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Old Love, Pulsar 220F Village Days  Early Morning Rides 🌇
Village Dawn Morningwalks
The love we have in our youth is superficial compared to the love that an old man has for his old wife. Oldcouple Love Has No Age Marina Beach Chennai Beach Stroll
Swami Vivekananda's House Chennai Vivekananda House MarinaBeach Promenade Chennai On Foot Nikon
Namaste India Enjoyment Foreign Land Fun India Namaste India The Tourist Women Young Women
Lifeline of Chennai- NTPC, Chennai. Chennai India Thermal Power Plant Powerhouse Lifeline Of Chennai Phodus Phodus_competition
Thought from view- When everything appears to be blurry, the only thing that you rely on is your instincts. Human toys disappearing into smog produced by their own toys. Late Night Walks Botanical Garden Metro Station Noida NewYear 2016 New Shots Foggy Night Blurry Shot _soi Photographers_of_india
Seeing off bangalore on the last day of the trip.. Solotrip Bangalore Karnataka Another State India Happy Morning Walk Few Hours Stay At Tech Town Of India Goingbackhome  Noida Homesweethome New Experiences New Memories One month journey
Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. Night- Only time when human toys are at rest. Night Walks Enjoying With Lights Human Toys Are  Rest Wanderer Wandering In The Search
Christmas tree.... Christmas2015 Christams Tree Joy & Excitement In People Fullmoonchristmas Fullmoonday Christmas 2015  After 37 Years
Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi - Finally the so much awaited day has arrived. Never seen so much excitement among people well a few have been there only to be there. Full moon Christmas last being in 1977 finally happened in 2015. That's why there was so many people attracted to Christmas this year. No one wants to wait till 2034. Sacred Heart Cathedral Newdelhi Midnight Service Final Prayers Light The Candle Fullmoonchristmas Christmas Christmas2015 Jesus Love Christmasday 25december
Christmas 2015, full moonvchristmas. Don't miss out. Go out, attend church and enjoy with everyone. Christmas 2015  Full Moon Christmas Ever Since 1977 Dont Miss Out Love Christmas Love Jesus Merry Christmas Merry Christmas ♡
Third trip to the "city of pearls". The charm and symbol of Hyderabad- Charminar. It was the last stop out of 10 destinations in one day. Hard to achieve but wouldn't have been possible without @anudeepreddy17 Solotrip Firststop Hyderabad Secunderabad Charminar Pride Of Hyderabad Oldcity Oneday Voyage Onemonth Three States Southcentral India Lifelong Memory
Pamban Road Bridge, Rameswaram Island, Tamil Nadu, India Sea Bridge Pambanbridge Second Journey Through Pamban Bridge Evening Sky Awe Inspiring Sunset In Backdrop Rameshwaram Island Tamilnadu India Solotrip
Sunset Lovewithnature Peace Darkness
Light is shining to its highest The wait to see you in night... Stillness is taking over.. Honking is coming to halt.. Colours you have.. So that I can see them shine Until the break of dawn.. Your colours would flow.. But after that they are really gonna blow, my head off And its going to be fine.. After all its about your shine.. Mynikon Atitsbest Longwalk
Morning outings... When you just let yourself go out in the search that you might get to see something totally new and unseen, and the view when it just stops you to gaze at it. Sunrise Bike Rides Ghaziabad Old Railbridge _soi
Thegi's b'day.. A crazy night out with friends. Delhi Indiagate ConnaughtPlace Bdaynight Onlyifwehadmotoxstyle _soi
Late night outings and then the stoppage at the mesmerizing view of the metro yard at Yamuna bank. DelhiMetro Metrostation Yamunabank Delhi Metro
Memories on rewind.. Hyderabad Hussainsagarlake Fromfirst Trip Hyderabad Solotrip _soi
Not a great fan of jazz music. But couldn't resist myself to click the picture of this amazing instrument. Trumpet Brother 's Instrument Jazz
My saviour during the days I am in Hyderabad. It couldn't be so much fun and awesome rides throughout the Hyderabad without this Hero Karizma Solotrip Hyderabad Firststop HERO Karizma Birlatemple HillTopView Serenity Allaround _soi
Breakfast at its best. No other place could be better than having breakfast at marina beach during sunrise. For more stories about "FIVE DAYS THREE CITIES" go to after 10th November. Chennai MarinaBeach Crow Breakfast Sunrise Morning Walk Fromfivedaysthreecities _soi
The only place left for my itinerary list was to visit this wonderful church of St. Mary from Hyderabad Diocese. Situated on the Sarojni Devi Road, Secunderbad. After paying homage to Virgin Mary and watching kids coming out of the St. Ann's School during the last hours of my stay in hyderabad I moved on my trip waving towards them as they waved towards me. There was some kind of different energy in them as they were running towards their parents or their mode of transport to get back home even after exhausting at school studying. Fromfivedaysthreecities St .mary Church Hyderabad Laststop in Hyderabad
San Thome Church looks more beautiful with the blue blanket in the backdrop. No matter how much you stay away from god but if its time and he calls you, you just go there to visit him. Fromfivedaysthreecities Chennai Secondstop Santhome Santhomechurch Church Walk Through Chennai _soi Nikon
Memories are rewinding with every step. Fromfivedaysthreecities Paradise Biryani Hyderabad Secunderabad Solotrip Firststop Worldsfavoritebiryani Night Bikeride
Road trip through Tiruchirapalli- St. Lourde's Church, Tiruchirapalli Roadtrip Stlourdes Church Tiruchirapalli Bikeride Exploring South Beautiful Structure Churches Of Southindia
Walk through Chennai - MGR Memorial. Fromfivedaysthreecities Secondstop Chennai Nikon _soi MarinaBeach
Walk through Chennai - Olympus DPS I 8X40. Helped me to see the unseen and unreachable things on my way. Fromfivedaysthreecities Secondstop Chennai MarinaBeach Binoculars Olympus 8X40 Tripod Equipment
Brahminy Kite - Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. On the way to Velankanni. NIKON S220 Brahminykite Kite Nagapattinam Tamilnadu Exploring Southindia Nikon Photography Birdphotography
I was doing my usual thing clicking pictures when this kitty attracted me from its actions wandering around in the search of food. You can see no fear in the cat's eyes as it posed to get clicked seeing alien equipment (indifferent to her) in my hands. Continuously staring at them and trying to figure out what they could be with her eyes wide open. Roadtrip Secondstop Velankanni Tamilnadu Southindia Cat Nofear Innocent Creature In The Search Of Food
Basilica (Extension) of Our Lady of Good Health- Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu, India. Attributed to three miracles. The well known is "APPARITION OF MARY AND CHRIST CHILD TO SLUMBERING SHEPHERD BOY". Lourdes of East.. Basilica Of Our Ladyofgoodhealth Velankanni Tamilnadu India Gothicstructure
Rain drops made their new home on the leaves. Some struggled on the way to earth, some lost in between and some joined the water bodies. Afterrain Raindrops Settledown Leaves Nature Roseplant Roseleaves Water Droplets Southindia Tamilnadu
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tiruchirapalli. Among the largest Hindu temple of the world. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is the 1st temple of the 108 Vishnu Temples in the world. Spread across 156 acres and the height of the gopuram is 72 meters. Few places in the city that can be easily seen from the Rock Fort temple. Roadtrip Tiruchirapalli Firststop Sri Ranganathaswamy Ranganathaswamytemple Tiruchy Southindia Tamilnadu India
Ripon's Building, Chennai. Now houses Corporation of Chennai. Standing from 1913, built at the cost of 7,50,000 out of which 5,50,000 to constructor Loganatha Mudaliar. Still standing like it was just completed a day before. Fromfivedaysthreecities Secondstop Solotrip Ripons Building Neoclassical Style British ERA
Cantilever Railway Bridge (Pamban Bridge) from the mainland of India to the Rameswaram Island. Solotrip Rameswaram Cantilever Railway Bridge India Beautiful View Breathtaking View Off The Mainland
Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram- marvel of Indian architecture. Solotrip Another Stop Rameswaram Pamban Bridge Indian Architecture Off The Mainland Southindia Tamilnadu Ranganathaswamy
Moon reflecting its presence on the Bay of Bengal, Rameswaram. Another Journey Solotrip Moons Reflection In The Sea Rameswaram Island India Off The Mainland Beachstroll
Over the Pamban bridge, Rameswaram. Solotrip Oneday Voyage Rameswaram Pamban Bridge Massive Railway Bridge Parallel To  Road Bridge Massive Beiatiful View Rough Indianocean
The magnificent cantilever railway bridge. It couldn't be a completed journey without walking a few steps on this wonderful bridge with Indian Ocean roaring underneath your feet at the same time giving you chills. Fearing a train might come anytime. Solotrip Through Rameswaram Oneday Voyage Massive Beautiful Piece Of Art Bidding Adieu Pamban Cantilever Railway Bridge 100years Still Standing Southindia Tamilnadu India
Tallest TV tower of India and 32nd in world - Doordarshan TV tower on the Rameswaram Island on the way to Gandamadana Parvatham. Standing to the height of 1,060 feet. Solotrip Oneday Voyage Rameswaram Doordarshan Tv Tower Tallest Structure Of India
Indian Ocean (rough and grey) from the Ghost Town of Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram. Sun is adding its colors to the sea giving it sparkling shine. Solotrip Rameswaram Island Indianocean Ocean Grey Rough Sparkling Ghost Town Dhanushkodi Devastated Town Off The Mainland India
Early morning riser- a beautiful snail. Heavy rain made it to come out from his sleep. Early Morning Riser Snail Slow Walker Nature 's Creature Home Photography Southindia Tamilnadu India Solotrip Laststop Before Time To  Go Home
Black headed gull- Arabian Sea, Gujarat. Throwback First Solotrip WestCoast Gujarat India Okha Blackheaded Gull Nikon Birdphotography Boatride
Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, Pamban- second trip through the cantilever bridge. Go to my profile to see the complete picture. Solotrip Annaiindiragandhi Road Bridge Pamban Island Tamilnadu India Off The Mainland Evening View Sky Turning Yellow Dusk
A closer look of the tracks of Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram. In the backdrop, Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, Pamban. Solotrip Southindia Tamilnadu India iPamban Railway Bridge 100years Old Structure Indianrailways Indian Ocean Twocolors Of The Sea Annaiindiragandhi Road Bridge
Bangalore is over too. Though it was just few hours. Well, even those are enough for explorers. Train journey- 5,600 kms Bike journey- 500 kms Bus journey- 50 kms Walk- 30 kms... Full of excitement at every corner. Second Solotrip Finally Came To  Halt Indiam Railways Roadtrip Neverendingfootsteps Home Noida Yeshvantpur Station Destinations Three States Onemonth Sabbatical Period Perfect Journey Exploring Southindia india
Final stoppage before my train entered the maze of hills near Budni Station. Couldn't capture because of nighfall when train reached there. Solotrip Solotraveler Heading Home Maze Of Hills Train Journey Indian Railways Stoppage
Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, Pamban- second trip through the cantilever bridge. Go to my profile to see the complete picture. Solotrip Annaiindiragandhi Road Bridge Pamban Island Tamilnadu India Off The Mainland Evening View Sky Turning Yellow Dusk
Go to my profile to see the complete picture. As the first ray struck the holy land of Rameswaram, people started to take bath at the one of the four dham at Rameswaram. I bought a tea to help myself to the warmth of the tea as sun was continuously hitting the land with its rays. Solotrip Oneday Voyage Rameswaram Island Tamilnadu Southindia India Ramanathasamy Temple Holy Place Lordrams Temple Agnitirtham
Go to my profile to see the complete picture. The tallest structure of India situated on the Rameswaram Island, Tamil Nadu. Heightened to 1,060 feet. Solotrip Oneday Voyage Rameswaram Island Tamilnadu Southindia India Off The Mainland Tallest Structure Of India Tv Tower
Somnath Temple, Gujarat, India - from first solo trip. One of the 12 JOYTIRLINGA in india. Being severely destroyed by Islamic kings and rebuilt by Hindu kings. The current structure is what was restored in 1947 by the Vallabhbhai Patel and since then it stands adjacent to the beach of Somnath. The contour of the temple is best against the yellow dusk. First Solotrip WestCoast Of India Somnath Temple India LordShiva Joytirlinga Still Standing Beach Somnath Veraval Gujarat Serene Calmness _soi Follow Follow4follow Like4like
Indian wasp - easily noticeable in all parts of India. I was trying my hand on some new and different creatures, it was then I found this wasp walking on a piece of cloth. Due to low temperature it wasn't in its real moves. Otherwise, it can make anyone run. Indian Yellow Wasp Village Insect Photography Tiny But Scary
Going back home now. Saddest part of the trip is when you go back home leaving everything behind, all those places you visited and everything from that old and routine life is going to haunt you again. Albeit, having all those issues, best part is that you have some new experiences in your mind, all those moment you share with the strangers you met on the way to the unknown places. After missing out on Kodaikanal and Kumbakonam, not-to-be-forget, my train from chennai because of the unprecedented monsoon that took the worst size in 100 years of its history over Tamil Nadu, its going to be life long memory. No words to describe this journey as of now, I'll soon update everything on my page- Before being finally home, one last stop is all what I wanted to add is Bangalore to my list. Solotrip Is Over Now New Experiences Sabbatical Period Over Southindia Hyderabad Chennai Thanjavur Nagapattinam Velankanni Rameswaram Dhanushkodi Srirangam Tamilnadu India Beautiful Southindia Mons
This girl walked right into the pigeons eating millet/wheat and made them fly away. A wave of joy shined on her face and her eyes twinkled seeing the flock of pigeons flying past her again and again as they tried to get back to their places and every time she just shooed them away. Solotrip Hyderabad Firststop Oneday Stop Mecca Masjid In The Backdrop Charminar Girl In Merry Flock Of Pigeons At City Of Pearls Hyderabad India
Holy bath and Surya Namaskar were going on full swing and the race to enter the Ramanathasamy Temple first to pay a visit to the Lord Shiva. From a toddler to an old age person who was struggling to stand firmly against the waves all were taking dips in the Bay of Bengal. And then another journey starts as they start running shivering towards the line to enter the temple to take bath in 21 holy wells. Solotrip Solotraveler Oneday Voyage Agnitirtham Ramanathasamy Temple Rameswaram Pamban Island Off The Mainland Southindia Tamilnadu India Beach Sun Shore Dawn Morning Stroll Nature Sunrise Sun kissing clouds
Fisherman analyzing the sea before hitting it to go and lay down his net for his daily bread. It was rough that day, hence most fishermen were lined up along the beach in hopes it gets calm and to start their journey back to the office. And all this wait and analyzing went in vain after the heavy rainfall, making them to help the people first in the city with their boats rather fishing for livelihood. Five Days  Three Cities MarinaBeach Beach Tamilnadu India Solotrip Second Stop Oneday Day Voyage Onemonth Trip Journey Fisherman Patience Is Worth Doing Clearsky Sabbatical Period _soi
Third trip to the "city of pearls". The charm and symbol of Hyderabad- Charminar. It was the last stop out of 10 destinations in one day. Hard to achieve but wouldn't have been possible without @anudeepreddy17 Solotrip Firststop Hyderabad Secunderabad Charminar Pride Of Hyderabad Oldcity Oneday Voyage Onemonth Three States Southcentral India Lifelong Memory
Showcase: December Hanging Out Early Morning Walk... Colors Of Sky Chennai_chapter India Beach Stroll
Morning rain and metro rides.. Enough to stun you by the view..
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