Angela DiBattista

Angela DiBattista
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Full frame shot of firewood
Portrait of deer on field against sky
High angle view of monkey on field
Close-up of plants floating on water
Full frame shot of plants
High angle view of leaves
Close-up of cat
Close-up of seagull against buildings
Rear view of man working
Close-up high angle view of lizard
Close-up of text
Cat on ground
Close-up of snow on car windshield
Scenic view of lake against sky
Low angle view of illuminated lighting equipment
Close-up of lizard on water
Wet car on road during rainy season
Lizard on tree trunk in field
Rooster on grass
Low angle view of vapor trails in sky
Low angle view of airshow against clear blue sky
Red lanterns hanging in city against sky
High angle view of text on road
Scenic view of trees by plants against sky
View of shopping mall
Flock of birds on beach
Low angle view of building
Low angle view of cathedral against cloudy sky
Ducks on lake
Birds in water
Swan swimming in lake
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Flock of birds in water
Scenic view of waterfall
View of trees on landscape
Man sculpture on mountain against sky
Scenic view of mountains against sky
High angle view of sea against sky
High angle view of sea by shore
Scenic view of sea against sky
Rear view of cat by trees
Trees in forest
Full frame shot of temple
Lizard on rock
Plants growing by sea against sky
Close-up of multi colored market stall