Porn Sky Sunset
Sora 😍 Dog Love entire field to ourselves, quiet, good weather. Perfect Sunset
☁️ Sky Porn Sky Sunset Clouds Clouds And Sky
Lazy mornings. Dog Dog Love Sora
Oh my. Sky Porn Sunset Sky
Night light. Last Night Light And Shadow
Good morning, world. Morning Sky
Waiting. Cat Earlier Today My Mind Works The Night Shift.
Where to next? Dog Adventure Buddies She Doesn't Need A Leash All She Needs Is Me
Rose. Flower Rain
Wet dogs. Happy Dog Is A Dirty Dog
Wet dog. Wet Dog
Elllie. Dog Photogenic Dog Beauitful Happy Ellie  Stay Gold
Okay. Sunset Sky Pretty Clouds Skies
You're my light in a world shrouded in darkness. Light And Shadow Light Night Abstract Aesthetic Photos I'll Miss This
It's been a very, very mundane day. Rain Sky Rainy Days Sleepy Clouds
Had a long day, even longer one tomorrow. Anyways , Goodnight Julia  Insomnia Sleepy Self Portrait
Florist Work Bored Selfie ✌ Self Portrait
Grunge Stairs Black And White Light Dark Work Photos
Dreamy. Sky Skyporn Pretty
You also make me extremely happy you anti-social, super anxious wild ranch dog. That reminds me of myself. If only you'd live forever too, Ellie bear. Dog Happy Beauitful Gorgeous Ellie  Photogenic Dog LOL
Dog Nature Sora.
One of the great loves of my life. If only you could live forever I think I'd be forever happy. Dog Love Bestfriend Sky Sora  Beauitful I love our nature walks when she's off the leash being happy just lingering along by myside. She makes me Happy
You're so hopeless when it comes to technology, honey. Julia  Love Teaching LMAO
I made a new friend while on my bike ride. Nature Catapillar Bike Ride I named him Toby. And placed him in a nice bush away from the in coming rain. Rain Rainy Days
Spring. April Tree I'll Miss This Nature Show Case April
I don't even know what I was trying to do. Cute Kinda Lame Julia  Batman Self Portrait I Actually Don't Really Like Batman Green Lantern For The Win
I love me some Texas Skies always nice and relaxing to see after a long day of really nothing. LOL Check This Out
Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But Batman knows all the answers, doesn't he? Superheroes Self Portrait Julia
Sick. Tired. Work. Self Portrait Bored Working OrSoiSay
Abstract? Blackandwhite Light And Shadow it really intrigued me. Abstract Aesthetic Photos
Rainbow Dog Ellie.
Oh simple carnations, you are not so simple to me. Flowers Things I Like Simple Carnations
I don't like taking photos of myself, but I do it for you Julia
Pretty sky, pretty high~ Also, if you look close enough, there's an aeroplane. Texas Skyporn Sky Plane Things I Like Are  Skies Aesthetic Photos
I find solace in you. Blackandwhite Ceiling Things I Like Waiting For You Aesthetic Photos
I miss those days. Blackandwhite Aesthetics Things I Miss Rain Night Aesthetic Photos
A rainbow shined on us, didn't even notice until I saw how pretty my Ellie girl was smothered in rainbow light. Things I Like IncludeMyDogs Dog Rainbow Aesthetic Photos
There's just something about her. Dog Bestfriend Sunset Things I Like
Aesthetics I was in deep thought but the scene before my eyes caught my attention. Abstract Light And Shadow Aesthetic Photos
Light and dark. Black And White Darkness And Light
Skyporn Sky
Sky Aesthetic Photos
Orange sky. Makes me hungry for love. Love Sky Aesthetic Photos
It's just so pretty and so right this way. Flowers First Eyeem Photo