EyeEm Ambassador of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A designer, love traveling. All pictures owned by me.
Capturing Freedom
Walk This Way
Walk This Way
Walk This Way
The Places I've Been Today
The Places I've Been Today
The Places I've Been Today
Taken by Kamal Ibrahim Darkness And Light Shadow Kuala Lumpur
Taken by Kamal Ibrahim Darkness And Light Shadow Kuala Lumpur
Taken by Kamal Ibrahim Leica Shadows Walk This Way Kuala Lumpur
Rouse Cafe
Sunrise in Maldives Silhouette Sunrise Silhouette Impossible Moments
Hats off! Silhouette Sunrise Silhouette Maldives Impossible Moments
Enjoying my holiday Maldives Travel Paradise
Butterfingers Travel Maldives Hulhumale'
Gold Coast Australia Sea View Travel
Travel Australia Max Brenner
Paris Travel Architecture Steph Filter
Random shot of the street Streetphotography Paris Summer Don Filter
Walking down the road Paris Streetphotography Travel Leonie Filter
Envy the Architectural Details of this country. Paris Travel
View from our bedroom. Paris Roof Windows
Latte Relaxing Coffee Procrastinating
Perfect afternoon Skyporn Clouds And Sky Look Above Architecture
Grabbing good food Cafe Signage Restaurant Eva Filter
View of the sunset and random people. Impossible Moments Sunset People In Love Silhouette
Dark sky invaded the country. Eva Filter Dark Skyscraper Skyporn BW_photography
Candlelight Dinner Relax Time
Participated in a 'stairs climb race' and managed til top floor, 63 level of Intermark building. Excellent view of the city of Kuala Lumpur. Amazing View Kuala Lumpur City View  Impossible Moments
Catching the sun. Amazing View Sunset Sun Sky
While waiting for our ferry ride. Stand For Land Busan Travel My View
Bon Apetit Lunch Foodporn Food Photography Beef Walk This Way
One of my Favorite Coffee Place to hang out. Coffee Shop Artisan Roast Hanging Out
4 hours drive from the city to catch the sunset. Amazing View Sunset Hanging Out Impossible Moments
Stand For Land
Morning Coffee is all we need. Breakfast Foodporn Morning Coffee
Sitting, watching the Sunset from a different state. Relaxing, peaceful, calm. Scenery EyeEm Best Shots Amazing View
I am loud and annoying. Yes, I am. That's Me Enjoying Life Big Smile Self Portrait
So many things in my mind, going to crack anytime soon. Edit Yourself Self Portrait That's Me Cracked
New Starbucks near my office building. love the Interior
Became a foreigner at my own country. My first time to Batu Caves Hindu Temple Kuala Lumpur Amazing View
Laos Travel Road Taking Photos
Chao Anouvong Park Laos Vientiane Statue Amazing View
Fried Mashed Banana Banana Travel Laos Vientiane
Walk around Numphou on a Hot Sunny Day. Got myself a Grilled banana. It was good. Travel
Next stop? Laos Vientiane Traveling Vintage Signs
Joma Cafe, Numphou, Vientiane Cafe Dessert Travel Laos
Laos Arc De Triomphe Vientiane Amazing View
The best thai food in town Interior Thai Food Taking Photos Steph Filter
Sauteed Mushroom Bruschetta Eating Healthy Panini View From The Top Steph Filter
Thank you Starbucks Coffee
Hello! I'm honoured @eyeem @team EyeEm EyeEm Ambassador Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Trying out new Diner in Town Johnny Rockets Kuala Lumpur
Coffee before presentation Yellow Cup Relaxing
Worked for 24 hours today, sun is up and struggling not to fall asleep. Skydeck Roof Top Smoking Amazing View
Food Galore Healthy Food Coffee Bean Foodporn
One Americano please. Coffee Addict Coffee
Weekend was good. Highlight of the week was jungle trekking with group. Jungle Trekking Weekends Fitness Capa Filter
Love the Tiles Patterns Stand For Land Walk This Way
Morning from the city of Hadan Korea Busan Amazing View
Interior Déco Korea Traveling
Artsy fartsy in the smoking room Art Korean Handwritten Scribble
First Korean Seafood
The city lights amazed me. Korea Busan City Lights At Night Tonight Is
Walking to Gwangan Beach. Food Truck Korea Travel Busan
I don't know what are they saying. I just think foreign language is beautiful. View From The Top Subway Station Korean Language Korea Walk This Way
Great hearing Beethoven's as the train arrival announcement. Subway Station 부산 Busan Korea Traveling
Ferry ride feeding the seagulls. Seagulls Going On A Ferry Ride On The Ferry 부산 Busan
Rocks above the sea. View From The Top Rocks My Shoes Today Walk This Way
Tram ride, hiking, awesome scenery, great wind, burn calories. Thank you Korea. Korea Scenery Such A Great View! Amazing View
Hiking to the lighthouse and awesome sea view. Yeongdo Lighthouse Lighthouse 부산 Busan Travelers
Cafe Shop Gallery Signage
The view of our traditional hotel. Got it from Agoda. Not bad, it's cheap and good for backpackers. Backpackers Budget Hotel Busan Korea
Great view of the sea of Busan Sea View Busan Travelgram Amazing View
Subway Station Korea Busan Socialtravel
Night Street Korea Lights Travelling
Fastfood in Korea Busan Interior Travel
Restaurant Cutlery Tissue Branding
Lunch Coffee Latte Sun Glasses Studded
Next train will be arriving in 5minutes! Subway Station Patterns Stand For Land
I was walking around my Backyard and found this amazing Plant . I always thought my backyard is one messy Jungle . Stand For Land
Coins from every Country Collection Table Top
WeatherPro: Your Perfect Weather Shot GetYourGuide Cityscapes Perfect Evening On The Road
Friday Night still working my ass off. Mac Designer's Life Progress
The View from my office Skydeck From Where I Stand WeatherPro: Your Perfect Weather Shot
Walking around the historical city Building Architecture Wooden Door Brick Wall
Patterns Design I did for my Portfolio Graphic Designer
Additctive. Don't ever start. Ciggarette From On Top Addiction
EyeEm updated. What I Wear Today Wooden Floor Stand For Land
"The truth behind picture perfect" - They said the loudest person in the room is the loneliest. She has a great smile, often makes people laugh, love to dance but deep down, she's broken inside. A victim of a domestic abuse, guys tend to want her just for sex and she talks to herself to get stronger. The Story Behind The Picture Portrait Abuse Edit Yourself
My Artwork Portfolio Graphic Designer Graphic Design Patterns
Back again in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Gloomy Weather Cloudporn Skyporn WeatherPro: Your Perfect Weather Shot
Party Champagne Wine Club
Bottle lights in a bar. Bottles Lights Bar Interior
Pattern Tiles Vintage Old Coffee Shop
The Osborne Travel Malaysia Ipoh Bedroom
Another road trip for the weekend. Traveler's Life Travel Malaysia Amazing View
Start today, never tomorrow. Polar Watch Fitness Determination Lifestyle Changing
Back in the city. Bought a Polar  to change my Lifestyle Fitness Geek
Island of rock WeatherPro: Your Perfect Weather Shot Rock Sea Island Hopping