Berlin based. Always changing between clear lines and no boundaries. In life. In work. IG: natalie.prinz
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Full frame shot of window on white wall
Close-up of woman hand over white background
Portrait of man standing by train at subway station
Cat on wall
Low section of person standing on sand
Full frame shot of modern building
Full frame shot of multi colored pencils in store
High angle view of fruits in bowl on table
Man working in kitchen
High angle view of man preparing food on table
Close-up of cake on table
Close-up of cake on table
Close-up of cake
Close-up of pink flowering plant over black background
Close-up of pink rose flower
Close-up of bird perching on wood against lake
Crops growing on field
Swan swimming in lake
High angle view of wooden planks on table
Close-up of pink cherry blossoms in spring
Low angle view of tower against clear blue sky
Flower vase on table against wall
Close-up of rusty metal fence
Close-up of pink rose against red background
Close-up portrait of a beautiful young woman
Full frame shot of wall
Full length of woman standing against concrete wall
Side view of woman walking on staircase
Portrait of teenage girl against wall
Close-up of pink flowering plant
Close-up of pink flowers in vase against white background
Close-up of pink tulips
Close-up of rope tied to metal against blue sky
Close-up of hand holding coins
High angle view of shadow on floor
High angle view of concrete structure
Waves rushing towards shore
Low angle view of seagulls flying against clear blue sky
Midsection of woman holding ice cream in plate
Low angle view of window on wall
Directly above shot of white sign on wall
Shadow of railing on staircase against building
Low angle view of buildings against blue sky
Interior of illuminated building
Close-up of pink flowering plants
Close-up of brick wall
Full frame shot of metal structure
Close-up of information sign on table
Full frame shot of building seen through window
Full frame shot of multi colored for sale in market
Empty corridor along walls
Low angle view of illuminated buildings against sky at night
Full frame shot of yellow petals on rock
Full frame shot of yellow tree trunk
Full frame shot of plants growing on tree trunk
Close-up of fish
Low angle view of ceiling
Full frame shot of patterned window
Full frame shot of books in shelf
Full frame shot of brick wall
High angle view of plants
Low angle view of staircase against building
Low angle view of street light against clear blue sky
High angle view of yellow crossing sign on road
High angle view of arrow sign on road
Full frame shot of closed window
Close-up of metallic structure
Close-up of rusty sign
Close-up of sign on railing
Low angle view of modern building against clear blue sky
High angle view of piano keys
Full frame shot of blue water
High angle view of empty chairs
Dead tree on sea shore
Rear view of a man with woman standing against gray background
Close-up of woman hand holding heart shape
Midsection of woman holding heart shape
High angle view of breakfast served on table
Close-up of person holding multi colored candies
Entrance of abandoned building
Deer in a forest
Trees on field in forest
Full frame shot of multi colored flowers on floor
Low angle view of windows on building
Full frame shot of paper
Close-up of human hand against black background
Low angle view of ferris wheel
Full frame shot of curtain
High angle view of tiled floor by building
Modern buildings against sky during sunset
High angle view of rose bouquet
Close-up of old telephone on wall
Detail shot of wall
Shadow of sunlight falling on footpath
Close-up of old weathered wall
Close-up of barbed wire on fence
High angle view of metallic structure on floor