Oliver Lang


Living in London, ex-Sydney. Street, portraits & art. Searching for the everyday sublime.
Streetphotography London IPhone Jesus
Hampstead Heath London Portrait Model Photoshoot
Sophia in Leeds Portrait Woman Editorial  Model
London Streets Streetphotography London Taking Photos
Hotel view, Leeds Abstract Hotel Traveling Urban Geometry
Photoshoot in Leeds Taking Photos Fabric Colours Leeds
Coping in Copenhagen. Louisiana is the place to art up.
Streetphotography in London with People and Light
Lizzy in London in the Woods Model Portrait Of A Woman
Streetphotography London
TPG Street Photography Streetphotography London People Watching
TPG Street Photography Streetphotography Everybodystreet London
TPG Street Photography London IPhone Streetphotography
TPG Street Photography IPhone London Streetphotography
TPG Street Photography Everybodystreet Streetphotography London
TPG Street Photography (before class)
Urban Lifestyle People Watching London IPhone
IPhone Portrait Model London
IPhone Streetphotography Everybodystreet London
Everybodystreet Streetphotography London Collected Community
Everybodystreet Streetphotography London IPhone
Shot in Sydney with the IPhone - Portrait Model Beautiful Girl
IPhoneography and Model in London on a Weekend of Fashion
Watching some fit humans Fly around on Boats for a Car company ( Volvo )
@severin at The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards in Berlin for EyeEm and Photography Film
Passing traffic towards Work View London Silhouette
Photoshoot in East London London Photoshoot Model Portrait IPhoneography
Waiting for the Underground in London - Streetphotography Everybodystreet
Streetphotography in London on a Summer Afternoon Taking Photos
Missing these Australian spaces... Traveling Australia Urban Architecture
Test shoot from Sydney, Australia Model Taking Photos Portrait Woman
Leaving Leeds a few weeks ago Leeds Train Notes From The Underground Commuting
Looking up again in Sydney Sydney Sky Cockatoo
Sydney skyline Sydney Sky Cityscapes
Wandering Taking Photos in Berlin - nice to have met all the people at the The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards Hanging Out
Selfie time with The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards winner in Berlin
Off to the The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards tomorrow, see you there I hope! I'll be teaching on Saturday. Hanging Out Taking Photos Street Photography
Street Photography in London Hanging Out Check This Out
Taking a Portrait in London of a Girl Model
People at Notting Hill Carnival in London Streetphotography
Where Do You Swarm? At the Barbican in London
Love on the Train in London Streetphotography
RePicture Femininity in London Streetphotography Beauty Mirror
Taking Photos out in London finding Light And Shadow and a Window
Rare shafts of Light And Shadow in London in the West End. Street Photography and IPhoneography
Shooting with this little Model in London, always great to work with someone creative. Hanging Out Taking Photos
Some sort of Famous symbol while shooting the Light and Smile on the Street
Streetphotography ? Maybe just People as they go Walking in the City
Light And Shadow People maybe Streetphotography maybe Abstract