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Mr. Anang and
Icha at
In the mirror
di tepian
Backlight Woman
feeling the
hang out with
In Green
Stargazing at
The Mystical
Facing Jupiter
Mona at Bukit
One Person
One Person
vacation in
Day go by EyeEm
EyeEm Best
Mona and sunset
hair unravels
relax in a city
Behind the
a white shirt
It’s called
a family at
a Balloons
an old man at
smile o’
Suci showing
Sasa behind the
Don’t play me
Cynthia in
Fio One Person
Self shattered
Ulfa My Best
Cynthia Long
Untitled Woman
Sasa and her
Ulfa leaning
Aurora at
Sasa behind the
Sasa Sunbeam
The last time I
an afternoon
at slice of
a laugh is the
a portrait of
Uyuy Beanie
The Evergreen
You make me
I do know what
I’ll kick you!
The brightest
I’ve been
Another breezy
a look of her
Meet your
Sleepy Ulfa
Find a thread
I’ve had a lot
I’m not a muse,
smile and shine
a calm sunset
— Boys People
Satay maker in
Mingle in front
Tukang becak
it’s been a
Klompen Seller
This is my
When everything
So long summer
a midnight ride
When the sun
Friendship is
Sunshine in
I want to be a
Words are wind.
And forget not
Your eyes are
During a Phone
ivonny iii
Ivonny ii EyeEm
Ivonny EyeEm
Asylum for The
Asylum for The
Asylum for The
Sunny outside
Portrait of
Nazla One

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