Paschalis Bartzoudis

Without photography, the moment is lost forever, as if it had never existed.
Paschalis Bartzoudis
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Low angle view of rock formation against sky at night
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Close-up of pink flowering plants
Close-up of pink flowering plant
Close-up of pink flower
Close-up of pink flower
Close-up of pink dahlia
Close-up of pink flowering plant
Scenic view of waterfall in forest
Low angle view of seagulls perching on the sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Bare tree against sky during sunset
Aerial view of buildings in city
Trees in forest
Panoramic view of lake and mountains against sky
Close-up of yellow flower
Scenic view of lake in forest
Silhouette boats in sea against sky during sunset
Built structure on landscape against cloudy sky
Statue of bridge over river in city
Full moon over mountains against clear sky at night
View of mountain against clear sky
Panoramic view of mountain against sky
Firework display in sky at night
Low angle view of sky over mountains at night
Close-up of lizard
Close-up of swans swimming in lake
High angle view of city
View of church at waterfront
Low angle view of moon against sky at night
Low angle view of tree against blue sky
Plant against sky during sunset
Close-up of red berries on tree
Close-up of water drops on plant
Close-up of red flower
Scenic view of silhouette landscape against clear sky at sunset
Scenic view of sea against clear sky during sunset
Full frame shot of water drops
Low angle view of yellow leaf
Scenic view of lake with city in background
Close-up of poppies blooming on field against sky
Low angle view of historical building
Low angle view of elephant against sky
Fish swimming in sea
Aerial view of cityscape
Close-up low angle view of building
Scenic view of star field at night
Fireworks against star field at night